Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Pet Waggin' Pet Care is a local dog walking, pet sitting, and training business in Long Beach, California. Mary Ellen, the founder and owner, is a special one. 


Prior to having her pet care business, she had spent about 20 years in a career where she found herself not passionate or emotionally involved in what she was doing. During this time and within a six-month time span, she lost her fiancé AND all three of her pets. She told me, "my fondest memories were of us taking walks together with Annie leading the way and us pulling Jingo in his little red wagon, sporting his uniform ‘red paisley bandana.”

So, this inspired the western theme for Pet Waggin' Pet Care. My biggest goal for this project was to make sure that this story remained a part of her brand and website. Because, it deserved to be in there.


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"We scheduled a time to talk and it was clear that she had done her homework on our business. She had immediate suggestions but wanted to know what was important to me.

We decided to move forward with a "refresh of my logo and my website" and I couldn't be happier with the results! The design is imaginative and creative, and the writing is upbeat and at the same time personal. I think she really knows how to speak to people through her design and writing."


- Mary Ellen H.

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