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How Website Copywriting Converts Clients (Plus, Should You DIY or Hire?)

This word - copywriting - is often thrown around without much explanation. So… what is it? Why is it important to my pet business? How do I go about getting it on my website? We gotchu.

As website designers, we understand the importance of words (not just design). So let’s dig into the wonders of copywriting and how it can convert more pet parent clients (aka… send you more bookings, reservations, sessions, and moolah!).

How Website Copywriting Coverts Clients _ Pet Marketing Unleashed

First things first, what is copywriting?

Copywriting involves writing copy, which is essentially the words you write that have a particular purpose (mostly to encourage conversions or sales). In other words, strategic copywriting for a pet business could be the words that are getting potential clients to book a pet sitting reservation or a photography session. The person who writes this copy is known as a copywriter.

In essence, copywriters are selling through words. The cool thing about copywriting, compared to cold-calling and old-school ‘salesy’ techniques we run away from, is that copywriting these days is about connection. It’s about speaking directly to your potential audience, clients, or customers, and encouraging action for those who need what you have to offer!

While copywriting can be for any sort of platform (i.e. websites, emails, social media captions, blog posts, you name it!), we’re chatting here about website copywriting. It’s not often mentioned in the pet space, but it’s JUST as important (if not more… although we’re biased as web designers 😉).

Why is strategic copywriting important? How does it ACTUALLY convert clients and put more money in my pocket?

Good Q. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?! Essentially, copywriting is more than just jotting down who you are and what you offer. Copy has the ability to evoke feelings and persuade clients into taking action. The right words can induce action. That’s the bottom line and how copywriting works to convert clients.

It’s your copywriter’s job to understand the words, strategies, and tactics that can help your website sell your services to your audience. When put together and published on your site, your audience can go on a journey - one where they feel heard, understood, and firmly believe that your business will solve their problem.

Plus, here are some staggering statistics you should be aware of that show you the difference between basic words and strategic copy:

Remember… the pet industry is very personal, so storytelling, speaking directly to your audience, and evoking emotions can really make a huge difference on your website. The words you use are powerful!

Should you DIY or hire an expert?

There are plenty of factors that go into what pet business owners may invest in, however, here are some things to consider:

1. Are you new to business?

If so, perhaps you can learn about copywriting and do some DIY until you’re more established and/or have a higher budget!

Copywriting resources for you:

2. Do you enjoy writing?

If you enjoy writing, this may be a great opportunity to bring your personality to the table! After all, as the business owner, people are purchasing from YOU and working with YOU, so if you’re able to write strategically and bring your personality along, what better way to invest in your business with your skills and time?!

3. Do you have the budget?

Copywriting services can be an investment! It’s worth evaluating what you’re investing in, what you could make work, what copywriter could work within your budget, etc. If it’s something you can afford, I do highly recommend investing in it! It’s probably my most underrated investment for pet business owners! Your website’s words are POWERFUL.

4. Are you struggling with sales, particularly from website visitors?

Yup, as a website designer, I admit that a ‘pretty website’ is not enough. The words on your website are JUST as important, if not MORE important to have a solid and effective website. Make sure you have more than just ‘we’re professional pet sitters. Give us a call.’ This is CRUCIAL.

5. Are you getting your website professionally designed?

Chances are, your website designer will ask you for your copy as they begin designing your website. Website design is a very different service offering than copywriting and requires two different skill sets!

Are you ready to invest?

We can help with one of our Copywriting VIP Days!

In just 8 hours, our talented and experienced pet industry copywriter, Andrea, will work her wordsmithing magic! By the end of your VIP Day, you'll receive a GoogleDoc complete with your entire website copy - built with strategy and ready to convert. The fun thing about Copywriting VIP Days? You can sit back and relax (or work on other biz things) while we do the heavy lifting!

Copywriting VIP Day | Pet Marketing Unleashed



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