Blogging For Your Pet Biz
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Blogging For Your Pet Business Course
You hear the experts telling you to blog, but you cannot for the life of you figure out WHAT to write about & HOW to even make it happen.

You're on the never-ending treadmill of an overworking petpreneur, which means blogging consistently falls to the wayside. You never seem to be able to 'catch the bone' (pun intended).

You don't have the money to outsource your blog content to a writing expert. Or, even if you do have the money, who do you trust with your business and what do you even tell them to write about? It's just another headache that just never seems worth it... right?

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But, what if you could...

  • Confidently produce blog posts from a place you know will attract and bring in your dream clients?

  • Sit down and batch out a year's worth of topic ideas and get the outlines completed in no time at all?

  • Watch your website traffic and inquiries increase over time (& bonus: with the RIGHT people)?

  • Feel fulfilled knowing the content you're putting out there is making your life easier & more rewarding?

Spoiler (I couldn't resist): You can.

Blogging For Your Pet Biz Online Course

This workshop-style course provides you [the pet service business owner - dog walkers, pet sitters, groomers, dog trainers, photographers, coaches, nutritonists, therapists, etc.] with everything you need to know to strategize your blog posts, come up with content ideas, and write titles & outlines... ALL in less time and with MORE purpose.

What You'll Accomplish by The End of This Course

  • You will know how often you're going to blog

  • You will understand how to get in the right mindset to produce the best content for your audience

  • You will pick a year's worth of blog post topics

  • You will write a year's worth of blog post titles and outlines

  • You will establish call-to-actions for every post to create purpose and strategy behind what happens next

  • You will understand how to implement basic SEO in your blog posts

  • You will strategize how you can begin marketing your blog posts and making use of your posts elsewhere

  • You will become familiar with different ways you can monetize your blog as a service provider

Blogging For Your Pet Business - dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, pet photographers
Every section is broken down in simple, step-by-step videos.

The course is specifically designed for beginners, so those who feel like they aren't 'professional writers' can produce strategy-filled & convert-able content for their potential and current clients.

Access The Course Workbook PDF

Follow along in the 70+ page PDF workbook where you can complete all assignments and exercises throughout the course. This is where the value lives!

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Blogging for pet business course - for dog walkers, pet photographers, dog trainers, etc..
Get personalized support in the course community

A private Facebook Group just for BPB students. It's your place to ask questions, get feedback on your progress, and connect with other students.

"Before taking the blog course, sitting to write a blog or even write a series of blog posts was extremely overwhelming. Mikaela makes the process easy by breaking down the steps into manageable steps. After completing her course I have more blogs post ideas than I need for a year, all of my blog posts outlined for a year. I am now ready to tackle these blogs and get this aspect of my business going."

Jennifer - blogging course testimonial - pet sitter

Jennifer G., Platinum Paws Pet Services, LLC

"Before taking Mikaela's course, I spent an embarrassing amount of time (and money!) trying to learn the "right" way to blog and produce content... Until now. Mikaela explains how to generate, produce and schedule your content in a way that is easy to understand and follow.  This course got me to take action immediately and answered all the questions I was struggling with - as well as answered questions I didn't even know I had... By following Mikaela's system, I'm now months ahead of schedule and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you!"

Erin - blogging course review for pet businesses - dog walkers

Erin Scott, The Dog Health Journal

"I really enjoyed the blogging course! I liked how thorough it was and it was to understand the material. I especially appreciated the meditation portion. I think that was a great addition to the course and very necessary in order to clear away any chatter in my mind blocking great ideas from flowing to me easily. I am grateful for the better understanding I have now of how to blog like a pro!" 

Kat - blogging course review for pet care dog walker

Kat G., Kat's Dogs & More Coastal Pet Care

The Break Down

Module 1:

Introduction to Blogging

- What blogging can do for your pet biz
- Important stats you should know
- What to blog about & how often

- Blogging tips!

Module 2:

The Process - Gettin' Down to Business

- Finalize how often you will blog
- Get in the right mindset
- Plan the topic ideas
- Figure out the titles
- Write the outlines
- Decide on your CTAs

Module 3:

Writing & Posting Your Blog Posts

- Writing your blog posts
- Posting your blog posts
- Blogging SEO

Module 4:

Introduction to Marketing Your Blog Posts

Module 5:

Re-Purposing & Resources


Understanding Affiliates & Blogging Monetization

- Ads, affiliates, & more!

The Things We Stand By

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Your Questions, Answered

Who is this course for?

This course is for pet service businesses who either don't feel confident with their blogging skills, don't know how to blog consistently, or don't know how to brainstorm or build a strategy around their blog content. This course literally walks you through the steps of all of these things to help you get started and feel confident creating blog posts for your pet business that have strategy and purpose.

How much experience do I need with blogging?

No prior knowledge or familiarity of blogging is required to take this course! All you need is a willingness to learn, time set aside to put in the work, and an open mind!

Will this benefit me no matter the website platform I'm using (Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, Showit)?

Absolutely! While each platform will have their own blog settings and functions, this course primarily focuses on the production/writing of the blog posts. In the SEO section, we cover information that anyone can do, no matter the website platform.

What is the BIGGEST goal with this course?

The whole point of this course is to walk you through each step it takes to produce a blog post - starting with the mindset/topic ideas and working all the way into the actual writing & SEO.

Do I have to complete this in a certain amount of time?

No, this course is self-paced, which means you can access it whenever you'd like. You will also get lifetime access to course updates in the future.

However, I do recommend setting aside some time for you to complete this course so that you don't lose focus or change priorities by delaying it. The ones who dedicate the time will be the ones that reap the most value.

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