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How A New Website Can Save You Time & Increase Your Confidence with CoPaws Dog Training

If I could convince you of ONE thing, it would be this:

Your website can 100% absolutely change your business… forever!

It really can. It’s not just about having a pretty space on the Internet. When done right, a website can attract the right clients, begin the onboarding process, answer potential client questions, and sell a new client on your services, before you even lift a finger!

Our website templates are strategically built and designed to assist you with all of those things. Today, we’re highlighting the experience of one of our dog trainer template students, Grace, from CoPaws Dog Training.

Dog Trainer Website Template Customer Spotlight with Copaws Dog Training | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Here’s what she had to say about her new website template and the journey to get it published to the world:

What wins have you seen since going through the course and customizing the template?

I just launched my website and business, but I will say this course saved me a TON of time. I would have been patching it together from scratch, which would have taken at least 3x longer. And Mikaela has thought of EVERYTHING in the course, which gives me confidence that there's not some detail I've overlooked.

Can you share your overall review?

Before I signed up for UWA, I was looking at spending countless hours patching together a DIY website because as a startup, I couldn't afford a custom build. I knew I wasn't going to be 100% happy or confident with the results if I did it on my own.

When I found out Mikaela was rolling out a website template just for dog trainers, I was over the top excited!! I've been ALL around the barn with DIY websites, and I'm telling you there is absolutely NOTHING out there that comes anywhere close to this. To get a website that's completely tailored to your business website, not to mention the ridiculously thorough instructional videos, is just amazing.

So to fast forward, I've now launched my dog training business with a beautiful new website!!! I'm so relieved I didn't have to spend dozens of hours building something I don't even like. I'm confident that this website looks good and actually works! Plus I now have an onboarding process, email marketing set up, and a ton of other things I never would have thought of without Mikaela.

I thought I was getting a great website template - what I didn't realize was how this would totally revolutionize my business overall. Thanks Mikaela and PMU!!

CoPaws Dog Training Testimonial | Dog Trainer Website Template | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Now…. fast forward a month or so. We reached back out to Grace and asked about the changes she’s experienced now that her website has been live for a bit!

About the changes: I love that I don't have to always be glued to my phone waiting for a call or message. My website is there to make sales, help people set up a call, and automatically respond to messages. Having a course to walk me through setting up the template and all the automations saved me a TON of time. Now that it's set up, the website and onboarding system saves me even more time. Plus, it gives me a huge confidence boost as a new trainer, knowing that I have the best looking site in the area. And let me tell ya, new pet business owners need ALL the confidence we can get!

What would you say to other pet business owners out there contemplating one of our templates?: This is going to be the best investment you'll ever make in your business. Seriously. Go for it! You're going to get so much relief from overwhelm, freedom, more income, and extra time in your schedule. Just imagine that for a sec.


Want to check out Grace’s new website for yourself? Head on over!

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