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3 Ways to Get Instagram Followers to your Pet Business Website (with Instagram Tutorials)

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

You only get ONE single link on Instagram. I mean, it makes sense considering Instagram doesn’t want anyone to leave the app. 

That’s why if you add a URL in one of your post captions, it’s not clickable.

You have ONE shot to get people where you want them to go, which is probably not on Instagram.

I’m assuming you’d want them to go somewhere direct, whether it be to directly book or purchase, contact you, browse your products or services, or maybe even just join your Facebook Group!

3 Ways To Get Instagram Followers To Your Pet Business Website (with Tutorials) | Pet Marketing Unleashed

So, there are three different ways you can go about this, each with their own positives and negatives, which I will get into as you keep reading!

NOTE: All of these ways require a website link feature on Instagram, which, at the time I’m writing this blog post, you need a business account to use.

1. Change the link manually

Yes, this means every time you post on Instagram and tell them to read your most recent blog post or shop a specific item, you’d go into your Instagram profile and change the URL to that said link.

The Positives:

  • It keeps things simple for your audience because it’s the only link they can go to and it only takes one click to get there.

  • It’s customized and up-to-date on your most recent posts.

  • When you say ‘link in bio,’ it’s ACTUALLY the link in your bio!

The Negatives:

  • For those who aren’t interested in the URL but are interested in your products or services, it becomes a barrier to entry (AKA because there is now an extra step they have to figure out on their own, they may just give up on your business).

  • You have to go in manually every single time to edit the URL

  • If someone finds you through an old hashtag or is scrolling through old posts and then heads to your bio, it will lead them to the wrong link.

Updating Your Instagram Link Instructions:

  1. Head to your Instagram profile.

  2. Tap on ‘Edit Profile.’

  3. Head to where it says Website and paste in the URL that you want.

2. Linktree

Linktree was created in response to only having one link on Instagram and allows you to host multiple links in the form of buttons for people to click and access easily through your Instagram link. They have both paid and free options for users that vary wildly in terms of features.

For example, the free version only allows unlimited links and set custom themes you can select from. The paid version allows for analytics, Facebook pixel tracking (if you do Facebook Ads), custom branding, social icons, timed links, etc.

The Positives:

  • It can be a free way to direct people to multiple links - They have plenty of options to access what they want!

  • It allows a constant flow of traffic to wherever you want people to go.

  • You can still manually customize what you want it to look like, similar to number, BUT STILL have all the other options as well.

  • It’s easy to use.

The Negatives:

  • If you’re using the free version, you can’t customize it to your branding, which can come off as unprofessional.

  • You don’t own it. This means if it breaks, you’re a fish out of water (and yes, this has happened before).

  • There’s a debate on whether Instagram supports Linkedin (AKA, in the past, they have concerned it and other similar third-party platforms as spam). This means they can disable it on your account or worse, they can close down your account or block it temporarily. While this is extreme, I have heard of this happening before.

  • It may hurt your SEO as people click options outside your website or never even get to your website, especially when we talk about the next option!

Linktree Instructions:

  1. Head to the Linktree website.

  2. Hit ‘Get Started For Free’ and follow the instructions.

3. Your Own Custom Instagram Button Landing Page

Now, I will admit before moving on that this option is my all-time favorite and what I use myself and recommend to my clients. But, before I get into the positives, let’s go into what it is.

Depending on your website platform (I will provide instructions for you on Wix), you can create a custom website page that houses all of the links you want people to have access to. So, it’s similar to Linktree, except that you get to create it yourself using your own domain.

The Positives:

  • It’s yet another free way to direct people to multiple links - They have plenty of options to access what they want!

  • It allows a constant flow of traffic to wherever you want people to go.

  • It’s 100% customizable and branded to your business because it is through your website.

  • It assists with your SEO and web traffic because if anyone clicks on the link, it automatically takes to your website instead of to Lintkree’s site.

  • One less account you need to keep track of (if you were going to use Linktree).

The Negatives:

  • If you were planning on using the paid version of Linktree, you would be missing out on the specific analytics features (although depending again on your website platform, you would be able to integrate some of these).

  • You need to create it upfront!

Creating an Instagram Landing Page on Wix Instructions (VIDEO BELOW):

  1. Login to Wix and head into the Editor.

  2. Head into the Site Menu button on the left-hand side and click ‘Add Page.’

  3. Rename it whatever you want to call it. I titled mine ‘Instagram Landing Page.

  4. Next, you’ll want to hide the page, so it doesn’t show up on your main menu. Click on three dots to the right of the page title and click ‘Hide.’

  5. Then, head back to the three-dot window, click on ‘Settings,' then, ‘Layouts.’ Select the second option that says ‘No Header & Footer.’

  6. Next, you’ll want to add a button. Click on the + sign on the left, hit ‘Button’ and drag one over to the middle. From there, you can customize the design and add in the text and link.

  7. From there, copy and paste in new buttons and customize all of the links you want! It’s as easy as that!

NOTE: Be sure to also go to the mobile editor to make sure it all looks okay in terms of formatting!

To see a video of this process, watch below!

For more Instagram tips and tricks, check out my blog posts on:

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