• Mikaela Vargas

Formula for a Bomb Pet Business Blog Post

Updated: Jan 2

Imagine this: Your DREAM client is browsing and scrolling through Google and Pinterest to find the best pet-friendly restaurants in her area. All of a sudden, a beautiful and eye-catching blog post graphic catches her eye on Pinterest.

It addresses the EXACT thing she was looking for. So, she clicks on it. Immediately, she’s drawn in by the content. She consumes the entire blog post and then realizes about 30 minutes later that she’s gone through a crazy amount of your blog posts and bookmarked or pinned about half of them to come back to later! 

Because of how much she loves your content, she decides to follow you on Instagram to check you out and also begins to look through your services to see if it’s something she’s looking for. Lucky for you, she’s been looking for a dog walker for a while now but didn’t find one she meshed with until she came across your blog.

DONE. She submits an inquiry and the rest is history.

Isn’t that the experience every pet business owner hopes for when a potential client comes across a piece of your content?

Unfortunately, not every blog post on the Internet catches attention like that, but that’s because they don’t necessarily know the best formula for a bomb pet business blog post! So, we’re getting into it below.

1. First things first, get in the right mindset.

While this isn’t necessarily a ‘pen to paper’ or ‘keyboard to laptop’ step, it’s the number one missed step when it comes to producing valuable content for your audience. For real!

While I go way deeper into this in the Blogging in Your Pet Biz Course, here’s the gist:

  • Get into a comfortable position, take some deep breaths, and meditate.

  • While meditating/relaxing, begin to feel inspiration take hold while daydreaming about your dream pet business. What clients are you communicating with? What emotions do you feel with them? 

  • Once you’re done, jot down the important feelings and notes you want to remember. From there, it’s easier to know what these ideal clients are looking for.

Here’s the point: when you write from a place of inspiration and genuine connection with your dream clients, it will end up attracting those ideal clients. If you are producing blog posts just to increase your SEO, no one will respond (or at least not the ideal clients you want). There’s an energy surrounding everything we put out there, so sink into the inspiration of working with those dream clients and let it come forth.