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Pet Business Owners: How to Make More Money When You’re Already at Your Max

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Pet business burnout is real, and it can be scary. You’re at capacity, but you’re still not growing fast enough. You’re stressed and overloaded with daily tasks and it feels like you don’t have time to bring in more clients and more money… but you need to! That’s the point of having a business, right? To grow and take on more. This can feel like a repeating cycle of not enough growth but not enough time to grow anyway - and how the heck can you get out of that spiral?!

Not to mention, one thing that pet business owners strive for is adding a personal touch to everything they do. Keeping it personal is necessary for building trusting relationships with new and current clients, especially since you are offering services to their most beloved animals. But when not done properly, having a personal touch can mean that you’re getting stuck in a cycle of doing everything manually, right down to writing personalized emails and talking individually with people over and over again.

The hard truth is: it’s not sustainable. And it’s certainly not scalable! This pattern won’t help you expand when every moment of your day is spent just maintaining the clients you already have.

How to Make More Money When You're Already At Your Max | Pet Marketing Unleashed | How to Grow Your Pet Business

How can you bring in more money? How can you shave hours (literal hours!) off your day and free up time to onboard new clients? And, most importantly, how can you attract the right clients who truly value what you do?

The Seamless Onboarding System (SOS)

A lot of pet business owners are resistant to automated processes because they fear they’ll lose that “personal touch” they worked so hard to create. But I’m here to tell you that it is possible to streamline your processes, onboard new clients, book dream clients, and still have a personable and trusting relationship with your clients.

Introducing Pet Marketing Unleashed’s Seamless Onboarding System (SOS). In implementing SOS, you can:

  • Step back, pause, and map out a smart strategy for your onboarding process.

  • Optimize your website’s branding and copywriting so that it truly reflects your mission and also resonates with the clients you want to work with who will value you and stay with you through thick and thin.

  • Integrate a new onboarding system that will do the work for you and let you step away from your desk (and spend more time focusing on yourself and on growing your business).

  • Get more done in less time without adding to your already jam-packed schedule.

SOS is the step-by-step system that will ensure that your website is working for you in all the right ways. You don’t actually need to micromanage your own business manually when your website and other systems can do it for you.

P.S. If you really want to learn how to set up your website to work for you so you can onboard dream clients without adding to your busy schedule, this FREE masterclass is for you.

Free webinar for dog walkers and pet sitters - Pet Marketing Unleashed

Differentiate Yourself from Other Pet Businesses

You’re not the only one in town who has the certifications you have, and unfortunately, you’re not the only one who is adding a personal spin on things by reaching out to clients individually. In implementing the Seamless Onboarding System, you’ll give your website a strategic purpose behind the website copy, layout, and brand that truly differentiates your business from the other ones out there.

I’m talking… Instead of people reaching out to 5 different sitters looking for the best price, you have people reaching out saying, ‘Thank you for doing what you do - I need to work with you and only you!

Stop Losing Out on New Client Opportunities

What happens when a potential client uses the contact form on your website to submit an inquiry? How long are they waiting for you to respond to their message? Let’s be honest. People are impatient (myself included) and will be ready to move on to the next business if you don’t respond right away.

You’ve probably experienced this - People reach out to you, you respond hours later and never hear back. Sound familiar? By putting a system in place (hello SOS) through your website, you’ll be able to get interested clients started on the next steps immediately. And if they’re committing even a little bit by scheduling a call, science says they’ll be more likely to make bigger commitments with you in the future!

Have Your Website Work For You: Your Very Own Virtual Assistant

Your website has a lot more potential than you may think, and can actually take on many different roles for your business! All in one place, your website can be your virtual assistant, marketing manager, communications director, data analyst, salesperson, and more. Seriously! That’s why your website should be one of your biggest priorities, and the Seamless Onboarding System can show you how to get the most out of that investment (more on this soon!).

Using your website at its full capacity is one our of biggest tips to help you both make more money and also reduce burnout. If you're feeling under water and need help creating systems to relieve daily pressures and get your pet business back on track, our Burnout Guide may just be the key. The guide helps pet business owners like you implement proper boundaries, learn to say no, and establish systems of self-care in your daily life so you can thrive in your pet business again (and more than ever before!). Check out the guide here.

The Importance of Pulling in the Right Clients

Maybe you don’t have much trouble getting new clients, but you sometimes struggle to keep them or perhaps they always seem to be the ones that ask for discounts or complain about your prices. How committed are your clients when, say, you have to increase your service fees? Or, when a mistake is inevitably made (we’re only human)? It’s easy for people to try out another service elsewhere rather than see it through with you when times are tough. You don’t want just any clients, you want your dream clients. These are the ones that value your worth, stick with you no matter what, and most importantly, they’re the ones you LOVE working with and make you feel fulfilled every day when you start work.

How to Get Started

The Seamless Onboarding System (SOS) involves 3 simple steps:

  1. Map it Out - Get a strategy and system in place for onboarding and stop losing out on leads while overworking yourself on so many manual tasks.

  2. Build it Out - Start implementing the best systems for your business. I’m talking about rolling out a strategic website with effective copywriting and SEO, implementing email templates and a welcome packet to properly communicate with your dream clients, etc.

  3. Roll it Out - Get it out in the world! Take back control of your time… and your life.

If you want to learn and implement the Seamless Onboarding System and publish a strategic website that onboards your dream clients while you're away from your desk, head on over to The Pet Marketing Unleashed Shop, where you can customize your own strategically designed Wix website template for dog walkers and pet sitters, dog trainers, and pet photographers. It also includes the Seamless Onboarding System so your website can work for you to onboard those dreamy clients WITHOUT adding to your schedule! Learn more here.

Unleashed Website Academy - website templates for dog walkers and pet sitters



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