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How to Make Your Website Look Less Like a Template

Updated: May 24, 2023

Let’s face it - purchasing a website template can get a bad rep.

“What if my website looks just like everyone else’s?”

“Are website templates only for beginners?”

Gone are the days where templates = lazy copycating for newbies.

There are SO many ways to make your website feel customized and uniquely you, not to mention still reap the benefits of having a professionally designed website built to attract and convert your dreamiest of clients!

You 100% don’t need a custom website in order to have a successful website for your pet business. And you don’t need a custom website in order to feel like your website is custom built and truly your own.

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Here are my best tips to make your website template look less like a template:

1. Have professional, custom branding to implement into your template.

This one step will already set your website template apart from the rest—because branding can work WONDERS on your website. It can change the overall vibe, personality, structure, format, emotional response—you name it!

We work with lots of our template customers to develop custom branding that will go great with their website template through our Branding VIP Days. This also allows pet business owners to get custom branding and a new website at a fraction of the cost. BUT, if custom branding is not in the budget at this point, we also include tips and resources inside our website template course you can use to customize your own branding.

This includes things like Google Fonts or Creative Market to find custom fonts, or Pinterest or Color Hunt to find color palette options. Regardless of the method you choose to implement custom branding into your site, I highly recommend researching color psychology and branding in order to select strategic fonts and colors that make sense for your business. To learn more about how to do this, check out my free 3-part branding series on How to Get Started with Pet Business Branding!

2. Have professional photography

This makes ALLLLLL the difference. Regardless of whether we’re talking website templates or custom website design, having professional brand photography just elevates your site immediately (and honestly just makes my job SO much easier!).

Even if professional photography isn’t in the budget at the moment, try to get creative! Do you have a photographer in the family? A nice camera? Or perhaps something to offer in exchange for a photoshoot with a local photographer?

3. Rock your website copywriting

Another easy way to make your template standout from the rest? Have AMAZING copywriting throughout the site. You only have seconds to make a first impression to your website visitors, and one way to do so is through the text that’s on the site. Is your header instantly appealing to their needs? Is it making them want to know more or perhaps does it automatically let them know that you can help THEM in particular?

For tips on website copywriting, head below (we also have a whole module in the website template course that walks you through how to do your website copywriting!):

4. Get familiar with the website platform itself!

So many of us shy away from the tech we’re using in our business, but this isn’t the best way to do things! As business owners, we need to understand our numbers, platforms, softwares, and strategies—and the same goes for your website!

Yes, you bought a template, which makes things easier than building it from scratch and having to learn all about the hierarchy, strategy, etc. However, you still need to know HOW to really navigate the interface of the platform so you can customize it to your highest potential. You don’t need to be an expert, but just being familiar with the platform allows you so much freedom and ability to change up what you’d like to when inspired! This can allows you to build new things different from other templates or remove sections you don’t need. Everything you customize by getting familiar with how to use the system can separate you from the other templates!

Included with our website templates is the Unleashed Website Academy (UWA), a course that outlines how to customize your template and how to navigate the interface and settings, etc. so you’re not left in the dark once you purchase! No matter where you get your template, make sure it comes with the education you need to understand the platform itself.

5. Make sure the template is high-quality and niche to your type of pet business.

There are SO many templates out there on ALL the platforms and for ALL types of pet businesses. One way to make sure your website can be customized to your needs is to find one with strategy, organization, structure, etc. It needs to be a high-quality website in order for you to know what you can change and what components are most important. Not to mention, investing in a website template that is built for YOUR type of business will allow you to focus on the more important, finer details of what makes your pet business unique.

Investing in a template can be a way to elevate your pet business—perhaps a way to refine your process, increase your prices, and establish more brand authority in your community. By customizing it to meet your needs and shine a light on your brand’s personality, you’ll be able to grow your business in so many new ways. Check out our website templates for pet businesses like dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, and pet photographers in the PMU Shop here.

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