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Should I Get Pet Biz Software? Which One Is Best For My Pet Business?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Software for your pet business sounds so intimidating and tech heavy, huh? Just thinking about the set up sounds overwhelming. And then there's the added cost, obviously.

However, there are now so many awesome cloud-based and customer service-based softwares specifically for pet businesses that make it as easy as possible for you to implement in your business!

Let me tell you, if you could do one thing for your business that would almost ensure more money in your pocket AND more happy customers, I would tell you to get a pet biz software.

There are SO many reasons to have software in place for your pet biz.

Pet Business Software Recommendations | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Here are a few reasons I recommend software for your pet biz:


It’s as simple as that. Nothing legitimizes your business more than a professional system that is put in place to book clients (well, maybe besides having a website). Anywho, you will come across to your clients as a structured, legitimate, and professional business by having software in place.


Pet owners want simple. They’re busy, which is probably why they need your services anyways, whether it’s a pet sitter, walker, or daycare center. Even if you’re a vet or doggie blogger, the fact that a pet owner is willing to put in the research to find your business means they’re willing to spend good money on their dog. And if they’re willing to spend money on their dog, they probably have other things to do besides just sit around and figure out how to work your business and get ahold of you and book a service. Make it AS EASY as possible to book and pay with you. Otherwise, they’ll find another business that makes it easier on them.


This is almost the biggest one of them all. I can’t tell you how many pet businesses I know where the owner or manager is completely overwhelmed with phone calls, texts, emails, and in-person inquiries. It’s not only overwhelming, but it’s also confusing and unorganized and most likely results in either unhappy customers or lost customers. Sound familiar? If you have a system in place, you can have everything automated and in one spot. You won’t have to worry about whether a client hasn’t paid yet, or hasn’t signed the contract or hasn’t input vaccine records. It can ALL be automated for you so you can get back to the animals and making more money for your business, all while you're actually saving yourself time!

Does that sound pretty nice to you? Learn how to build out your own seamless onboarding system on our free masterclass here. No more manual work and emailing back and forth like crazy. Make your website work for you and onboard clients while you sleep!

Pet Business Client onboarding system class | Pet marketing Unleashed


Even though I’m recommending you put out money for software, I’m telling you, even if you get maybe one or two more customers for the month because of the software, it’ll essentially pay for itself. These software systems aren’t actually that expensive. It's time to start streamline your systems and make more money!!

NOTE: I will say...Setting up software can be time-consuming UPFRONT. But, this extra time commitment is temporary. In order to have a successful, profitable, and low-stress pet business, you’ll need to put in time in order to get it that way. Allow yourself to invest in this so that you can enjoy some more free time down the road and take some more time off knowing your business can run a little more on its own.

Pet Business Software Recommendations | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Okay, so you’re thinking...

"Okay, just tell me already. Which software and how much?”

Well, it depends on your business, but here are my top pet software recommendations for each pet business type with approximate costs:

1. Pet Sitters/Walkers: Time To Pet

Pet Sitter And Dog Walker Software Recommendations | Pet Marketing Unleashed

I recommend Time To Pet. It’s only $35/month if you are a solo Petpreneur or if you have employees, it’s a $25/month base + $13/active user (employee) that has a service in the billing cycle. If your employee or independent contractor isn't working during a particular month, you automatically won’t pay for that user! Their customer service is great and I love their features, such as integrations with Quickbooks, branded client portals, client documents/contracts, GPS tracked walks, and so much more! To get started or check it out, click here and get a 2-week FREE trial followed by 50% off the first 3 months of your service to make sure you LOVE it!

I've also heard great things about Scout & Handlr.

2. Pet Photographers:

Dog Trainer And Pet Photographer Software Recommendations | Pet Marketing Unleashed

I recommend Dubsado! Dubsado is an AMAZING CRM software, where you can automatically integrate intake forms on your website, which then automatically can send proposals, contracts, and invoices to your clients. Create questionnaires, workflows, and so much more. I actually use this in my own business every single day and LOVE it! This is HUGE for automation and time savings. To get started, click here to save 20% off your first month!

3. Dog Trainers:

I recommend PocketSuite! They have different plan options (including a free plan), but their basic plan is only about $20/month. What makes this software great for trainers is that everything can be done on the go through the app. It gives you your own business line so you don’t have to worry about getting texts all the time to your personal cell phone. It also has group text messaging so if you have a group training class, everyone can be on the same chain and help one another out – it’s pretty great!

P.S. I've also heard great things about DogBizPro if you're looking for something more robust (and not a mobile app for all your booking software needs).

3. Pet Groomers:

Pet Groomer Software Recommendations | Pet Marketing Unleashed

For groomers, I recommend MoeGo! Honestly, there aren’t very many modernized systems in place for dog groomers, so this is one of the only ones I really highly recommend! They have a free plan for those getting started, which is a great introduction into the software system and then their pricing is tiered as your business grows. Their beginner paid plan is about $40 a month – which is essentially one grooming client a month. So, even if you get ONE extra client from this, it’ll pay for itself! They even have two sort of systems: one for mobile dog groomers and one for brick & mortar grooming salons, which is prettttty awesome to me! Software like this also helps you book and confirm more clients because you can set up automate repeat appointments. You can click here to check it out!

4. Veterinarians:

Veterinarian Software Recommendations | Pet Marketing Unleashed

For veterinarians, I have more of a unique recommendation that would integrate with your main software system. There’s nothing I recommend more than this customer service and reminders solution of VitusVet. What’s great about them is that you can essentially pay .99 cents per appointment, which when you think about it, every time a customer comes in, they’re probably paying WAY more than a dollar. And customers are MORE likely to make appointments easily through an app, so the more appointments you have, the more money you’ll make. It’s a pretty great system. They are very modernized and have SO many features, including seeing your pet’s test results, x-rays that they can immediately share to social media, notes that can remain hidden from your customers, and integration with many main vet client list software. You can add your own pharmacy store for in-house pharmacy sales to increase revenue. AND, they’ve partnered with Nationwide Pet Insurance, so pet owners can submit your claims straight through the app! Big time saver too – pet owners can also submit all of their vaccine records through email, so your office doesn’t have to get all of those time-consuming calls about faxing over records! To get started or check them out, click here. You can also set up a free demo to see all of their unique services!

5. Daycare/Resort/Hotel:

Doggie Daycare or Pet Resort Software Recommendations | Pet Marketing Unleashed

For daycare and boarding centers, I recommend Revelation Pets – it’s cloud-based software, so you can access it from anywhere. It’s only $55/month, which is SUPER affordable for these sorts of systems (seriously, try to find a decent and sturdy system like this for cheaper)! Also, if you enter the code, LOVEPETS into the discount box, you’ll receive 25% off your first year of subscription! You can add custom appointments as well in case you offer grooming or training services. It also integrates with your Quickbooks account, so you can manage invoices and your accounting needs. You can also text and email customer reminders for appointments, which is super awesome! They have endless features and are VERY customer-service based. To get started, click here & don’t forget to enter the promo code LOVEPETS.

6. Pet Stores / E-Commerce:

I highly recommend etailpet! They are absolutely amazing, their product/software is amazing, their customer service is amazing...I could go on forever! They are a full-service eComm solution for independent pet retail, providing a digital storefront with easy to use tools every neighborhood pet owner needs to expand their footprint and service their local furry community on demand. They offer ready-to-go custom online stores for in-store pick-up AND/OR home-delivery depending on your needs. This service allows you to compete with the big boys over at Chewy and Amazon - plus, they're SO passionate and genuine over at eTailPet! I HIGHLY recommend them if you're a pet retailer or online shop!

Plus, if you enter PMU at checkout, you'll receive $10/off EVERY month!! And no, this isn't an affiliate link - I just really love this amazing team and business & I know you will, too!

Well, there you have it, folks! There are SO many software systems out there, but there are only a few that are cloud-based, have great customer service, and are modernized enough for the digital world of today! Pet businesses are one of the most out-of-date industries despite the fact that Millennials are now the majority pet owner. It's time to update our systems and make it easier for pet owners to spend more money on their pets and on your business!

For more tips, tricks, info, and support for your pet business, join my FREE private Facebook group, Unleashed Petpreneurs!

Disclaimer - Yes, some of the links above are affiliate links. However, I would not recommend them if I didn't think they were great for businesses like yours!


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