• Mikaela Vargas

What To Do When You Can't Come Up With Content For Your Business

As business owners, we feel a lot of pressure to be visible all the time. We want to make sure we are seen by our ideal customers, right?

But, what happens when we feel like we don't have anything to write about...What do we do?

When you run into business "writer's block" and don't know what to write about, come back to this blog post (seriously, go bookmark it) and go through the following list of ideas. It will help you provide VALUABLE content for your audience without forcing it.

1. Turn your FAQs into blog posts.

If you have a lot of customers asking you about something in particular regarding your business, you can write a blog post about it.

It'll end up saving you time in the long run because,

  1. You're creating content

  2. You can get a blog post done, and

  3. You're answering questions in detail that you get asked a lot anyways. You could also break up this blog post and write a handful of social media blurbs about it, too! Double bonus!

2. Create monthly themes


  • JANUARY: It's cold, resolutions, getting in shape/fitness, etc. You could write about a fresh start, goals for the new year, or talk about the weather.

  • FEBRUARY: Love is in the air! (AKA Valentine’s Day…) Preparing for Spring?

Get what I’m saying here?

Think ahead and find inspiration based on holidays, seasons, and what your customers are doing are certain times of the year.

P.S. Check out my blog post on The 2020 List of Pet & Us Holidays.

3. Set up Google Alerts.

I love this little trick I learned from a friend! Click here, type in your website, and insert keywords that are relevant for your business. Google will email you daily or weekly and tell you what’s currently trending based on the keywords you submitted.

Basically, you’ll have content ideas sent to you directly via email!

When you're seen in your community as the one who knows what's going on in the industry, you'll earn extra bonus points (aka build your expertise/legitimacy). 👍

4. Think of your call-to-actions first.

Have you ever been told to write the conclusion of your novel before you write the story and come up with the title? You can apply that strategy to your marketing content as well!

Think of what you want your call-to-actions (CTA's) to be. Do you want your customers to purchase a product? Schedule a call with you? Fill out a survey? Sign up for your email list?

Sometimes knowing what your end goal is will help you create content around that CTA.

5. Reach out to your audience and ask them what they want to hear!

You can join Facebook groups, like mine, and ask around for content ideas! You can reach out to your audience via social media or email (or heck, even in person), or you can join online forums with fellow business owners. You’ll also be building a community in the process!

6. If you’re still unsure of how to produce content, I can help!

Sometimes talking through those ideas with somebody can help you create more content ideas than you ever thought possible. My coaching clients typically create content ideas for a full year!!!

If you just don't have enough time on your hands or you want experts on your content, head on over to Sit. Stay. Grow. It's my partner program full of pet industry specialists who can help you with your content marketing, including social media, blog posts, newsletters, strategy development, graphics, monthly web maintenance, Facebook Ads, and more!

Regardless, if you haven't already, join my Facebook Group and we can provide feedback on some of your content creations. :)

Happy content writing, friends!


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