Your pet business deserves to be SEEN & UNDERSTOOD.
You only have 8 seconds to captivate your audience and make your brand:

In a sea of noisy sales pitches, pet industry saturation, and information overload, your brand needs to do more than just fill the page or look pretty.

You may be reading this in frustration with your fist in the air thinking, 'DUH!!... I just don't have the time, money, or bandwidth to hire several people over the course of several months to tackle these projects!' And if this is you, I totally get it. The good news is... you're in the right place.

VIP Days

Get your to-do list done in ONE day.

But first... why a VIP day vs. monthly or project-based work?

Get it all done in a day instead of undergoing a project that drags on for weeks, or heck, even months.

Most professionals are multitasking other projects & clients instead of giving you their undivided attention. VIP Days are ALL about you and your to-do list.

No more committing to retainers or monthly work - just pay as you need it!

Finally rid yourself of the surprise invoice that often pops up with outsourcing hourly work.

You can finally batch out that list you've been adding to for 'the future' that never seems to happen.

You'll get a better final product by hiring someone who's dedicated an entire day just for YOU and your pet business.

"Their communication and attention to detail were exceptional. Despite no guarantees, they were able to complete all the tasks I had requested in the time they had. The team at PMU always goes above and beyond for their clients. I am so proud to share their work and my business has gained nothing short of positive outcomes."

- Daniella P., The Holistic Dog

Step 1

Once you book your VIP Day, we'll send over all the prep-work for your project, including your priority list & questionnaire that goes into everything we need to know to accomplish your to-do list. We'll also be in touch to assist throughout this process. 

Step 2

Woo - this is where the magic happens. Throughout the day, we'll be in touch with you via Slack for feedback and approval. Time to get this list DONE! We'll deliver all final files within 24 hours of your completed VIP Day.

Step 3

For the week following your VIP Day, you'll have access to us via Slack for any follow-up questions, clarifications, or anything else you may need to implement your new deliverables! Otherwise, you're good to go. :)

Examples of what we can do
  • Logo and Branding (Full Days only)

  • Business card and brochure design

  • T-shirt design

  • Building out your branding: patterns, icons, illustrations, sub marks, etc.

  • Social media graphic templates

  • Facebook cover photos

  • Website page(s) or template customization

  • Opt-in freebie workbook design

  • Dubsado software set-up

  • Blog post content creation

  • Blog post topic ideas

  • Email newsletters

  • Editing/sprucing content or website copy

  • Content for welcome packets or brochures

  • Email sequence creation

  • Topic ideas or strategies

  • Email templates for clients

*Note, VIP Days are not for full website design projects (however, we can typically fit in a branding in a day!). If you’re interested in those web design services, head here! If you want to see a behind the scenes look at a VIP Day, check out our blog post of Holistic Dog's VIP Day with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the investment?

Full VIP Days are $1,200. Half VIP Days are $700.

2. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, VIP Day payments can be made in 1-2 installments.

3. When will you deliver all final files?

All final files (for design projects) will be delivered within 24 hours of your completed VIP Day.

4. Will you be able to get my entire list done?

That depends on multiple factors. We ask you to write your to-do list in order of priority, so that we make sure we can tackle more most important items. I do typically recommend including more items on your to-do list than you think we'll complete (JUST IN CASE). However, keep in mind you are paying for one DAY of work (i.e. you're paying for our time) - not necessarily for the whole list. We promise to work as efficeintly ask possible and try to give a good idea of what we can accomplish before starting.

Get it done (in just ONE day). You ready?