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Utilizing Photography to Grow Your Pet Business with Nicole Begley | An Interview

Updated: May 24, 2023

This blog post is one of many where I go back to the Empowered Petpreneur Interview Series and highlight some of the most important takeaways from each and every interview. This series was focused on how to feel at ease while confidently running and growing a successful pet business. And lucky for us, we had some of the best and brightest in the pet industry and online business world as interviewees!

This blog post will go into my interview with pet industry photographer and educator, Nicole Begley, on how to utilize photography to help grow your pet business.

This post is part of Pet Marketing Unleashed’s Blog Series on The Empowered Petpreneur Interview Series. Click here to access the full interview series. 

Interview 14 - Nicole Begley, Hair of the Dog Academy On...

Utilizing Photography To Grow Your Pet Business

How to use photography to grow your pet business with Nicole Begley | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Nicole Begley, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, is a zoological animal trainer turned pet photographer and educator. She is the founder of Hair of the Dog, an online community in which she empowers pet photographers to turn their dreams into reality and helps them create successful and profitable businesses. Nicole has authored a book “Pet and Equine Photography for Everyone”, available on Amazon.

Watch this two-minute snippet on how to take great photos for your pet business on an iPhone:

The Major Takeaways

1. Photography can create emotional reactions

Photography can create emotional reactions. Think of the impact that can have on a business. Now, taking into consideration that the pet industry and the world of animals is a very personal and emotional one, the photography you use can have a serious impact on decision making for your pet business. The emotional connection is essential, so to be able to utilize photography to capture those emotions of what you're trying to get across can really help boost your pet business. You can essentially make someone stop and look and feel when they see a picture associated with your business, and that process can lead them closer to purchase!

2. Resources - Pet-Specific Stock Photography

Nicole recommends She says it's full of great quality pet-specific stock images. This can be a good solution for super small businesses that don’t have the budget for custom photography. Other resources are Unsplash and Pixabay.

Bonus tip: Be sure to find stock that actually resonates with your branding and business - don't just choose the first cute and high-quality photo. It needs to serve a deeper purpose than that!

3. Pet Photography Tips:

1. Soft lighting is better (i.e. not noon on a Saturday in the blazing sun)

2. Have your dog face the light.

3. Change your perspective. Don't be afraid to get on the ground and shoot from different angles.

The rest of this interview goes into:

  1. Why photography is important to your pet business

  2. How to find the right photographer for your pet business

  3. A photography tips slideshow and extra tips for those of us learning pet photography

She also offered a FREE mini-course on pet photography editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. To get your hands on this as well as access the rest of her interview (& the other 19), head here.

Follow Nicole on Instagram here. And, hey, while you're there, follow me, too - I’d love to connect!



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