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Behind the Scenes of Pet Marketing Unleashed VIP Days with Holistic Dog

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We’ve all been through it. You ask a professional how much it would be for x, y, and z. The response is filled with questions, estimates, ranges, and other information that keeps going back and forth. Then when you move forward with the process, things pop up and it ends up costing more, taking longer, and changing altogether, which results in re-evaluating your budget and….

I could go on FOREVER.

Any I’ve been on both sides of the equation and let me tell you, it’s annoying on BOTH sides!

As a provider, we feel like we’re nickel and dime-ing you, or if we don’t have the confidence to change for product changes, we end up feeling resentful or undervalued.

As a client, you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, that your voice isn’t heard, and that everything always seems to go over budget and just overall feels like a hassle!

So we decided to pivot a bit here at Pet Marketing Unleashed and as a result, we are now offering VIP Days.

VIP Day for pet businesses - business cards, brochures, flyers, website design, branding, etc. all in one day for dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, photographers, massage therapists, laser therapists, etc.

VIP Days allow you to get your to-do list done all in 1 day instead of undergoing a project that takes weeks, you get a professional to dedicate 1:1 undivided attention on YOU instead of balancing all sorts of other clients, you don’t need to commit to a retainer, you no longer need to worry about an unexpected invoice popping up, and most importantly, you’ll end up getting a better product/service at the end of it all because both sides of the agreement are happy and motivated and focused solely on your business! It’s a win-win and we (along with our clients) are LOVING it so far!

Since this type of service is not super common or traditional, we wanted to walk you through the process of one of our client’s VIP Days - Daniella’s VIP Day from Holistic Dog! Holistic Dog is a canine massage, laser therapy, and nutrition business located in Adelaide, Australia and is one of our branding and website design clients as well (love her site!!). See her project here.

What does a VIP Day actually look like? What’s the process?

Step 1: The inquiry

Daniella reached out and let us know that she was in need of several items: Thank you cards, gift certificates, educational graphic handout, and an illustration for future packaging. I introduced her to our new VIP Day structure and she was on board to get started!

Step 2: The intake

We sent Daniella an intake form that outlines the process of the VIP Day as well as asks questions we need to know like what’s on the to-do list in order of priority. This is super helpful for us to know, so we can estimate if we can get it all done or what may make more sense in terms of a structured day (or heck, if it’s even in our wheelhouse depending on what people are looking for)!

See below for what that part of the form looks like:

Step 3: The onboarding process

Once Daniella filled out the form (which also works as a proposal), she was automatically directed to our contract and invoice (which can either be paid in full or 50% down and 50% due 3 days prior to your scheduled VIP Day). Since we already knew Daniella wanted to move forward, we scheduled a day that worked for everyone in that process. Typically, once a client decides to move forward, we’ll reach out with a couple of VIP Day options for you within the next month or two (depending on availability).

Next up, we sent Daniella her calendar invite as well as her client folder (which includes her forms and any questionnaires) for us to gather all the information we needed for everything on her VIP Day list. As the date got closer, we’d work together on the questionnaires in case she had questions or we needed clarification starting her the VIP Day.

3 days prior to the VIP Day, we checked in with Daniella and provided her with an estimate on what we think we’d be able to complete (because you pay for the day, not the project). For her project, we knew we’d be able to wrap up everything in perfect time! In that email, we also included information on how we’d be communicating for the VIP Day, which is through a messaging software called Slack (you can either download it to your computer or use it online). It essentially allows for my team and the client to communicate quickly and easily throughout the day as if we’re texting or instant messaging! With that, I sent over the Slack invite to have Daniella join the PMU team.

Step 4: The VIP Day

Yayyyy, the morning of the VIP Day is seriously my favorite!! (pssst, we also sent over a little treat for her to enjoy her VIP Day on the right foot). We messaged Daniella to let her know we’re here and getting started and we got to work!

Throughout the day, we were able to send her drafts and designs for approval and work together to cross items off her to-do list! By the end of the day, we were able to get all of her items done and it was seriously such a blast. We love this brand, so any time we get to work on it again, it makes our team happy haha.

Here’s everything we were able to complete for Daniella along with photos:

Gift Certificate Design

Educational Postcard / Flyer

Thank you card design

thank you card design and print material design for pet businesses | dog walkers, canine massage, laser therapy, nutrition, photographers, dog trainers, etc.

Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook cover photo design example inspiration for pet businesses | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Illustration for Future Packaging

Illustration and branding for canine massage, nutrition, and dog treat company.

Daniella's Experience & Feedback:

"Their communication and attention to detail were exceptional. Despite no guarantees, they were able to complete all the tasks I had requested in the time they had. The team at PMU always goes above and beyond for their clients. I am so proud to share their work and my business has gained nothing short of positive outcomes."

What was your favorite part of the VIP Day experience?

"The entire experience itself - I love the idea of spending a half/full day on projects."

What tip(s) do you have for other pet business owners looking to upgrade their online presence?

"It is worth investing into your business, particularly getting the marketing side of things on point. It will really change how successful you turn prospects into actual clients."

If you’re interested in learning more about our VIP Days, click here.



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