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Your pet business deserves to be SEEN & UNDERSTOOD.
You only have 8 seconds to captivate your audience and make your brand:

In a sea of noisy sales pitches, pet industry saturation, and information overload, your brand needs to do more than just fill the page or look 'pretty.'

We'll help your brand  shine.

Dog training Logo design
dog trainer business card design - beyon
dog trainer business card design - beyon

"What an easy process! They nailed it from the get-go and all I had filled out was a brief questionnaire. I now have a beautiful logo, great icons and patterns, and business cards! They also explained how to use what and where. 15/10 Stars!"

- Brienne C., Beyond the Sit


"I selected PMU because of their industry knowledge and experience... being able to focus all day, working with experienced designers on this project was unreal. I recommend this for anyone looking to up their level of professionalism and image."

- Amber B., Custom Comfort


"I really enjoyed working with PMU! They made the process really quick, easy, and fun. They asked great questions before we got started to really get an idea of what I was looking for. I didn't have a super clear vision, but they were great at working with me as I discovered what I liked and didn't like."

- Anna R., Pup Culture


"The amount of communication throughout the day was incredible.  I was working full-time while utilizing Slack as a way to communicate. I was able to stay on task with my "real job" while keeping in touch with Mikaela and Michele during the day and watching my logo come to life."

Branding VIP Days allow you to:

Get your FULL branding done in ONE day.

But first... why a VIP day vs. project-based work?

Get it all done in a day instead of undergoing a project that drags on for weeks, or heck, even months.

Most professionals are multitasking other projects & clients instead of giving you their undivided attention. VIP Days are ALL about you and your to-do list.

Finally rid yourself of the surprise invoice that often pops up with outsourcing hourly work.

You'll get a better final product by hiring someone who's dedicated an entire day just for YOU and your pet business.

HolisticDog logo for holistic dog wellness practice
Holistic Dog Brochure Design for pet bus

"Their communication and attention to detail were exceptional. Despite no guarantees, they were able to complete all the tasks I had requested in the time they had. The team at PMU always goes above and beyond for their clients. I am so proud to share their work and my business has gained nothing short of positive outcomes."

Daniella - Holistic Dog Massage and Nutr

- Daniella P., The Holistic Dog

Step 1

Once you book your VIP Day, we'll send over all the prep-work for your project, including your branding questionnaire, which helps us both get clarity on your goals, your audience, and your brand. We'll work together to make sure we have everything we need prior to go time!

Step 2

Woo - this is where the magic happens, and boy is it so much fun! Throughout the day, we'll be in touch with you via our Slack messenger thread for collaboration, feedback, and approval. Once your VIP Day is done, we'll deliver all final files within 48 hours.

Step 3

And, don't worry - We don't leave ya hanging after that day! We'll leave your Slack channel up for 7 days following your VIP Day, in case you have any follow-up questions on implementing your new branding deliverables! 


Below, you'll see an example of what's included in a typical Branding VIP Day. With VIP Days, you don't pay for the deliverables, you pay for our time. This means, depending on how the day goes, we could fit in more than just branding! Our goal is to build you a brand that can help you attract more of your dreamiest clients and help you enjoy the fulfilling and streamlined pet business you envision.


+ Custom primary logo

+ Custom secondary logo

+ Black & white logo variations

+ Mood board creation

+ Color palette

+ Typography (font) selection

+ 2 brand patterns

+ 3-5 brand elements or icons

+ Brand implementation guide (see an example of a brand guide here)


If we have time, we can add things in like: 

+ Business card design

+ IG highlight icons

+ Social media templates

+ FB cover photo

+ T-shirt design

+ Flyer/postcard



* We can also add another 1/2 Day if needed. Payments are made in 1-2 installments and are due prior to your VIP Day.

P.S. Looking for website design services? Head here.


The Bark Club Dog Wash & Boutique Logo D
Logo Design for Dog Wash and Boutique
The Bark Club - Brand Style Guidelines-0
Dog Wash Branding Pattern 1
Dog Wash Branding Pattern 2
The Bark Club - Brand Style Guidelines-0
The Bark Club - Brand Style Guidelines-0
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do I work with on VIP Days?

VIP Days are done with our amazing brand designer, Michele! She's done every single one of our PMU logo and branding designs. To see her work, head here.

2. When will I get all the final files?

All final design files will be delivered within 48 hours of your completed VIP Day.

3. How many hours are VIP Days?

Full VIP Days are 8.5 hours long (8 hours of work + a 30-minute lunch break). 1/2 VIP Days are 4 hours long.

4. Will you be able to get my entire list done?

With VIP Days, you are paying the DAY itself (i.e. our time), not necessarily for your whole list. However, we promise to work as efficiently as possible and most of the time, we can easily get a full brand done in a day! If needed, you can always add on a second 1/2 or full day.

5. Can we do things outside of just branding?

Yes, simply get in touch below and we'll let you know if we can help. For our past VIP or website clients, we often work on other misc. types of projects outside of branding. :)

Get it done (in just ONE day). You ready?