• Mikaela Vargas

How To Get Started With Pet Business Branding Strategy [Part 2]

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

A while back, I asked pet business owners in my Unleashed Petpreneurs Facebook Group what the #1 thing they would want to outsource in their business was. I assumed the answers would fall into specific platforms like...Instagram, Facebook, etc. But that was not the case.

Guess what most people answered??

*drumroll, please*


Do you feel the same way too? Because, if so, this blog post is for you!

How To Get Started With Pet Business Branding Strategy Part 2 | Pet Marketing Unleashed | Branding and Website Design For The Pet Industry

As business owners, we all have stuff that we’d LOVE to outsource.

Part 1 of our branding blog post series touched on branding through the eyes of your target audience, but I thought it was worth more time on my part to help you work through and establish (or reestablish) your branding. This is important whether you choose to do this on your own or get some outside help.

Before you decide on what your marketing priorities are, I want to clear up (& remind you of) two important misconceptions and ask you some critical questions. This will help you determine whether or not you should outsource your branding or if you should take it into your own hands.

The two biggest misconceptions of branding:

  1. Logo = branding.

  2. Branding is only for large businesses or chains.

The simplest answer to both of the above is that a brand is how any and every business (no matter the size) communicates with their audience, customers, or clients. It’s the complete picture of your business.

So, here are the top questions that I recommend you have answered before you make a decision or move forward:

What sort of reputation or experience do you want to give your customers?