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Welcome Packet Template for Dog Trainers


welcome packet template for dog trainers _ Pet Marketing Unleashed

What happens when a potential client wants to learn more about your dog training services?

We’ve all been there: A potential client reaches out about your dog-training services, and you go back-and-forth answering questions like:

"How many training sessions does my dog need or should I get a package?"
"How do I book a training session on the app?"
"What veterinarian do you recommend?"
"Do you come to my house or do I have to meet you somewhere?"
"What's your cancellation policy?"
"How much time do I need to dedicate to make sure this works?"

Welcome Packet Template for Dog Trainers.jpg

Enter: your welcome packet!

Think of a welcome packet as your trusty sidekick in guiding your clients through EVERYTHING they need to know to become part of your dog training team.

We’re big on helping petpreneurs like you make paws-itive first impressions and deliver wonderful client experiences. This is especially important for businesses that involve the care and protection of clients' furry family members.

A welcome packet is your way to:

  • Professionally welcome your new client

  • Set proper boundaries in your process

  • Outline your process, so they know EXACTLY what to do & how to prepare

  • Avoid unnecessary questions, concerns, and complaints

  • Save even more time as you streamline your process and deliver an exceptional client experience.

What's Included

  • Written AND video Canva tutorials walking you through how to make customizations to your template

  • ​Access to the Canva template, which includes 40 pages you can mix-and-match, customize, add to, or delete

welcome packet template for dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, pet photographers.jpg

Mix-And-Match Pages

Cover Page - 3 options
Welcome Page - 3 options 
Welcome Video - 1 option
Table of Contents - 3 options 
About Us - 3 options
Meet The Team - 2 options
Services/Packages - 3 options 
The Process - 3 options
Our Training Philosophy - 2 options

How We Communicate - 3 options
Overview of Software - 1 option
Things You Should Know - 3 options
Pre-Session Checklist - 2 options
Businesses/Tools We Recommend -
3 options
FAQ - 2 options
Stay Connected - 2 options
Offers/Discounts - 3 options
Thank You -
2 options


"I'd recommend it as essential to any pet business!"

"The different pages gave me ideas of things I didn't realize I needed, but ended up being super helpful to clients! It's already helped make expectations and policies much more clear for clients... The template was very professional and well-designed and easy to edit in Canva with my own branding and copy. Since implementing it in my business, I have noticed much more clarity with clients in terms of expectations, policies, and procedures. I'd recommend it as essential to any pet business!"

Laura, Pawsitive Vibes

"It immediately gives a sense of our dedication and professionalism"

"A welcome packet wasn’t something I had ever considered for our business, but I was at a point where I was looking to elevate our brand image and set us apart from local competitors. I took one look at the template and knew it would work perfectly - I was surprised it went as far as to give detailed content suggestions on each page and I was able to match this with every aspect of our business seamlessly. After our website and social media pages the welcome packet is the first proper flavour for the service our clients get when they sign up, and I maintain it immediately gives a sense of our dedication and professionalism."

- Lydia, The Stamford Catsitter

Welcome packet template for dog trainers.jpg

Booking Process & Training Philosophy Page

A place for you to make sure your new clients know your process and what your dog training business stands for, in terms of principles and philosophies. This is a great starting point to make sure your clients know what to expect!

Canva Video & PDF Tutorial Walkthrough

We don't leave you with a Canva document that you don't know how to use! Follow the video and/or PDF tutorials that walk you through how to customize the Welcome Packet to your pet biz.

welcome packet templates for dog walkers.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What website platforms do you work with?
    We use Wix and Wordpress. Wix is a great option for service-based business owners who want a lot of customization. If you have a preference or unique request, Wordpress may be a better option for you. We can talk through this on our consult call if you have any questions on that.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    The payment schedule is as follows: One-third of the cost is required to secure your spot and begin prep work. The next third will be due on the project start date. The final third will be due before we hand over ownership of the website.
  • Are there any ongoing costs?
    There are no on-going costs with us as we hand over full control of your website and provide you with a tutorial so you can maintain and edit your website very easily on your own. However, your web platform will have monthly fees ranging from $7-$25/month depending on which plan you choose. A domain is typically around $25/year. NOTE: We do recommend monthly Wordpress maintenance, which our designer, Michele can assist with.
  • Can I see some of your work?
    Aboslutely. Browse the portfolio here.

Don’t miss out on this key onboarding tool

These welcome packet templates are for your business only. Do not sell, share, reproduce, or distribute this document (even after you edit them) without express written permission.

Due to the immediate and digital nature of access to Templates and Digital Products, all sales are final.

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