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Logo, Branding, & Wix Website Design

Purrs & Grrrs is a dog walking, pet sitting, and training business based in Sunland-Tujunga, California. 

There are certain clients I work with where I can truly feel their passion, love, and motivation for what they do for pets AND their communities. Dominique was one of those clients. 


She came to me with the goal of being able to increase their website’s visibility on Google. She had done some of her own overhauls on their website and noticed a slight uptick, but really wanted to take things to the next level. 


Once we started chatting, I learned some of the things that were really important to her. Gathering this sort of important is one of the most important aspects when I head into a web design because I try to do everything I can to mold my client’s personality, goals, dreams, and visions into their website. Because, it’s not just a touchpoint for a potential new client. Your brand/website is everything that you AND your business represents.



Dog walker & pet sitter in Sunland-Tujunga, CA


Personalized, Modern, Tech Savvy, Family-Oriented, Neighborly, Trusting, Safe, & Professional


"We had come in contact with a few other pet marketing companies in the past as we were navigating this process, but there was something about Mikaela and her business that resonated with us personally. We particularly enjoy that she provides a personal experience and product for each of her clients, vs. using templates that look like several other pet care companies out there. ​

Mikaela's project process is also incredibly intuitive and easy to follow. The whole experience was seamless - from the initial contact questionnaire on her website to the proposal/contract/invoice to the website work itself. When it came to the website work, we had only a general idea in mind and didn't provide too many specifics in terms of color/design, however, she tapped into her creativity and intuition from our conversations and was able to produce a product that definitely resonated with us and put into words/pictures what we were unable to describe. We are so excited that we chose her to help take our business to the next level!" 

- Dominique C.

Owner of Purrs & Grrrs

Dominique - Founder of Purrs and Grrrs D


dog walking and pet sitting purrs and grrrs mood board branding project


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purrs & grrrs dog walking and pet sitting website mobile version


pet business logo design dog walker pet sitter


pet industry web design for pet businesses
purrs & grrrs dog walking and pet sitting website design homepage
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