• Mikaela Vargas

A Glossary: Common Branding Deliverables, What They Mean & Why They’re Important

First things first… we do not take for granted how confusing launching a rebranding project can be for our clients! After all, you’re an expert at the service you provide like dog walking or grooming or dog training, not design. And we might have been in the biz for a while, but we never lose sight of the fact that to be the professional designers we are today, we had to be (and still are), first and foremost, learners.

One of our many jobs here is to make the process for our clients feel as smooth and easy as possible. We work hard to make sure you understand what’s happening every step of the way, so you can focus on running your business while we focus on the design. Still, it can sometimes feel like information overload. And if you’re someone who’s not yet a client but thinking about redesigning your brand with a professional, you might feel at a little bit of a loss when you browse services and hear foreign terms and lingo being casually tossed around.

We wanted to put together a glossary of common branding terms and have them all in one place so that before, during, or after the process of working with a designer (even if it’s not us!), you can have a quick reference guide to keep things moving along and feel confident in knowing what the heck is going on. Not only that, but this glossary will also tell you everything you might get when you work with us. Go ahead and bookmark this now… you’ll be glad you did later!

A Glossary - Common Branding Deliverables, What They Mean & Why They’re Important with Pet Marketing Unleashed for Pet Businesses

Custom Primary Logo Design

A logo is a branding symbol made up of text and images that helps to identify your business and business name. It is a visual mark that is the cornerstone of your brand. Therefore, designers work with you to create a primary logo unique to your business, the main one at the forefront of all your branding.

Secondary Logo Design

A secondary logo design is a less detailed version of your primary logo design. The secondary logo can either be used as a watermark, a playful incorporation of your brand, or used in situations where your primary logo design doesn’t quite work in the space provided. Examples include social media profile icons, print pattern designs, etc.

Black/White Primary Logo Design

We provide a black and white version of your logo design for instances when you need to print in one color or want to showcase your primary logo on a colored background.

Social Media Profile Image

Your social media profile image is the image you would upload to Facebook or Instagram as your primary social media profile picture. It is recommended that you use either your primary logo, secondary logo, an image of the owner, or an image of your business’s mascot.