"We scheduled a time to talk and it was clear that she had done her homework on our business. She had immediate suggestions but wanted to know what was important to me.

We decided to move forward with a "refresh of my logo and my website" and I couldn't be happier with the results! The design is imaginative and creative, and the writing is upbeat and at the same time personal. I think she really knows how to speak to people thru her design and writing." - Mary Ellen H.

"I am super happy with my website (in fact I did not even make any changes to Mikaela's work). I credit this to her taking the time to really figure out who I am and where I want to go with my brand and business." - Jenna Q.

"We had come in contact with a few other pet marketing companies in the past as we were navigating this process, but there was something about Mikaela and her business that resonated with us personally. We particular enjoy that she provides a personal experience and product for each of her clients, vs. using templates that look like several other pet care companies out there. ​

Mikaela's project process is also incredibly intuitive and easy to follow. The whole experience was seamless - from the initial contact questionnaire on her website to the proposal/contract/invoice to the website work itself. When it came to the website work, we had only a general idea in mind and didn't provide too many specifics in terms of color/design, however she tapped into her creativity and intuition from our conversations and was able to produce a product that definitely resonated with us and put into words/pictures what we were unable to describe. We are so excited that we chose her to help take our business to the next level!" 

- Dominique C.

"Before working with Mikaela, I was very self-conscious about my pet services website and lack of presence my business had in my community. Not only do I have limited to no experience with websites, but I was struggling trying to piece everything together to make it cohesive and stand out from other businesses. Mikaela truly spent a lot of time getting to know me, my business, and my community to create a website that I could be proud of! She was extremely available for any questions or concerns throughout the process and went above and beyond making sure I felt good as a business owner and taking over things I wasn’t sure how to do. Working with Mikaela is like working with a best friend in the pet industry who is in your corner every step of the way! I know her talent and ideas will help my business continue to grow. She not only created a beautiful website for my business - she made me feel much more confident in my company! " 

- Heidi L.

"You were very professional and helpful. I love my new site! You made the process very easy." - Kat G.

"You were prompt and engaging. The format was effective even with distance communication and you were attentive to my vision. You were willing to work with changing timelines. Everyone who sees the webpage is wowed. It is truly unique and represents my vision and business ideal. It is customizable and as I become more confident I feel I can make changes that will reflect the growth and direction of my vision. Even though I was (and am still) scared poopless about this amazing adventure of small business..ness.. deciding on using your skills and ability was just about the best decisions I made. What a difference a professional can make..." 

- Cara D.

"You nailed the website. You were so confident that you could create a unique website for my business and you did. You listened to me in our initial phone conversation. You used my brand colors throughout the site in a clean manner. The site has energy and I can't wait to see how it is received by our web visitors. I am so happy we met and I can't wait to start working with you on our blogs. Loved the site and there were hardly any edits. Minor ones at that. I love that you kept me organized by using your little customer portal and that I could edit it at any time and upload pictures.​" 

- Alexis B.

*This was only a web design project. Logo & branding were already completed.*

"She designed our entire website and we get so many compliments from clients on how beautiful our website is. She is responsible, reliable, prompt, professional and knowledgeable. And my favorite thing about her is her true passion for animals.


We have maintained an increase in our revenue after opening the new pet resort and are still seeing so many new clients. We have actually had to stop accepting new clients on certain days due to how busy we have been." - Stephanie B.

"So far it is converting better than my old one!!!" - Pat

"I got a new website that is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I am starting to get new clients...  Love the new SEO..." - Jessica A.

"I absolutely LOVED the experience and felt like I was really listened to. It was lovely to be able to fill in the questionnaire and have you understand exactly what I was looking for!!" - Amanda P.


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