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9 Quick and Simple Fixes to Improve Your Website in 15 Minutes or Less!

I get it. We publish our website and it falls by the wayside. We have too many other things on our plate as business owners. As a pet business website designer, it’s easy for me to tell you to focus on your website. That’s my whole life, so of course I care about websites being up-to-date, strategic, and working for you!

BUTTTT, I understand that’s not your day-to-day priority. So, today, I’m going into 9 quick and simple fixes you can implement to improve your website in just 15 minutes or less!

9 Quick and Simple Fixes to Improve Your Website | Website Tips | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Because as busy as you are and as easy as it is to let your website fall to the side since it’s ‘up and live,’ there are crucial things that need to be in place to prevent website visitors (aka potential clients) from leaving your site before you even get the chance to chat with them. Website mistakes can EASILY be money lost, without you even knowing it.

Remember, you don’t see when someone arrives on your site and leaves without booking. So just because you don’t get those notifications doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In fact, I’d argue it’s happening more than you think.

Here are some statistics worth combing through:

  • Users form an opinion about a website in .05 seconds. (Forbes)

  • 88% of online users won’t return to a site after a bad experience. (Baymard Institute)

  • 61% will go to another website if they don’t find what they are looking for within about five seconds. (Forbes)

  • 91% of unsatisfied users don’t complain about their bad experience - they simply leave without feedback. (Baymard Institute)

  • 42% of people will leave a website because of poor functionality. (Hubspot)

Okay, you understand the importance now, so let’s get into:

The Quick Website Fixes You Can Make TODAY!

1. Add CTA (call-to-action) buttons on every page of your pet business website.

One essential piece of a great website is telling your visitor what to do next. Think of the flow of your website. If they are on your About page, where do you want them to go next? Link to it on that page! Simply adding these CTA buttons to every page of your website will allow people to stay on your website longer, learn more about your business, and be more likely to connect in the future.

And, I promise, this is SUPER quick! Just add them - right now!

P.S. These buttons OR links can be added to your blog posts, too. Lead them to related blog posts, your offers, or email opt-ins.

2. Link to your booking software.

One of the beauties of having booking software is automating your business! But, most people use booking software and keep it on the backend, which is lost functionality for sure. Add the links to your website so people can create an account or easily log in to request/change more bookings. You can add these links to your header, footer, and on services and contact website pages.

New clients will also love to see that you have a professional system for managing your bookings, even if they aren’t yet signed up!

3. Update your main homepage website headline.

Headlines are CRUCIAL, and one of the hardest things for people to master. My opinion is that it’s overthought. People want to be extremely creative but that’s not necessary. You could argue for SEO purposes (search engine optimization) that a simple, clear, and to-the-point headline is best!

Your headline needs to answer: who you serve, what you do, and how you do it.

And, if you don’t believe me on how important your headline is, check this out:

80% of readers will read your headline, but only two out of 10 will continue on your website. (Moz) That’s a LARGE percentage, friends. I highly recommend revamping this one for optimal performance.

4. Speak directly to your website visitor.

I highly recommend going through your website and changing any ‘we’ and ‘us’ language to more ‘you’ language. You want to speak directly to your website visitor as if it’s a one-on-one conversation. The more we just talk about ourselves and how we’re a professional pet sitter who’s insured, licensed, and bonded, the less we connect. We have to distinguish ourselves and connect with our audience, especially in an industry as personal as the pet industry.

5. Remove pronouns from testimonials and add in your pet business name.

This is a quick fix to help add more keywords and optimal language to your website. To do this, head into the reviews and testimonials listed on your website and replace the pronouns like ‘they’ and ‘he/’she’ with your business name! That way it’s clear, helpful for Google to know who the review is talking about, and adds more brand awareness and credibility to your brand.

6. Add a picture of YOU.

I know… people hate this one. BUT, it makes such a huge difference. Remember, the pet industry is so personal. If we can’t see a clear image of you looking into the camera, visitors will be less likely to connect with you and trust you to care for their pet. Science tells us that by looking straight into the camera, you can build more trust vs. a photo where you are wearing sunglasses or not looking into the camera. Connect, show your confidence as a pet business owner, and get your face on your website!

7. Add your service area to your website.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a local pet business website WITHOUT the service area in there. How are people supposed to know where you’re located?! Imagine from a potential client’s perspective. They arrive on your website and it doesn’t say that you’re located in San Diego. Do you think they’re going to take the extra time to comb through every detail of your website or check out your social media or Yelp to research it? DOUBT IT!

Add your service area to your home page, your footer, and anywhere else on your website that feels genuine and helpful.

8. Optimize your on-page SEO.

So many people miss this and then wonder why they aren’t number one in the search results. You have to go through the SEO on-page settings on your website platform before expecting traction in the search results! We have some tips in our recent blog post. Otherwise, keep your eye out for our upcoming DIY SEO course for pet businesses.

9. Perform a broken link check on your website.

Nothing hurts your website like broken links!! You can use a free broken link checker to see if there are any broken links on your website. By fixing this, you’re telling Google that you value having an up-to-date website and that you’re leading your website visitors closer to a sale vs. broken links that frustrate them and cause them to leave your website!

Wooo - you made it! Completing one, some, or all of these website tips can make a huge difference in your pet business. Don’t let your website fall by the wayside.

If you need more website support, we’re happy to help - no matter what stage of business you’re in. For our newer, budget-aware, or DIY pet business owners, we have pet care website templates, dog trainer website templates, and pet photographer website templates. For our pet business owners ready to up-level their online presence, we offer custom branding and Wix website design.

We’ve got plenty of other free website-related resources for our pet business owners as well. Head on over to some of our faves:

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