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Let's be real. Websites are more than just a place for customers to book or buy. A website tells your story, speaks your vision, saves you time every single day, and shows off your one-of-a-kind pet business.

The Pet Marketing Unleashed Design Experience is for...

the pet biz owner who wants to feel as good about their online presence as they do when they excel at the service they offer for their clients.

Our goal is to create a custom look for your pet business that ATTRACTS your DREAM CLIENTS and SAVES YOU TIME so you can focus on what really matters... whether that's hiring, providing bomb services for the pet community, taking some time off for yourself, or growing the business!

We're here to showcase the true YOU, the true VISION you have for your pet business, and build a BRAND that differentiates you from every other business out there. Every pet business is unique.

We'll help yours  shine.

Raleigh Pet Sitter Website Design by Pet Marketing Unleashed for pet businesses

"I had a wonderful and stress-free experience working with PMU. I found the whole process easy, smooth, and organized. I couldn't be more happy!"

Joyful Pets and Homes Website Design - Pet Sitter

"It is as if they reached inside my brain & pulled the vision for my website right out! PMU delivers gorgeous, unique, specialized logos and websites that reflect the level of care pet professionals give their clients."

- Rebecca F., Joyful Pets and Homes

In Good Paws Pet Care Logo design
Pet Care Website Design - In Good Paws - Pet Marketing Unleashed.png

"My overall experience was just flawless... They performed actual MAGIC by pulling together a website that was exactly what I was looking for & captured me entirely."

- Gina I., In Good Paws

HolisticDog logo for holistic dog wellness practice
Canine Massage Web Design

"I struggled to turn prospects into actual clients. Deciding to go ahead with re-branding was the best decision I could have made for the business. I am proud to show off my brand now!"

- Daniella P., Holistic Dog

Mikaela Brand Session Edits-111.jpg
Wix Creator Partner Website Designer

We're a small branding and web design team passionate about strategic and time-saving websites for small pet businesses.

Our combined years of experience working in the pet industry (as poo picker-uppers, marketers, and designers) revealed that the majority of petpreneurs are overwhelmed. So many pet businesses are struggling to build online presences that actually convert. So many pet businesses are trying to power through with mediocre websites and no branding. 


We're here to switch that norm. Because you deserve to live the life you want while also growing powerful businesses built on passion, dedication, and the furry creatures that we all love so much. ​

And an updated brand, website, and onboarding strategy can help you get there. Let's do this!


Below will give you everything you need to build a strategic brand and website you feel good about. It's not just about making things look 'pretty.' It's about piecing together a strategy that includes a touch of you and a dash of saving time in your day-to-day schedule in order to help you attract more of your dreamiest clients so you can enjoy the fulfilling and streamlined pet business you envision.


+ Custom primary logo

+ Custom secondary logo

+ Black & white logo variations

+ Mood board creation

+ Color palette

+ Typography (font) selection

+ 2 brand patterns

+ 3-5 brand elements or icons

+ Brand implementation guide (see an example of a brand guide here)


A selection of 2 of the following:

+ Business card design

+ IG highlight icons

+ Social media templates

+ FB cover photo

+ T-shirt design

+ Flyer/postcard

+ IG landing page


+ Custom 5-page website

+ Blog setup

+ Web tech setup

+ Mobile-friendly design

+ Software/social integration

+ Basic SEO optimization

+ Onboarding strategy

+ Web tutorial to help you maintain your site moving forward


Clients typically make an investment between $4,600 - $6,800+.

* Price depends on the amount of pages needed. Payments are made in 3 - 4 installments over the course of the project.

P.S. Looking for just logo and branding services? Head here.


Ground Cru dog walker website design

"Oh my gosh.  I nearly cried when I saw everything tied together.  The mood board really is spot on, and I love the logo (of course), and the submark!!!


It really is everything I wanted even though I had no idea how it was going to come together.  I NEVER could have done this myself.  I'm so glad I found Pet Marketing Unleashed... I can say with great confidence that this website will blow others out of the water! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Pam H., Ground Cru

Ground Cru Mood Board copy.png
Dog Walker Branding Design
Ground Cru off-leash dog group adventure



Image by Paico Oficial

This step of the project is all about the planning and prep for your project and allows you time to get started compiling all the info we need prior to the actual design process. Together, we work on a branding questionnaire, a secret Pinterest board, a website questionnaire, and uploading the photos we need for your website!


Image by Austin Distel

Arguably the most fun part of the project - Your Branding VIP Day! Here we work collaboratively and in real time together over the course of a full day to get you all your branding tangibles with more focus and in less time! This also gives you time to get t-shirts ordered if you're getting brand photography done for the site (optional)!


Blog Post Ideas For Pet Businesses

Then, we're off to the website design portion of the project. And, of course, we'll be there to piece together the domain connection/transfer (all that backend 'techy' stuff) to make sure your website goes live successfully! Once you're live, we'll send you any further information you'll need to rock your new website and grow your online presence.

Dominique - Founder of Purrs and Grrrs D

"There was something about Pet Marketing Unleashed that resonated with us personally. We particularly enjoyed that they provided a personal experience vs. using templates that look like several other pet care companies out there. ​

The project process is also incredibly intuitive and easy to follow. The whole experience was seamless - from the initial contact questionnaire on their website to the proposal/contract/invoice to the website work itself. When it came to the website, we had only a general idea in mind and didn't provide too many specifics in terms of color/design, however, they tapped into their creativity and intuition from our conversations and produced a product that resonated with us and put into words/pictures what we were unable to describe. We are so excited that we chose them to help take our business to the next level!" 

- Dominique C., Purrs & Grrrs



Before & After



Pet Nanny In-Home Website Design After
Pet Nanny In-Home Website Design Before

"I wanted to find someone who had good reviews from people or groups of people I know and respect. I felt Pet Marketing Unleashed was very professional in all introductory dealings and thought I could expect that same level of professionalism during the entire process.

It was very seamless from start to finish. I was provided "homework" in a timely fashion and completed it so the team could then move forward on creating the website.  They were always responsive with questions I had. I liked that we used a Google docs form to track questions and answers. I am so happy with the finished product.  It looks so much cleaner, up to date and fun... My favorite part of the new website is the it guides prospective clients through our process to become a client."

The Pet Nanny In-Home Owner Teresa.png