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Email Templates For Your Pet Business


Email Templates for Your Pet Biz | Pet Marketing Unleashed

42 professionally crafted email templates to help you save time and feel more confident when you hit the 'send' button.

Let's be real - Sending client emails can be one of the most time-consuming (and often frustrating) parts of our pet businesses. It can also leave us feeling unsatisfied, less than 100% confident, and not in control of our business.

We created these templates to help you master your emails, save much-needed time, and feel more confident when you hit the 'send' button. Now, let’s help you craft some emails that kick butt as much as you do, petpreneur!

Email Templates for your pet business - dog walkers and pet sitters

Email Templates Included

Sales Pitches
Sponsored Collaboration Requests
Guest Blogging/Podcast Requests
Requests for Reviews
Requests for Referrals
When Clients Ask For A Discount
When Clients Need Extra Help
Angry Clients / Firing Clients
When Clients Want More

Sneak Peek/Gallery is Ready
Raising Rates
Responses to Inquiries
Initial Call Follow-Ups
On-Boarding/Welcome Emails
Off-Boarding/Following Service Emails
When They Haven't Booked In A While
Pet Birthdays
Adding/Expanding Services


"I feel SO much more confident knowing that my client communication is covered"

"As a new business owner, I was really uncertain about so many things, not the least of which was client communication. I was constantly second-guessing myself. Having the email templates is so helpful because I don't have to wonder if I'm doing it right anymore. All I have to do is customize and hit send. I feel SO much more confident knowing that my client communication is covered.

- Grace S, CoPaws Dog Training

Email Templates for your Pet Business _ Dog walkers, pet sitters, and dog trainers.jpg

Edit Right Alongside The Template PDF

Get access to an editable template in Google Docs (using your Gmail account), so you can customize and save your own email templates for future use.

Bonus Material

Step-by-step guides & video tutorials on:

  • Adding canned emails in your Gmail account

  • How to create a professional email signature

  • How to make sure your email address is whitelisted for clients in Gmail

Email Templates for Pet Businesses.jpeg

"Before I purchased, I was kind of 'winging it' when it came to emails with clients/potential clients - which is not only a bad idea, but it was also super time consuming since I was basically writing the same email over and over again for the same topic.


I not only feel more confident in communicating with clients, I've also learned a ton of info about Gmail I never knew! I also think it's SUPER important to think about tough situations with clients and this guide definitely helps you navigate those situations with the templates. Learning how to make a professional and unique email signature is worth the whole price of this guide, just saying! ;)"

Heidi & Hope Pet Services

Heidi L. | Heidi & Hope Pet Services

"Once again I am incredibly impressed with the products and services provided by Pet Marketing Unleashed! Mikaela understands that her clients work in the service industry and communication is vital for us to succeed. How we present our unique message speaks volumes about our brand and who we are. Add to that the fact that if there is one thing small business owners don't have a lot of it's TIME.

This product is a game changer, it will save me so much time! It's beautifully designed and comprehensive in it's content. The value of this product can't be overstated."

Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Mary Ellen H. | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What website platforms do you work with?
    We use Wix and Wordpress. Wix is a great option for service-based business owners who want a lot of customization. If you have a preference or unique request, Wordpress may be a better option for you. We can talk through this on our consult call if you have any questions on that.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    The payment schedule is as follows: One-third of the cost is required to secure your spot and begin prep work. The next third will be due on the project start date. The final third will be due before we hand over ownership of the website.
  • Are there any ongoing costs?
    There are no on-going costs with us as we hand over full control of your website and provide you with a tutorial so you can maintain and edit your website very easily on your own. However, your web platform will have monthly fees ranging from $7-$25/month depending on which plan you choose. A domain is typically around $25/year. NOTE: We do recommend monthly Wordpress maintenance, which our designer, Michele can assist with.
  • Can I see some of your work?
    Aboslutely. Browse the portfolio here.

Ready To Save Time & Feel More Confident Sending Client Emails?

These email templates are for your business only. Do not sell, share, reproduce, or distribute this document (even after you edit them) without express written permission.

Due to the immediate and digital nature of access to Templates and Digital Products, all sales are final.

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