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Kim is one of the most down to earth and kindest clients EVER. For this brand, we were looking to capture the fun, yet nurturing and natural vibe of this passionate pet care company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Leashes & Litterboxes is all about serving REAL people with REAL lives and I love that about them. This was such a fun brand to create. Hope you love it, too!


"I knew instantly after my initial phone conversation with Mikaela that she is "real" and totally got my personality. I loved the creativity used in the websites she has designed, they are different from the typical pet sitting sites that I researched. You can tell that Mikaela is definitely doing what she loves!


Pet Marketing Unleashed is outstanding. They makes the web design/branding process stress free. After just one phone conversation and the initial branding questionnaire, they nailed it! They totally got my personality and as a result, I have a gorgeous website that I love and is easy to navigate. It makes me smile every time I click on it! I cannot recommend Pet Marketing Unleashed enough."

- Kim H.


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