• Mikaela Vargas

Your Beginner Guide to Instagram Reels For Your Pet Business

Updated: May 19

I’d love to preface this blog post by acknowledging the fact that social media can be just plain overwhelming. Same for me - you’re not alone here! There’s always another feature, a change in algorithm, a drop in engagement, a switch in what helps your account, etc. etc. etc. 

However, I sense a shift here with Instagram and I think the biggest, most important thing you can do on the platform is to provide value. So much value that it almost makes you feel uncomfortable… like you’re giving away all your secrets!

Now, depending on your type of pet business, this can look very different (dog walkers may not be able to provide specific value from their services like a dog trainer could). That being said, there are still ways to provide value for your audience.

One of the newest methods of producing content on Instagram is through Instagram Reels. Now, one thing still to be true to Instagram is that the more you use their new features, the more you’ll be rewarded in the ‘algorithm.’

Because it’s daunting to learn yet another feature (we already had Stories and IGTV), I put together the beginner guide to Instagram Reels for your pet business. That way, you can get started easily and hey, you may even enjoy it!

I’ll be honest. My first reaction to Reels was frustration and overwhelm. BUT, when I sat down to try it and create a few Reels, I actually had fun, which is something I haven’t said about Instagram lately. So it feels good to enjoy the platform again. 

Your Beginner Guide to Instagram Reels For Your Pet Business - girl creating an Instagram Reel with her dog

Let’s get to it, shall we?

First things first… What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is one of the new ways to create 15- to 30-second videos on Instagram in a unique, relatable, and entertaining way. It seemed to be inspired by TikTok, the viral app that was gaining popularity and had a similar concept. However, for us out there who didn’t want a completely separate app to market their business, Instagram Reels is now a way for us to produce these ‘TikTok type’ videos but remain on the Instagram platform.

Why should I care or use it for my pet business?

Video is the way of marketing at this point in time, at least on social media. If you scroll through your feed, you tell me how many of them are videos vs. still images. Also, tell me the engagement results for videos vs. still images. Videos are getting more traction, more engagement, and more weight in t