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Why Clients Aren’t Booking With Your Pet Business

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

You’ve got your business all set up and ready to go. You’ve had a few clients through your referral system and through word-of-mouth. But, yet, your business isn’t quite booming like you thought it would.

Queue the typical “IMAGINE THIS” scenario. But really…

CAN you actually imagine being in a place where you:

  • Have a waiting list?

  • Have to expand and hire staff to fulfill the need?

  • Don’t have to stress about the bills?

Like, can you actually visualize it? Stop reading right a second and take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed and truly imagine what it would feel like to not have this burden or this weight that’s on your shoulders.

Why Clients Aren’t Booking With Your Pet Business | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Time and time again, I have pet business owners contact me (specifically in pet service-based businesses) and tell me they have a great website up, yet they aren’t getting as many new clients as they thought they would.

The most likely answer: your website probably ain’t as great as you thought!

And here is the biggest reason you aren’t booking people: YOU AREN’T GIVING THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO EASILY BOOK.  

This means, do not just list your prices and ask them to call you. Don't ask them to put forth the extra effort it takes to find time to call, let alone find your number or figure out what to ask and what your process is. The more work you require of them, the less likely they’ll take action.

You will miss out on SO much opportunity simply because people don't want to pick up the phone and call.

So, here’s what I recommend:

First, get booking software. For my recommendations based on your pet business type, visit my blog post on specific software my clients and I love! You can also simply visit my Tools & Resources page on my website for all things systems and processes.

Outline your process on your website. Tell your customers what happens when they reach out, create a client account, or request a booking. What does it look like to get set up as one of your clients? List it ON your website, so people are aware.

Want the complete blueprint to creating a system that has your website onboarding clients for you?? Watch our free masterclass! By the end, your dream clients will be itching to take the next step to work with you, and you'll be saving tons of time by making your website do the work! Watch the class here.

free masterclass to create a seamless onboarding system for pet businesses | pet marketing unleashed

Next thing to do? Create MANY call-to-actions all over your website. I’m talking at least 1 on every page, probably more. Place it in your header, your footer. Tell people to book. Make them see that it’s easy to make the move! Tell them which action they should take when clicking your website button.

Inspired to make improvements to your own website?

Most of you are aware of and compare yourselves (if you’re a pet sitter) to Rover and Wag. And if you’re not a pet sitter, this still applies to you when it comes to popular competitors.

Do you know what makes Wag and Rover convenient to use from a customer perspective? Their technology!!! They make it easy to book, schedule, and pay. They are technology companies. That’s what they are great at - not necessarily animal care.

So, in order to compete, you need to get on that level. And you can do it - it’s easier than you’d think! If you integrate a booking software, build a great website, and then incorporate your heart and personality into your business, you’ll be WELL ahead of them.

There are so many entrepreneurs out there so afraid to directly ask their customers to do something. But, that’s what gets you more business. If they are on your website, they are probably interested in your services. So, tell them HOW to use your services because by doing so, you’re making their experience a simple one. And people like simple, after all.

I’d LOVE to hear how it went if you made these changes in your business. Have you generated more leads yet? Are more clients making booking requests? I want to know!

Comment below, send me an email, or even better, post about it in my free Facebook group, Unleashed Petpreneurs!

Welcome Packet Template for dog walkers and pet sitters


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