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About us

We’re a branding and web design team passionate about supporting small pet businesses.

Our work goes far beyond creating a stunning web design or logo. We make your website work for YOUR business, saving you time and helping you bring in the right clients so you can focus on building a stress-free business and life you love.

If we’ve learned anything through our years of experience working in the pet industry, it’s that petpreneurs are ov-er-whelmed. Out of necessity, many leave their branding and online presence on the backburner, focusing on other elements of their day-to-day operations. Trust us, we get it! That’s why we’re here to make your life easier by helping you build an online presence that converts.

Say buh-bye to mediocre websites and inconsistent branding, and hello to work-life balance, easier client onboarding, and a more fulfilling journey as a business owner!

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pet sitter confessional - mikaela vargas
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Mikaela - owner of Pet Marketing Unleashed

Mikaela Vargas

While most people know me as a mom (to both baby and pup), low-waste enthusiast, and TV-less human, I’m also the founder of Pet Marketing Unleashed (PMU). I started PMU to help pet businesses flourish through modern, stress-free branding, website design, and templates.

PMU was born out of the vision to bridge the gap between strategic, automated onboarding processes and well-designed websites to help pet business owners save time and live the life they've wanted to live since starting their businesses. By creating easy-to-use templates, we’ve taken the guesswork out of websites, client onboarding and other marketing elements.

I'm so proud of and grateful for our small team, who are just as passionate about bringing this time-saving and fulfilling vision to the pet-loving community.

Founder, Designer, & Educator

Natasha W.


Meeting new people, going on adventures and helping others is what has always kept me running! Combining my passion for connecting with people and finding ways to be as helpful as I can, sparked the inspiration to ditch the corporate world and join the online world as a VA.


This has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many amazing business owners and join the PMU team to help serve you! When I'm not working you can find me running around traveling and exploring with my husband, 3 boys and Labrador, Lola!

Student & Client Support

Strategic Copywriter

Andrea D.


I’m a proud mom of three tuxedo cats and a fish named Gus. Like most wordsmiths, I caught the writing bug at a young age and eventually pursued a career in journalism.


With 15+ years of experience in marketing, communications and publishing, I love crafting compelling copy that converts and can’t wait to extend that passion to your project. When I’m not writing, I enjoy gardening, reading and running a slow-pitch ball team with my husband.

Our Brand Designers

Emily V.


Graphic design is truly what consumes my day-to-day brain function, as I thrive most when using the right side of my brain. I’m blessed to call what I do for a living my biggest passion! Aside from my creative path in life, I spend most of my time with my husband and cat in West Michigan. I have a huge heart for all things animals, and love to cook when I have spare time! Kindness, trust, and positivity are three traits that I hold as strong standards for myself. Reach out for anything you need, I love to build my community any chance I get!

Senior Designer

Cagney C.


Obsessed with my two cats just as much as I am with designing a brag-worthy brand for your pet business! While my love for cats has been for eternity, I got into the graphic design world over 6 years ago creating illustrations for friends, family, and so many incredible creative business owners like you. When I’m not designing your dream brand, I'm likely cuddling up with my cats, going to hot yoga, or listening to a podcast on my hot girl walk!

Brand Designer

Jackie B.


I have a degree in visual communication and over a decade of design agency experience, with the last few years focussed solely on brand design. It gives me real joy working with small business owners to create a brand that they can be super proud of. I’m dog obsessed so combining my two loves - dogs and design is an absolute dream for me! I don’t currently have a pet of my own, as I travel regularly, so I pet sit instead. When I’m not designing I love travelling and going to see live music is my absolute fave!

Brand Designer

Want to work together?


The Inspiration Behind PMU

My biggest inspiration behind this business was my sweet girl, Mags.

Even though she has passed, the purpose she held and still holds in my life is as strong as ever. She helped me become the person I am today. She helped me find a life surrounded by doggies - professionally and personally. 


She greeted me every morning with the fervor for life - a readiness to live and stretch her legs and pull on her leash and fetch her tennis ball and eat all the food possible. Her legacy will continue on throughout the rest of my life. I will continue to strive and live in her honor - go outside more, eat awesome food, be as excited about life as she was, and be as loving and happy.

Every time I look at my logo and see her face, I look at it with appreciation, love, and happiness, and thank her for inspiring me to start a business I love.

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