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How to Wow Your Potential Clients for Your Pet Business

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

If you’re not currently doing anything in your standard process to WOW your potential clients, you’re most likely losing business.

AND, even if you just secure the client for a photography session or a one pet sitting reservation, the likelihood of them either spending more or purchasing add-ons or becoming brand loyal is significantly lower than if you did wow them from the beginning.

That’s how powerful the customer experience is (more info on that here).

I wanted to go over 6 things you can add to your process, no matter what kind of pet service business you have, that can really take your sales process to the next level.

How To Wow Your Potential Clients in your pet business | Pet Marketing Unleashed

1. A Welcome Packet

This is a great way to lead your potential clients through the process of working with you.

The more questions they need to ask or the more clarification they need to request from you, the more likely they’ll just go to the next pet business. 

People want EASY. That’s typically why they’ll purchase. In some regard, you will make their lives easier. Whether you’re a dog walker or a groomer or a dog trainer, you’re saving them much needed time from learning how to do this themselves. That means, the more complicated your process is, the worse for the client.

So, a welcome packet would essentially outline every single thing they’d need to know to become a client and get fully immersed in your business community. For example, you can include: an outline of your process, go over commonly asked questions, go over your pricing for each type of service, talk about how to set up a profile or schedule an appointment, and even go into a little bit about who you are!

BONUS: Check out the Welcome Packet Templates we created just for you!

Welcome Packet for pet photographers, doggie daycares, trainers, groomers, or dog walkers and pet sitters

2. Online Booking or Purchasing

If you’re not already offering this, you REALLY REALLY need it. Not only for your own sanity and growth, but also for your clients. I can go on and on about the benefits it brings to you (read more about that here), but since we’re talking about it from the client perspective today, we’ll focus on that. 

The reasons for this, and heck probably for the rest of these, is that it saves the client so much time and they don’t want to deal with the hassle of more complicated booking or paying. By allowing your client to just set it up on their own online, you’re allowing them to do so with their own freedom and without back-and-forth communication via email or phone.

As a result, they’ll be more likely to not only commit in the beginning, but also re-book more often since it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Ready to set this up today and have your website booking dream clients for you ASAP? Check out our free masterclass that helps you set up the systems you need so that your website can get to work! Check out the class here.

pet business onboarding strategy masterclass | pet marketing unleashed

3. Having a CRM or Software

Now, this can overlap a bit with having online booking or purchasing, depending on your type of pet business. However, for those pet businesses like photographers or pet coaches or nutritionists, I highly recommend CRM software. 

CRM software (I use Dubsado - you can even get 20% off your first month with my affiliate link) allow you to create the EXACT customer experience you want and set it up automatically!!! Seriously guys - while you’re sleeping, this process can work for you and allow you to secure more clients!

You can create online forms, schedule calls, send proposals, contracts, and invoices ALL from this system using canned emails. It’s a godsend to my business, seriously. If I had to pick ONE software for my business, it’d be my CRM software, Dubsado.

4. Professional Email Templates

Since we’re talking about emails in our CRM system, we may as well talk about all the other emails, especially for those who don’t have a software. There are so many aspects to professional email writing that can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

For example, do you have a professional email signature? Do you have email templates ready to go so all of your staff stay consistent in your policies and procedures?

Writing professional emails is more than just proper grammar. It’s also about connecting with these potential clients to really make an impression and make them want to stay around, again, by making the process as easy and seamless as possible!

P.S. If you need help compiling your email templates and creating your professional email signature, I’ve got you - My Email Templates For Your Pet Business guide is ready for you in the shop.

Email Templates For Your Pet Business | Pet Marketing Unleashed

5. Send A Surprise!

Why not go a little above and beyond? When a client decides to work with you, no matter your type of pet business, consider sending a little gift. It can be small, as long as it’s personal and clients will LOVE it.

For example, when I work with branding and web design clients, I’ll typically send over a small branded gift for them to celebrate in their new branding!

Here are some ideas for different types of pet businesses:

  • Pet Products: Include a handwritten thank you note from them that’s personalized to their name or pet’s name.

  • Pet Photographer: Send one small framed photo when you’re done working together to show your appreciation and so they can share your work in their home.

  • Dog Trainer: Consider a branded leash or some training treats that pet parents can use in between sessions.

  • Veterinarian: A wonderful take-home packet with resources for new clients

  • Dog Walker / Pet Sitter: You can send a branded poo bag holder with a handwritten note or a small painted portrait of their pet.

  • Groomer: A personalized bandana of their pet on their first or second groom, depending on how advanced they book! Or, let them know you added on a free blueberry facial upgrade for free! 

6. Have a clear and strong brand voice.

When you’re clear in your messaging and it’s different from other pet businesses who offer the same products or services as you, you will not only differentiate yourself from others, but you will also establish a community of followers that feel connected to what you do.

They will feel a part of your community - like they’re special and they just get it because they’re in ‘the know.’

Do you have a name for all of your clients? Address them that way and stay consistent so each new pet can join the ‘tribe, pack, family, etc.’

Email Writing And Sales Process For Pet Businesses

I hope these were helpful. It can be a powerful thing to really create a wonderful client experience within your business. That’s really the way to separate your business from the rest. Whatever you can do to make it better, do it!

Please know this is an ever-evolving process. I am always making changes and enhancements to my client experience as I learn and grow with the needs of my clientele. It’s a super fun process for me, and I hope it will be for you, too. 

After all, the more you appeal to the right clients using these methods, the more wonderful (& aligned-to-you) clients you’ll bring in!

P.S. One of the best ways to reel new clients in is through your content. To up your blogging game, get access to my list of blog post topic ideas for pet businesses here.

blog topics for pet photographers dog groomers pet sitters veterinarians | Pet Marketing Unleashed



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