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Blogging For Your Local Pet Business - Empowered Petpreneur Interview Series

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This blog post is one of many that go into interviews from the Empowered Petpreneur Interview Series, where I chatted with pet industry experts and business owners all about how to feel at ease while confidently running and growing a successful pet business.

Why am I doing these? Well, for those who missed the series, I still wanted to be able to share snippets, key takeaways, and some other things you can learn if you choose to purchase the rest of the interviews! [It’s only $27 here, by the way]

This blog post will go into Kate’s interview on how to blog for your local pet business.

This post is part of Pet Marketing Unleashed’s Blog Series on The Empowered Petpreneur Interview Series. Click here to access the full interview series. 

Interview 12 - Kate McQuillan from Pet Business Owners On...

Blogging For Your Local Pet Business

Blogging for your local pet business interview with Kate McQuillan

Kate McQuillan lives in Ireland with her husband Michael, her 2 dogs, and 1 cat (Coco, Joey, and Smug). She owns both a pet sitting and dog walking company as well as Pet Business Owners, a membership site where she helps other pet business owners market their businesses using content marketing and social media. She loves marketing and has had amazing success with her own business, so believes it’s really great to be able to help other people who want to achieve similar results.

Watch this two-minute snippet on why it’s so important to focus on local search when it comes to blogging:

The Major Takeaways

1. Use Local-Based Blog Posts

Why? Because, that way, you’re reaching your audience, especially if you’re a local business. You have a higher chance of people in your area looking for the info you’re sharing. Now, that’s not to say that you should NEVER share more general blog posts. The point here is that essentially, it doesn’t matter or affect your bottom line if someone in New York City reads your blog post but you