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Are You a Dog Trainer? Here’s What Pet Marketing Unleashed Has for You!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

We get it - Information overload on ALL fronts. So, we’re handpicking the best of the best that Pet Marketing Unleashed has to offer for the dog trainers reading this. It’ll include the most helpful information, resources, products, courses, blog posts, and recommendations for growing your dog training business!

Dog Trainer Resources from Pet Marketing Unleashed

Here we go!


Download the freebies you need to help grow your pet biz.

If there's one thing that dog trainers are hesitant about when forking out marketing dollars or time, it's BLOGGING. But, it's probably one of the most valuable ways to get more website traffic, gain credibility, & see growth for your dog training business. Get TONS of general blog post ideas PLUS 14 specific topics you NEED to have on your blog! Download the Blog Post Topics for your Pet Business freebie.

If your website stinks, potential clients won't click through to get in touch. A strategically built website is EVERYTHING for your dog training business. Download the 7 most common website mistakes I see on pet business websites along with guidance on how to fix each one!

Business partnerships are one of those things that sound super simple in theory, but when it actually comes down to forming those partnerships AND knowing what to include as part of the exchange, a lot of pet business owners struggle. Download the template along with tips on how best to use it to create partnerships in your pet business community!

Inside the chapter, ‘Tips for Enforcing Boundaries,’ we dig into why clients overstep, determining your stressors in business and how to stop them from happening in the future, and how to enforce boundaries to aid in ditching the burnout! Download the free chapter now!

We're bringing you a guide that goes into 10 unexpected ways your website can help you bring in more money. If you have a website, you might as well bring in more money, right?! It's time to take advantage of all your website has to offer! Download the guide and watch your revenue increase in no time!

By the end of this free training, you’ll be able to:

  • Inspire your dream clients to take the next step on your website (i.e. more bookings with the right people who value your services!)

  • Develop a strategy and system that stops the cycle of overworking yourself on manual tasks using the Seamless Onboarding System.

  • Step into using the power of your website so it can become your own business virtual assistant!

It’s a good one, my friends. Watch the masterclass today! If you don’t have time, we’ll send you the replay if you register. :)



100% Customizable Wix Website Template for Dog Trainers

Stand out from the pack with a website that helps you ditch the burn-out and save precious time. No coding or tech experience needed! All you gotta do is follow our training videos to customize your site and hit 'publish!' Did I forget to mention this website template is approved by dog trainer expert, Ines McNeil, from The Modern Dog Trainer? How cool is that?!

BONUS: Our dog trainer template also includes access to the Unleashed Website Academy, a course that walks you through onboarding strategy, copywriting, SEO, software—all the things you need to onboard your ideal client, in less time, and with less stress.

Blogging For Your Pet Biz Course

This workshop-style course provides you, —the maybe-a-little-creatively-tapped-out dog trainer— with everything you need to know to strategize your blog posts, come up with content ideas, and write titles and outlines (now here’s the kicker) in LESS time and with MORE purpose! By the end of the course, you’ll

  • Know how often you're going to blog

  • Understand how to get in the right mindset to produce the best content for your audience

  • Pick a year's worth of blog post topics

  • Write a year's worth of blog post titles and outlines

  • Establish call-to-actions for every post to create purpose and strategy behind what happens next

  • Understand how to implement basic SEO in your blog posts

  • Strategize how you can begin marketing your blog posts and making use of your posts elsewhere

  • Become familiar with different ways you can monetize your blog as a service provider

Want to bring your blog to the next level? Because you don’t have to be a good writer or have lots of time to do it. Trust me! Learn more about the Blogging Course!

Email Templates for Your Pet Business

Let's be real - Sending client emails can be one of the most time-consuming (and often frustrating) parts of our pet businesses. It can also leave us feeling unsatisfied, less than 100% confident, and not in control of our business. We created these templates (a whole 42 of them!) to help you master your emails, save much-needed time, and feel more confident when you hit the 'send' button. Now, let’s help you craft some emails that kick butt as much as you do, petpreneur! Check out the email templates.

Welcome Packet Template for Dog Trainers

Welcome packets are your trusty sidekick guiding your clients through EVERYTHING they need to know to become a part of your dog training community. We’re big on helping petpreneurs like you make paws-itive first impressions and deliver wonderful client experiences. This is especially important for businesses that involve the well-being and betterment of clients' furry family members. Learn more about what's inside the welcome packets for dog trainers.

Burnout Guide for Pet Businesses

You built your business to do what you're passionate about, to be your own boss, and to feel free in your life. But unfortunately, you're working yourself to the ground, losing all of the motivation and passion you once had, and falling down the spiral that is burnout. It takes conscious work to tackle burnout to the ground!

The Burnout Guide helps pet business owners like you implement proper boundaries, learn to say no, and establish systems of self-care in your daily life. It’s time to run your business as the leader you are instead of letting your business run you, am I right?! Learn more about the Burnout Guide to see if it’s right for you.

Dog Trainer Social Media Template Bundle

If you're tired of wasting precious time piecing together mediocre Instagram graphics, frustrated with templates that aren’t the right fit, and are ready to stop comparing your social media graphics to those of other pet industry pros—we’ve got just the ticket! Our easy-to-use and fully customizable Canva social media graphic templates for pet businesses!

Social Media Templates for Dog Trainers _ Pet Marketing Unleashed

With the templates, you'll get access to:

  • 20+ Instagram feed post templates

  • 10+ Instagram story post templates

  • 10+ Instagram highlight cover photo templates

  • Facebook cover photo templates

  • Canva video + PDF tutorials

  • Instagram profile optimization and strategy guide

Check out the bundle here.

Dog Trainer Business Card Templates

No more bland, run-of-the-mill business cards or showing up to networking events empty-handed? Instead, if you're ready for your brand to leave a lasting impression on prospective clients (Yes, please!), we’ve got just the ticket! Our easy-to-use and fully customizable Canva business card templates for pet businesses!



PocketSuite is a mobile software (they now have a desktop version, too!) for dog trainers that allows you to handle scheduling, client information, group messaging, payments, and more all within a single app. Get PocketSuite 60 days FREE when you go through Pet Marketing Unleashed!


Dubsado is another great option for dog trainers - especially for the ones that do a lot of in-depth 1:1 dog training programs. Dubsado allows you to set up automated workflows that can automatically trigger once someone fills out your lead form. From sending invoices and proposals, to contracts and feedback forms, this software is AH-MAZING. I use it every day here at PMU! Get 20% off your first month or year when you go through PMU!


Branding VIP Days

Branding VIP Days allow you to get your FULL branding done in ONE day. No more projects that drag on for months. No more surprise invoices. No more distracted professionals juggling multiple clients instead of just focusing on you. No half-baked work. You’ll get a better final product by hiring someone who has dedicated an entire day just for YOU and your pet sitting business. Learn more about our VIP Day, including the process, pricing, and more. P.S. Our portfolio also has great examples of past VIP Days.

Copywriting VIP Days

Get your copywriting done in just ONE day as well with our Copywriting VIP Days. Our talented and experienced copywriter, Andrea, will work her wordsmithing magic on your website copy! By the end of your VIP Day, you'll receive a GoogleDoc complete with your entire website copy - built with strategy and ready to convert. The fun thing about copywriting VIP Days? You can sit back and relax (or work on other biz things) while we do the heavy lifting! Get in contact with us here to inquire about a Copywriting VIP Day.

P.S. We also have other specialty VIP Days for dog trainers, like Dubsado software set-up and website template customizations!

Branding and Website Design Projects

Real talk: Websites are no longer a dumping ground of information about your business.

A dynamic website tells your story and speaks directly to your ideal client. It paints a picture of what it’s like to work with you—and why clients should want to. We want petpreneurs to feel as good about their online presence as they do when serving their clients.

We’ll create a custom brand and website for your dog training business that attracts your dream clients, streamlines your operations, and saves you time so you can focus on what really matters—however that looks for you. Learn more about our branding and website design packages, including the process, our portfolio, and more.

Web Polish Sessions

If you’re a website template student of ours, we won’t leave you hangin’! No matter your comfort level with web design, it can be nerve-wracking to hit ‘Publish’ without a second set of eyes. Trust us, we get it! If you end up with a list of questions after customizing your template or want to ensure everything looks good before you launch your site, our Web Polish Sessions are for you!

There ya have it! But, before you go and dig into all the above content, I’d love for you to join my FREE Facebook community if you haven’t already. It’s full of other pet business owners (and lots of dog trainers!) looking to connect and grow their pet businesses from a place of ease (no stress here!!). Join the FB Group - I’d love to have you!

Unleashed Petpreneurs Facebook Group for Pet Business Owners | Pet Marketing Unleashed


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