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8 Dog Trainer Logo Ideas to Inspire You

So you’ve been dog training on the side for a while now but don’t have a strategic, professional logo to expand your brand awareness in your community? Or, perhaps you’ve been in business a while but you’re not super proud of your current branding?

You start searching on Google and realize so many of these dog trainer logos are the same. Unfortunately, a lot of budget sites for logo design do not include trademark or copyrightability, which means your ‘designer’ can reuse your designs over and over again. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen clients come to us with logos that are repeated across several different pet businesses with the only difference being the business name and colors.

Not only is that tacky and unfortunate… It's also a lack of strategy and effectiveness. Because every single brand should be different based on the fact that every business has different values, personalities, communication styles, ideal clients, etc. Your brand should reflect all of that.

Pet Marketing Unleashed thought it would be helpful to showcase some of our very favorite dog trainer logos that we’ve designed over the years so you can get some inspiration for your branding moving forward. And, if you decide you do like our style, we’d LOVE to work with you in one of our Branding VIP Days so you can get a new, strategic brand done for you in just ONE day! Yeeee!

Okay, back to the logo ideas. Before we get to the showcase, we’re first going to provide you with some of our best resources on how you can get started with branding for your pet business. Then, we’ll follow up with eight of our very favorite dog trainer logos and branding examples to inspire your design process.


Our Top Dog Trainer Branding Resources:

Our 3-part series goes into all the things you need to DIY your pet sitter branding! If you’re looking to do it yourself, this is the series for you! We also have a great blog post on The Impact of Successful Branding & How to Master it with Kaila from the wonderful Dox Design.

If you’re looking to outsource your dog trainer logo, we can help! In one day, we work together to create a custom brand for your dog training business that can help you attract more of your dreamiest dog training clients and enjoy a more fulfilling, streamlined pet business.

3. Review our Glossary: Common Branding Deliverables, so you can become familiar with what’s typically included in branding and what you might want or need for your pet business’ branding design! That way, when you approach a designer, whether it’s Pet Marketing Unleashed or someone else, you are aware of the terminology and what should be included in your package.

Okay, let’s get to the dog training logo design ideas to inspire your pet business branding design process!

1. Smarty Paws Canine Care

Cara offered pet care services through a dog trainer lens while also offering dog training as a service. She wanted pet owners to know her services focused on engagement, enrichment, and stimulation.

What Cara had to say about the ‘wins’ her business experienced since working together: “Everyone who sees the webpage is wowed. It is truly unique and represents my vision and business.”

2. The K9 Dog Academy

Riaan was a pleasure to work with in his desire to create a professional dog training business with a mission to bring the best out of Man's best friend. We created something simple and to the point to showcase the educational component of his brand. With the color blue, we built trust, which was a big business value of his.

3. Beyond The Sit Dog Training

Brienne was proud to showcase her love of positive reinforcement training and using games and fun to engage with our dogs in training. She actually used the same methods we used with our dog trainer here in San Diego, so it was fun to get to piece together a brand encapsulating all of those values.

Brienne’s tip for other dog trainers looking to upgrade their online presence: “Getting help right away for your branding is HUGE. I didn't do that with my last business and I really should have... things pop and stand out a lot more and are so much more professional-looking to begin with. It's a very necessary expense and one that should not be scrimped on. You'll stand out in comparison.”

4. Learning Tails

A fun and personal way to design a logo you love is to use the pets that inspired you to start your business. We often use clients’ pets in their logos, and Learning Tails is a great example of that. Ally came to us wanting a simple line art version of her pet that also instilled a peaceful and loving vibe, so that’s what we created!

5. Wild Dogs

Morgan wanted to differentiate herself from other dog trainers in Austin, Texas since it’s such a competitive market with lots of dog trainers. She wanted to establish a professional brand presence and build awareness using her personality and fun demeanor. We let her professional and colorful Austin photos stand out on her website while creating a simple, yet fun black-and-white dog trainer logo.

6. Doods & Doodettes

Tania offers several different dog training and Doodle support services like virtual puppy proofing, a Doodle support hotline, and board and trains for Doodles in Simi Valley, CA. Her fun and bold brand was there to create an all-encompassing resource for Doodle owners everywhere!

What Tania had to say about the experience: “If you are debating between doing it yourself or hiring someone, let me tell you it’s worth it to hire PMU! They are super organized, very responsive to emails, communicate clearly, take feedback pivot with grace when needed and meet the deadlines they set. They are here to help you and make sure your vision comes to life. Just make sure you are also doing your part, doing your homework, responding when asked, and providing as much guidance to them on your likes and dislikes. If you do your part they will do theirs and I’m sure you will be super happy with the final product(s)!”

7. Canine and Human Coaching

Tree wanted a very simple brand to communicate her offerings, coaching for humans and their canines. This logo is a great example of simplicity. She wanted a clear, basic, and easy-to-read font with a simple decorative element, and that’s what we created!

8. Almost Home / Speak Dog Canine Services

AHSD Canine Services was a unique project in that Jana came to us with two different business names under one umbrella. She had a boarding and grooming facility she purchased called Almost Home, and then she also owned a dog training business called Speak Dog… combining them to form Almost Home Speak Dog. So, we set out to clarify her message with branding that allowed for different divisions under a main logo. This is a great example of a logo that can be separated into different locations or services.

Here was Jana’s feedback so far (stay tuned for more info on this project as this one may end up with its own showcase after we finalize the website!): “Honestly, this is absolutely amazing and exactly what I was thinking. I know I wasn’t the most descriptive and you all knocked it out of the park. I am so happy with it so far and this entire experience.”

Dog trainer logos can vary so much in color, style, vibe, tone, personality, and more. And, each of our examples above exudes their own emotions and first impressions, which is why the branding process should be unique to every dog trainer out there!

If you’re looking to get strategic branding done for your dog training business, peruse the above tools we mentioned or reach out to us to chat about our Branding VIP Days! Our VIP Day Page goes into the timeline, process, examples, and so much more, so you can feel confident moving forward if it feels right for you. However, no matter which direction you take, remember to dig deep into the passions, emotions, and strategy you want to encapsulate in your brand, so you can speak to your ideal clients through all of your branding elements, whether it’s your logo, your colors, your patterns, your language, etc. It’s all part of your branding, and something worth investing in, whatever that means to you.

Happy branding, petpreneur!



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