Hey, I'm Mikaela

While people know me as a dog mom to Wilson (my hyper monster terrier), a chips & salsa enthusiast, & a travel-ready adventurer, I am also the creator of Pet Marketing Unleashed, a business focused on helping pet businesses grow and scale their own businesses through content writing and web design.

My years of experience working in the pet industry (as a poo picker-upper AND as a marketer) revealed to me that the majority of petpreneurs are overwhelmed. So many pet businesses are struggling to produce quality content that actually converts. So many pet businesses are trying to power through with mediocre websites and no branding.


I knew that I could help switch that norm. Pet industry entrepreneurs deserve to live the life they want while also growing powerful businesses built on passion, dedication, and the furry creatures that we all love so much. ​

It's an honor to help other animal lovers bring their dreams of building and growing a successful pet business to life. To help so many pet businesses successfully pursue their own passions, so that they can also enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship, is one of my greatest joys. ​

My priority isn't just to help you with your blog posts or your website.

Heck, it's not even just to help you increase your profits. 

My priority is to make your life easier as a petpreneur, so you can get back to living the life you love while having the successful and profitable pet business that you've always dreamed of!

The Inspiration Behind It All

My biggest inspiration behind becoming an entrepreneur in the first place was because of my sweet girl, Mags. I grew up with Maggie, from childhood all the way into adulthood, when she passed away in February of 2018 (only two months after starting my business).

But, the purpose she held and still holds in my life is as strong as ever. She helped me become the person I am today. She helped me find a life surrounded by doggies - professionally and personally. 


She greeted me every morning with the fervor for life - a readiness to live and stretch her legs and pull on her leash and fetch her tennis ball and eat all the food possible. Her legacy will continue on throughout the rest of my life. That I know. I will continue to strive and live in her honor - go outside more, eat awesome food, be as excited about life as she was, and be as loving & happy.

Every time I look at my logo and see her face, I look at it with appreciation, love, and happiness, and thank her for inspiring me to start a business I love.

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