We're a small branding and web design team passionate about strategic and time-saving websites for small pet businesses.

Our combined years of experience working in the pet industry (as poo picker-uppers, marketers, and designers) revealed that the majority of petpreneurs are overwhelmed. So many pet businesses are struggling to build online presences that actually convert. So many pet businesses are trying to power through with mediocre websites and no branding. 


We're here to switch that norm. Because you deserve to live the life you want while also growing powerful businesses built on passion, dedication, and the furry creatures that we all love so much. ​

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Mikaela - owner of Pet Marketing Unleashed

Mikaela Vargas

While people know me as dog mom to Wilson (my hyper terrier), lover of plant-based foods, and a TV-less human, I am also the creator of Pet Marketing Unleashed, a business focused on helping you grow a modern and stress-free pet business through branding, website design, and template shop.

PMU was born out of the vision to bridge the gap between strategic, automated onboarding processes and well-designed websites in order to help pet business owners save time and live the life they've wanted to live since starting their businesses. I have spent countless years working IN the pet industry and seeing the overwhelm all around me, with no systems in place to combat it.

With Pet Marketing Unleashed, I'm so proud and grateful of our small team who's passionate about bringing this time-saving and fulfilling vision to the wonderful pet-loving community. 

Founder, Designer, & Educator

Brand & Wordpress Designer

Michele McCammon

Michele - Wordpress Designer for Pet Marketing Unleashed

I'm that girl that lurks in the shadows of this brilliant business built by Mikaela! I've been a professional graphic designer for over ten years and a pet owner all my life. Hundreds of pet branding packages have come from our creative minds, primarily for dog brands. And wouldn't you know? Only cats have adopted me. I'm currently residing in jazz-filled New Orleans with my 16-year-old brat of a cat, and I can't wait to help you bring your pet business to life!

Danae Giacchino

Danae - support for Pet Marketing Unleashed

I'm a long-time lover of animals, growing up on a horse farm and trail-riding all over the US as well as working in the veterinary industry doing everything from grooming and boarding, to vet-tech assistance and front office work. I've now transitioned that love into working behind the scenes at PMU! While not supporting our awesome customers & clients, I love to go for walks with my husband and mini Aussie, Opie, paint or work on fun DIY projects, and explore our new home state of Tennessee.

Client Happiness & Support




My biggest inspiration behind this business was my sweet girl, Mags.

Even though she has passed, the purpose she held and still holds in my life is as strong as ever. She helped me become the person I am today. She helped me find a life surrounded by doggies - professionally and personally. 


She greeted me every morning with the fervor for life - a readiness to live and stretch her legs and pull on her leash and fetch her tennis ball and eat all the food possible. Her legacy will continue on throughout the rest of my life. I will continue to strive and live in her honor - go outside more, eat awesome food, be as excited about life as she was, and be as loving and happy.

Every time I look at my logo and see her face, I look at it with appreciation, love, and happiness, and thank her for inspiring me to start a business I love.