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How A New Brand and Website Can Grow Your Pet Business with Fur and Feather Pet Care

This branding and Wix website design project for Michelle from Fur and Feather Pet Care is no doubt one of our very favorite projects, and we’re excited to share it with you. And, of course, it ain't just about the pretty design (which, of course, is dang awesome). It’s about the results clients like Michelle get AFTER investing in a complete brand overhaul.

In this blog post, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of her project along with what happened when her project was done (AKA…. her business growth as a result!)

How a New Brand and Website Can Grow Your Pet Business With Fur and Feather Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed.jpg

Michelle's tagline is 'unique pet sitter for unique pets,' and that's exactly what our mission was with this branding and website design project - unique, fun, mid-century, and exotic. When asked about her brand before the project began, she said she was looking to have some consistency and a theme that carries across her website, marketing, social media, etc. with the intention of capturing her professionalism.

We started her project with a VIP Day, where we created her branding together all in one day. Our VIP Day process is very collaborative, where we’re able to message back and forth as the brand comes together. See her final branding below:

Next, we transitioned into the website design portion of the project, which was a blast! Website designs are soooo much easier once you have clear branding guidelines and a personality you can bring to the table. We designed her website on the Wix platform, as it allowed us 100% customizability, which was definitely needed for a brand as unique as hers. See the final home page below:

Fur and Feather Pet Care Website | Pet Marketing Unleashed

But, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not JUST about the awesome design. It’s about how it can impact and grow your business moving forward. We’ll let Michelle speak for her brand and business.

Hear what she had to say below:

(Note… I had to include that she took a while to get me back to me on this feedback, and she reasoned she was so busy “in no small part due to the lovely new website and processes!”) 😉

Us: First, can you share your overall experience with our readers?

Michelle: I loved everything about my experience working with PMU. Since I wasn't really sure what I wanted the finished branding and website to look like, the 'homework' I was given was really fun and helpful to define that. Working with Michele on the VIP branding day was fun, communication was easy, and everything was finished in one day! Throughout the course of both the branding and website design, everything was broken down into easy, organized and doable steps that made everything stress-free. Any questions I had were answered quickly, and Mikaela even took extra time to help me with email issues I was having after my website launch. I was completely blown away by how fast everything came together. I am SO happy with the end results - both my clients and I love it! There are many pet sitters in my area, and PMU has really elevated my business and differentiates me from other businesses in the community.

Us: What was 1 of your biggest hesitations/stressors in finding someone to help you with this & why did you select Pet Marketing Unleashed?

Michelle: I did not have any clear branding, and I felt my old website wasn't doing a great job at attracting new clients. It was clear I needed to upgrade. I stumbled across PMU and their portfolio page - I visited each and every website in their portfolio and fell in love with all of their work! I knew they were the ones I wanted to work with!

Us: What has been the response so far to your new branding and website?

Michelle: Soooo many compliments on the website and branding! Everyone that I give a card or flyer to compliments on how cute it is!

And I have to share this comment with you, it's from my Calendly contact form this week:

'We love your website: the way it conveys care and support for animals, plus, so much knowledge and insight. Also we love how organized you are! We look forward to talking with you tomorrow.'

Us: What’s your favorite part of your new branding and/or website?

Michelle: As have a very specialized niche in pet sitting, I was looking for something different to set my business apart from other sitting services. I started out with a VIP branding day. Michele was able to design super fun logos and branding that clearly differentiates what makes my business unique! I get regular compliments on the branding, flyers and business cards - one of my clients is a designer and commented 'it's really nice to see design done well'! I'm also able to convey professionalism by using consistent branding across all platforms. Next, Michele and Mikaela designed a beautiful new website to tie everything together. The design is SO fun, and the site is smooth and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action broken down into easy steps. Clients love it and it really elevates my business overall!

Us: How’s the new website going?

Michelle: It is going fabulously - I get lots of potential clients that are using the contact form, and I'd say at least 80% or more take the next step of scheduling a phone call through Calendly. I can't always help all of them, but I've gotten several new clients already. I still also get lots of inquiries through direct emails and phone calls, and it's very clear that people are finding me in Google searches.

Us: In what ways has your new website resulted in new clients?

Michelle: I'm getting a lot of people calling me that have done a search for veterinarians that might be able to see their exotic pets. It's so nice to just be able to quickly refer them to the Community page rather than typing out recommended hospitals in an email (I'm doing lots of networking, and getting lots of referrals from several of the organizations on the Community page).

My favorite thing that's happened: a woman contacted me thinking that I was a veterinarian that could see her rats, so I referred her to the Community page. She thanked me, and then called me literally the next morning asking if I could board her 3 rats the following week. She's boarded them with me several times already and is a great client! So even though I might not be what they are initially looking for, they end up learning about my services with the potential to become future clients.

Us: How has your business grown as a result of our work together?

Michelle: Boarding has become a hot item. I started out not wanting to board pets, then decided I could take one client at a time, and now I consistently have 2 boarding clients in my home pretty much all of the time. I currently have a leopard gecko and a hedgehog here. 🦎🦔 We're considering putting an outbuilding in our backyard to be dedicated to boarding. I dream of a storefront or some other kind of space for boarding as I think it would be hugely popular. Someday...!

All in all everything is amazing, and I can't thank you enough for the smashing success of everything!


If you’re looking to get a new professional brand and website, we’d love to hear from you. You can learn more about our Branding and Website Design on our service page. For those looking for a professional, strategic website (that can help you book those new clients) on a budget, we also have our website templates specifically for dog walkers and pet sitters, dog trainers, and pet photographers. You can check out all of our templates in the PMU Shop.

Regardless, we’re here to help you see what a new website can do for you, because it can do a lot more than you think. In fact, we have a blog post that goes into all the ways your website can work as your virtual assistant. I’d highly recommend giving that one a read! If you’re more visual, we have a great free masterclass all about onboarding dream clients without adding to your busy schedule (this is all done through your website!). Register for that at

As a pet business owner, it’s important to take advantage of the tools at your disposal to help your business grow. Otherwise, you’re doing everything yourself, and that’s just plain exhausting. Let your website work for you, my friends! You’ve got this!



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