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Your Wix Website Template Questions and Answers

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

If you’re interested in a website template from the PMU Shop but have some important questions first - this blog post is for you! We’re digging into the most commonly asked questions we get about our website templates along with some others we think will be helpful for you as you make the right decisions for yourself and your pet business!

And, if you haven’t yet seen our templates for pet businesses, head here. We currently have website templates built for dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, and pet photographers!

Your Wix Website Template Questions & Answers  | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Alrighty, let’s get straight to the questions:

What exactly is a website template?

A website template is a website that is, in essence, already designed and ready to go for our customers! That means all you need to do to the template is customize it as little or as much as you want and you’ll have yourself a professionally designed and strategic website for your pet business!

What website platform are these templates on?

The website templates can only be used on the Wix platform. If you currently use something else, you can totally make the switch to Wix with ease, and if you want to know more about Wix or why we recommend it, here’s a blog post to help explain.

In short, we find Wix to be the easiest platform to maintain, edit, and update for those who need something easy to navigate and implement into their business!

What’s included with the website template?

Our website templates include:

  • A fully designed website template on the Wix platform

  • A full course walking you through how to use and customize your site

  • Education on copywriting, SEO, software implementation, and the tech that goes into launching your site

  • A full module on onboarding strategy, so you can learn how to be in control of your time without feeling like being away from your desk or work means you’re sacrificing more money or growth.

  • FB Support - All students will get access to the private FB community for personalized feedback and support on customizing your template - it’s like having a professional designer in your back pocket!

What's Included With Unleashed Website Academy | Pet Business Website Templates + Onboarding Course | Pet Marketing Unleashed

How easy are the templates to customize to my brand?

Wix is soooo easy to use. To customize your template, all you need to do is update your branding colors and typography (fonts), add in your copy, upload any photos you want, and then format and refine your changes! Wix is a drag and drop platform, so you can just click and edit whatever you click on. Once you’re done, hit save and publish and you’re good to go!

Before and After Customizing Website Template for Dog Walker and Pet Sitter | Pet Marketing Unleashed

P.S. I also created a 5 minute tour video you can watch below that shows you the back end of the website template AND the course (Note: We have since changed course platforms, but the flow and structure is still the same).


Which template do I purchase if I offer two of the multiple services?

The course that accompanies your website template, Unleashed Website Academy, actually includes the onboarding strategy and software information for both types of businesses, so no matter which template you select, you’ll receive the same course.

In regards to the templates themselves, you have two options:

  1. You can simply select which template you like the best and tweak it to fit your needs for both types of services.

  2. You can select which template has most of the onboarding process you want to have for your business. For example, the pet sitter templates are set up to have your potential clients fill out the contact form and then be automatically redirected to a thank you page where they can get started with the next steps (creating their client account, booking a consult, etc.). The dog trainer template is tailored to automatically schedule a discovery call with you so you can learn more about their needs!

Do I have to use your recommended software and/or onboarding strategy?

Absolutely not! You can implement whatever you prefer into your website template. While we do recommend a particular software for our website templates and onboarding strategies, you can either use another software you prefer or focus solely on customizing your website, learning copywriting, SEO, and the tech needed to publish. :)

What if I don’t have my branding done?

You can use the template as inspiration for your own branding or keep the same branding as the template! We also provide resources in the course if you want to create your own branding colors and fonts. If you're looking to get professional branding done, we can help you with it in our VIP Days - Branding Done in a Day. :)

What other costs are involved?

To host your website on the Wix platform, you will need to pay for a Wix subscription (this does not go through us). You can see Wix pricing here. For most students, the Combo or Unlimited option is just fine! Other costs that can be involved (optional) are:

  • Domain hosting for your URL (typically annually)

  • Professional email address

  • Booking software and Terms/Privacy contracts for your website.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to upgrade or pay for Wix until you’re ready to make your website go live, so for now, the only cost would be the price of the website template itself!

How long do I have to complete the course?

The course is self-paced, so you can take as long as you'd like. :) However, we highly recommend completing the course within 3 months as those who delay this process will be more likely to stop and never make the changes they want to see in their pet biz.

Can I add [fill in the blank] (i.e. Shop, Gallery, etc.) down the road?

Absolutely! All of our Wix templates are 100% customizable/editable. You have free reign to add, delete, edit, customize as little or as much as you want on the template. That’s the beauty of using a platform like Wix!

We do recommend duplicating a page that most similarly represents the new page you want to add so you’re not starting a new page from scratch.

Our course goes into how you can edit and add to your template as well, so you’re not left in the dark with what you can change.

In specific regards to adding e-commerce, you can explore Wix Stores here. If you’re interested in adding a third-party e-commerce platform to your Wix site (like Shopify), know that each shop platform has its unique features, benefits, and capabilities, and we would suggest verifying with that platform that they’re able to connect to Wix either through linking to your shop or integrating.

Can I use the pictures you have on the template or do I have to upload new ones?

The pictures we’ve used on the templates are free stock images through Wix (via Wix Images or Unsplash), so you can keep them or replace any of them that you’d like with your own photos or other stock images. We always recommend having custom branded photography, but that’s totally up to you.

Will my SEO be affected by switching websites or platforms?

Our website templates are strategically built to boost the user experience, which ultimately helps keep people on your website longer and helps with your SEO just right there.

The course that comes with your template (UWA) has a whole module on how to set up the proper SEO settings for your blog, your pages, your photos, etc. so you’re not left in the dark whatsoever and you can make sure everything is optimized properly before launching your new site.

When it comes to the Wix platform specifically, here are a couple of things for you to know:

  • Wix has tons of built-in SEO features, including the Wix SEO Wiz that gives you a complete checklist to follow to help you rank in Google.

  • If you want more info on Wix’s SEO capabilities, here’s an article to explain it all!

  • However, we ALWAYS like to disclose that it doesn’t matter so much the platform you’re using so much as it does the quality of your content on the site itself (spoken from Google itself!), so we have plenty of copywriting strategies and education in our course as well to help you with just that.

If anyone tells you your SEO will 100% go up or down, it’s simply not true because there’s no way for them to know. If your website has been ranking consistently for an extended period, you will likely stay in place especially if you set everything up properly in terms of your SEO settings and any 301 redirects that may be needed. If you weren’t really active with your SEO and weren’t increasing or haven't been as stable in terms of ranking results, you may go down but back up quickly! The moral of the story though - We haven’t had an issue with any customers in regards to SEO. In fact, most customers seem to increase in rankings immediately (but again, it depends on where they were before purchase)!

Do I have to host my domain on Wix in order to use the template?

You do not have to host your domain on Wix in order to use the template. You can have your domain somewhere like GoDaddy, and you’d just connect it to Wix rather than transferring it! We go over that tech inside the course, so you’ll get directions on how to make the connection.

Note: If your domain is actually hosted on another website platform like Squarespace, you’d need to transfer your domain hosting to Wix (or GoDaddy, etc.).

Here’s more info on this if you want to learn more about it.

I have a tight budget. Do you offer any payment plans?

As a small business ourselves, we totally understand a tight budget. We have 3 different payment plan options for the website templates, starting at only $97/month.

What if I have more questions or don’t know which template to choose?

We're here for you! If you have any questions on selecting the right template for your business or anything else regarding the Unleashed Website Academy, send us an email at and we'll be happy to assist you.

Unleashed Website Academy | Pet Business Website Templates and Onboarding Course | Pet Marketing Unleashed



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