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If you wanna learn about a super cool and unique pet care company, look no further! Debbie is so passionate and has built such a beautiful company built on adventure and stimulation for your pup. Not to mention, she brought FABULOUS photos to our website design, which made our job SOOOO easy.


Debbie came to us with new branding already done, so we rounded it all out with a new Wordpress website and beautiful business cards done by our wonderful designer, Michele.

Pack dog walks & boarding ranch in Sonoma County, CA




Loving, Home-y, Safe, Personable, & Caring


"I have always wanted a professional, easy to follow website. But never found the right web designer to do it. I wanted a certain look and feel with a dog vibe, and there are not a lot of website specialists that specialize in my industry. But then I found Pet Marketing Unleashed and it was like heaven. Easy to work with, and brought my vision to life and than some. I wanted a family feel, light and airy along with showcasing my photos. Pet Marketing Unleashed delivered more than I could have imagined.

I would HIGHLY recommend Pet Marketing Unleashed to any dog company looking to bring life to their website. They helped me with wording, clarity, and a easy to follow website where potential and existing clients could navigate easily, even if they are not tech savvy. Everything is easy to find and overall just fun to look at. What I liked most is Pet Marketing Unleashed really took the time to get to know ME, and my business witch was very comforting because I have put blood, sweat, and tears into my business and showcasing it needed to be done a certain way. On top of that Pet Marketing Unleashed also helped elevate some of my day to day tasks by making my website easy to follow for new clients. So I would spend less time on the phone explaining our process and more time booking new clients. My website came out better than I could have even imagined. I LOVE it!"


- Debbie H.

Owner of Bark N Barrel


Bark N Barrel dog walker business card d
Bark N Barrel dog walker business card d
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Bark N Barrel dog walker and pet sitter