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  • 8 Dog Trainer Logo Ideas to Inspire You

    You start searching on Google and realize so many of these dog trainer logos are the same. Our Top Dog Trainer Branding Resources: 1. Branding VIP Days If you’re looking to outsource your dog trainer logo, we can help! such a competitive market with lots of dog trainers. Dog trainer logos can vary so much in color, style, vibe, tone, personality, and more.

  • Are You a Dog Trainer? Here’s What Pet Marketing Unleashed Has for You!

    Assistant 5 Ways Dog Trainers Can Shift to Digital Business Our Best Time-Saving Processes for Dog Trainers OUR PRODUCTS AND COURSES FOR DOG TRAINER 100% Customizable Wix Website Template for Dog Trainers Stand Modern Dog Trainer? Learn more about what's inside the welcome packets for dog trainers. It’s full of other pet business owners (and lots of dog trainers!)

  • 9 Tips to Quickly Drive More Website Traffic for Dog Trainers

    Become the go-to dog trainer in our area without having to work so hard But, how can you quickly drive Optimizing your dog trainer website for SEO can feel overwhelming for sure, but it doesn’t have to be Here are some more resources on our blog for blogging, too: 18 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Dog Trainers Because, if your potential client is looking for a dog trainer, she already knows she needs dog training So, if she goes to 5 different dog trainer websites, does she just want to read “I offer dog training

  • Where to Get Pet Business Contracts - for Pet Sitters, Dog Trainers, and Pet Photographers

    Facebook Groups, you’ve likely seen lots of posts of people asking where to get pet sitter contracts, dog trainer route, I’d recommend finding someone who has experience in your niche (whether it be pet care, dog training Dog Trainer Contracts DogBiz has a business toolkit for trainers you can check out right here. Inside, you’ll get contracts and waivers for private dog training, day training, board & trains, public If you have online dog training programs, here are some recommended contracts to have in place: Online

  • Dog Trainer Wix Website Template Customer Showcase with Beyond The Sit Dog Training

    See it yourself below: Brienne is a wonderful dog trainer who had previously worked with us via a Branding VIP Day in her pivot from pet care provider to dog trainer. After her branding was complete, she decided to also use the Dog Trainer Website Template from the PMU I have to say, it looks tons better than other trainer sites I have perused for ideas before and it's Helpful links: Shop the dog trainer website template Shop all the pet business website templates (including

  • 5 Ways Dog Trainers Can Shift to Digital Business

    But there were some exceptions, dog trainers among them. While that’s great news for all dog trainers, the ones who’ve benefited most are the ones who have taken Mobile business app PocketSuite serves dozens of dog trainers via its platform. Offer Online Dog Training In the past, most dog trainers gave in-person classes, and the system worked PocketSuite lets you create “Series” classes and waitlists, which is great for our dog trainer Pros.

  • 18 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Dog Trainers

    Dog trainers probably have the hardest time when it comes to blogging because they find themselves struggling Many dog trainers out there have drastically different methods and practices when it comes to dog training Check out our Welcome Packet Templates for Dog Trainers here! 10. NOTE: This is the case for only physical/location-based dog trainers and not dog trainers who offer online It’s just the territory of being a dog trainer.

  • Critical SEO Mistakes You’re Making on Your Website

    Every pet business owner will easily tell me they ‘want to rank number one on Google,’ yet none of them are focusing on (or even know about) some of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. When we think of SEO, people think of keywords and Google Ads. I’m here to say those factors are not as important as the mistakes I’m getting into below. Here is Pet Marketing Unleashed’s list of the most critical and common SEO mistakes pet business owners are making on their websites: SEO Mistake 1: Not connecting to Search Engine Console When your website launches, the first thing you need to do is head over to Search Engine Console (SEC) and connect your website. This tells Google that your website exists and is ready to start showing up in the search results. The process is simple. You'll create an account using your business email address and then follow the prompts to verify your site ownership. Bonus: SEC is also a great tool to help you quickly index updated pages on your website, see analytics, and more. SEO Mistake 2: Not setting up 301 Redirects This might be the biggest mistake I see because if someone gets a new URL or switches platforms and does not set up 301 Redirects, their SEO rankings essentially start from zero. It’s crucial that once you change a URL (slug or entire domain) you set up a 301 Redirect to tell Google what the new link is. This allows Google to know which pages are still the same content, just with a new URL so you don’t lose the SEO rankings it's built so far. To do this, look up in your website platform’s support articles on how to set up 301 Redirects. Make sure to keep track of old links before updating them so you know what URLs to plug into the redirect portal. SEO Mistake 3: Not considering user experience Having a beautiful and well-designed website layout goes outside of just ‘looking pretty.’ It keeps people on your website longer, strategically allows the user to flow through the client purchase journey with ease, and as a result, tells Google you have a high-quality site that’s worth showing up higher in the search results. To do this: Invest in quality branding Invest in quality copywriting Learn what pages to have on your website for SEO Invest in a quality custom website or website template SEO Mistake 4: Not writing blog posts or updating your website Literally, the best thing you can do for your SEO is to regularly update your website with new, quality content. That’s what tells Google you are up-to-date and relevant. It also presents more and more opportunities to rank in Google. Remember: you rank on Google by page, not by your website as a whole. If you published your website and it’s remained exactly the same for years, you are doing your website a disservice. You absolutely need to be updating it with new and relevant information, and the best way to do that is via blogging. SEO Mistake 5: Not auditing for broken links The more broken links on your website, the more Google thinks your website is out-of-date and unreliable. Remember, Google is a business! If they are leading people to outdated websites with broken links, people will not use them. They want the best results for their users. To do this, head to a broken link checker like, enter your website, and let it populate your report so you can fix any and all broken links on your website! SEO Mistake 6: Not implementing your site hierarchy Google breaks down your website via a site hierarchy. When you create your website, you are setting up what things are most important by placing an H1 tag on it (aka a header tag). If you forget to do this, you may end up with no H1 or multiple H1s which is a BIG no-no for Google! Google needs to know how to organize your content so it knows what your pages and sections are on your website. Without this, they have no way of knowing what your content is about and can drastically impact your rankings. To do this, head into your text box settings and add hierarchy to your site. In essence, your main header is your H1. Your main sub-header is your H2, and so on all the way through for paragraph or body text. Luckily, all of these mistakes are pretty easy and quick to implement if you’ve already got the basics going. If you want to learn more about SEO and how to make sure you’re optimizing ALL of your SEO settings for on- and off-page SEO, take a look at our Pet Business SEO Unleashed Course. It’s jam-packed with step-by-step videos walking you through the steps to ranking on Google, and we’d love to have you join!

  • How A New Website Can Save You Time & Increase Your Confidence with CoPaws Dog Training

    Today, we’re highlighting the experience of one of our dog trainer template students, Grace, from CoPaws Dog Training. When I found out Mikaela was rolling out a website template just for dog trainers, I was over the top Plus, it gives me a huge confidence boost as a new trainer, knowing that I have the best looking site Other helpful links related to this blog post: Shop the dog trainer website template Shop all the pet

  • How Pet Marketing Unleashed Website Templates Get You More Clients + Save You Time

    What can make the difference with a strategically designed dog training website template? Check out our blog post featuring Brienne, a positive reinforcement dog trainer from Beyond The Sit Dog Training. PMU Dog Trainer Template for the WIN!” Just, wow.🥹 How FREAKIN’ cool is that? set up to convert based on YOUR type of pet business, whether you’re a dog walker, pet sitter, dog trainer

  • How to Write A Website Headline For Your Pet Business

    Headlines are arguably the most important piece of your website or graphic or sales page - whatever it is that you’re creating for your pet business! Without a bomb headline, no one will read what you have to say. No one will hit the ‘book’ or ‘buy’ button. And, of course, no one will understand everything they need to understand in order to make a proper purchase decision. P.S. In fact… a really bad headline can make people leave your site instantly. Want to know whether your website home page is making people leave right away?? Head to your Google Analytics and check out your bounce rate. Learn more about how to use Google Analytics for your pet business here). So… how do you do it? Let’s first go over what a headline is and then we’ll get into some key components of great headlines as well as some outlines for website headlines to get you started. What’s a headline? A main website headline is a short statement that is typically positioned at the top of your website (also known as above the fold). However, other headlines can also be throughout your website, sales page, blog post, you name it. The purpose of a headline is to break up the content and make people want to read what’s next (i.e. continue along with whatever medium they’re on). Key Components of A Great Headline The goal is to use your headline as a may to make your reader feel understood by you. Why? So they know you get it and can help them with their problem. For a main website headline specifically, it needs to explain who you serve, what you do, and how you do it. Don’t be afraid to niche it down. As Neil Patel says, ‘Write a headline for the 20 to 35% of your traffic that is most likely to be happy with your product.’ This works for my pet service businesses, too! I talk about this a ton when writing about how to differentiate yourself, how to grow your business, etc. You cannot serve every single pet owner in your area otherwise you’ll be just like every other pet sitter. But imagine how getting more specific into who you want to work with, what services you want to offer for them, and what your true specialty or passion is and speak to that through your headline. Imagine what would happen if you mention you specialize in working with dogs with diabetes. Now imagine 5 dog moms searching for a pet sitter for their dog with diabetes. They come across 5 different websites. Four of them simply say they are ‘the best dog walker in Los Angeles.’ But one of them says they specialize in working with dogs with special needs or dogs with diabetes or medical issues, etc. Which one do you think she’ll choose? The moral of the story… don’t be afraid to niche down and be bold. Put the focus on ‘you’ works, not ‘I’ or ‘we.’ Speak directly to your audience. We chat about this more here. Action words are your best friend. That is what inspires your viewers to take action. Simple as that! It should make it clear what the page or business is about. The viewer should, in essence, know if your website or graphic is for them or not. It’s great to be simple - If you use endless puns or creative jokes in your headlines, people will get confused and leave (not to mention the SEO implications there!). You can use your subheadline to build out the details! Tips To Writing a Headline Write down at least 20+ options for a headline. See which pieces of each you like and don’t like once you’ve compiled your list. Look to others for inspiration, but don’t let it take over. Just because your competitor has a really comedic, witty headline does not mean that you need one, too. Ask your BEST and DREAMIEST clients what resonates with them more. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your audience for their feedback, especially from those who already value your products or services (or those who you LOVE to work with the most). Don’t overstress the SEO. Yes… you should include your service area if you have one somewhere above the fold. But don’t let SEO become the focus of your headline, otherwise, people won’t resonate. The first priority is being genuine. From there, you can spruce and implement your SEO. When picking your final headline, read it back and take away everything else from your website. If a viewer ONLY had the information of your headline, would they take action on it? Consider getting personal. The pet industry is a very personal one, which means there is emotion tied to any purchase decision. Speak on their level, show them you understand them and can help them accomplish/achieve/solve their problems/pain points/unmet desire. Headline Outlines You’ve tried [what they’ve tried and failed at], and you’re ready to [what they want to accomplish/ what solution they’re looking for]. I help OR Helping [who you help] accomplish/solve/master/alleviate [problem] by [your unique offer or service]. With [your offer, product, service], you’ll [accomplish X]. If you’re ready to stop/prevent/feel [the pain point they’re currently experiencing] and start/begin/master [the deep desire they want to experience] - then you’ve come to the right place [OR we’re here to help OR you’re in the right place]. The [X solution] so you can [deep desire]. Imagine never having to [the pain point they’re currently experiencing or struggling with] again. [The deep desire/solution/result] for [who you serve] Writing the copy (or sales-specific text) for your pet business is probably one of the most underrated pieces of your marketing and brand strategy. Mastering the copywriting can make all the difference in your bottom line. It can keep people on your website longer, it can weed out the people who aren’t the right fit, it can do the sales call/marketing for you, and it can make people feel understood, which is key to a successful pet business. To learn more about website copywriting, here are my Website Copywriting Secrets for Pet Business Owners. Still worried you won't be able to write blog posts that attract your dream clients? Or have the blog part figured out, but need a new or better home to showcase your amazing content? I got you covered! Our Unleashed Website Academy not only provides you with a beautiful, customizable website templates that will make your blog posts, mission, and systems shine, but also teach you how to master your brand voice and nail SEO and copywriting in every piece of content. Check out the templates and course here!

  • 9 Quick and Simple Fixes to Improve Your Website in 15 Minutes or Less!

    For our newer, budget-aware, or DIY pet business owners, we have pet care website templates, dog trainer

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