• Mikaela Vargas

Pet Marketing Unleashed's Favorite Pet Business Facebook Groups

My favorite pet business facebook groups | Pet Marketing Unleashed  | Pet Industry Tips and Resources

1. Design Support for Small Businesses - hosted by Dox Design

This Facebook Group is hosted by one of my best friends in the industry, Kaila Piepkow, and is all about design tips, getting design feedback, and any other design-related questions you may have about your pet business (or any small business for that matter).

Words from Kaila:

Hey Fur Friends,

Kaila here with Dox Design. We love helping small businesses grow with #droolworthy design and creative marketing. This group is the go-to place if you have ANY questions on branding, design, or marketing for your small business.

We will be providing FREEBIE downloads, expert interviews, tips and tricks on topics like social media, printed marketing materials, and MUCH MORE! If you have ANY design questions, cool packaging you want to share, or are rebranding your own business and need advice, post it here.

We want to be the go-to group where you can SUCCESSFUL DIY your business's design and marketing. While also being a welcoming place other service providers can share their knowledge on marketing without the #HATE. Because after all, we are stronger together.

We can't wait to meet you guys and see all your brands <3

To join the Design Support for Small Businesses Facebook Group, head here.

2. Sitter Confessionals - hosted by Pet Sitter Confessionals

If you’re a dog walker or pet sitter and you haven’t tuned into the Pet Sitter Confessional podcast, you definitely need to!! I was actually a guest on the podcast, too! You can listen to (or read through) my episode here all about website best practices and design for your pet business.

Anyway, they also have a Facebook Group called Sitter Confessionals all about connecting with other pet sitters, sharing stories, getting advice, and more.