• Mikaela Vargas

What to Include on Your Pet Business Website’s Contact Page

Disclaimer before we get started! I want to clarify that the content in this blog post is for pet service businesses like dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, pet photographers, doggie daycares and boarding facilities, veterinarians, coaches, nutritionists, massage therapists, etc. This is not meant to be for pet e-commerce or product or retail companies.

However! A little tidbit for pet product-based businesses… You likely don’t need your contact page in your main navigation because most of the time, people don’t need to reach out before purchasing. I also highly recommend making use of your FAQ page and somehow connecting it to your contact page so that in case people do want to reach out, you likely already have answered it before!

what to include on your pet business website's contact page | Pet Marketing Unleashed | dog walkers pet sitters dog trainers

Here are some tips on the best things to include on your pet business website's contact page:

1. A contact form

We don’t need a long one here either. Many of my clients want to include every question under the sun on their contact form, but what ends up happening is you end up deterring a lot of people from getting started. If they don’t know much about you, the last thing they want to do is fill out a lengthy form before they’re even sold.

So, as far as what to include on your contact form, I’d say only include the bare minimum for them to at least take the next step in your process.

For example, maybe they just want to know your availability for a boarding stay before committing or they want to know something before committing that’s not listed on your website. Would they want to spend several minutes filling out the form when they don’t even know if you’re available for the boarding stay? Unlikely.

Be sure to include as required:

  • First name (so you know who it is)

  • Email address (so you know how to reach out in response)

  • The message itself (so you can assist/answer questions)

  • What service(s) they’re inquiring about (so you know what they’re looking for)

  • BONUS: Where they found you (this is great for knowing which marketing avenues are working, so you can know where your time is best spent!)

And no, believe it or not, you don’t NEED to include a phone number on there. AGAIN, as Millennials take over as primary pet owners, we need to realize their preferences here. And Millennials do not like being called unexpectedly or without notice. You can certainly add it as an optional question. And, if you’re scheduling a call with them soon after this contact form, you can certainly make it required. Just something to consider!