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Dog Trainer Wix Website Template Customer Showcase with Beyond The Sit Dog Training

Updated: May 15, 2023

I’m putting it out there: Your website CAN get you new customers for you.

One of the best things to hear as a business owner is when your customers and clients are getting BIG results.

Today, we’re showcasing one such website template customer after she let us know in our Facebook Group that her new website got her more new clients in one month than it had previously in several months! How freakin’ cool is that?!

Dog Trainer Website Template Customer Showcase with Beyond The Sit Dog Training | Pet Marketing Unleashed

See it yourself below:

Unleashed Website Academy Template Review | Website Template Review | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Brienne is a wonderful dog trainer who had previously worked with us via a Branding VIP Day in her pivot from pet care provider to dog trainer. After her branding was complete, she decided to also use the Dog Trainer Website Template from the PMU Shop to create a website that has helped reel in more clients and work for her behind the scenes while she’s out training her clients!

Check out what she had to say about the changes she’s experienced in her dog training business below:

What wins has your website or business experienced since completing your new website?

I am getting more website traffic and as a result, also getting more inquiries and clients. I also raised my prices at the same time as launching the new website and it hasn't deterred anyone one bit.

Beyond the Sit Dog Training Website Template Review | Dog Trainer Template Review | Pet Marketing Unleashed

What was the most valuable part of the accompanying course for you?

SEO. I had taken a webinar or two on SEO before and they told you a whole lot of nothing. This actually explained it simply and gave you the how-to. I also did not previously know about the required legalities and anything about Google Analytics. So a lot of the techy stuff was helpful.

How do you feel about your new process for onboarding new clients?

I have a more solid system in replying to inquiries via email template and also the set up where they book a discovery call is my favorite thing ever. Then there's no phone tag and people schedule it when they know they have the time to talk and they'll answer a phone number they aren't familiar with! It's easier for me too because I can prep ahead of time as I hate talking on the phone! I also have a much more structured approach than a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants one that I used before.

Dog Trainer Template Before and After | Customized Template For Dog Trainers | Pet Marketing Unleashed

What is your favorite part of your new website?

It's so pretty. Ha! I have to say, it looks tons better than other trainer sites I have perused for ideas before and it's much more simplistic. It looks nice and isn't fussy all at the same time. Also, the section on the home page right below the headline/photo and above the client testimonials has been brilliant. The lines you put in are perfection and then the bit I added below that I've actually had people quote back to me as that's exactly what they want and how they feel. One client was literally in tears!

Brienne’s overall review of the course and/or template.

It was simple, easily directed, and any questions got quickly answered in the FB group which is awesome. The fact that it's given me more clients than my previous website is also huge. I also had a local neighborhood magazine type thing reach out and want to set up a training session in their local park for the people who live there. That's something we're trying to work out now.


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