• Mikaela Vargas

Client Spotlight: Results & Insights After Custom Website Design with Bark N Barrel

When deciding whether to hire a professional website designer for your pet business, an important worry that clients have is whether or not an updated and strategic design will make an impact on your business.

Because, it’s more than just a ‘pretty’ new website to us. And we want you to know that, too! It’s about strategy, user experience, onboarding process, website best practices, industry best practices, and encapsulating your unique approach and personality into something marketable for your business. We want it to be something you’re proud of, something that makes you want to show it to the world to help grow the business and something that actually helps bring in the business for you.

So, we decided to get in touch with one of our wonderful clients, Debbie, over at Bark N Barrel, a Santa Rosa dog care service offering pack dog walks and boarding on her ranch with a firm dedication to making sure all their fur-clients feel like family. Having decided that the Bark N Barrel website needed a makeover and more strategy to help boost the business, Debbie worked with us at Pet Marketing Unleashed to see how she can not only boost traffic and bookings, but have a brand that truly represents the heart of her business.

Client Spotlight with Bark N Barrel Dog Walking Dog Care Service Results and Insights After Her Custom Website Design with Pet Marketing Unleashed

Let’s head into the results she’s seen since working with us on her new website!

PMU: How has your new website impacted your business?

Debbie: Amazingly! Our site now shows our visitors that we’re not just your everyday dog walker. We’re a group of passionate dog professionals that want nothing but the best for pets!

PMU: Have you noticed an increase in traffic or any fun Google Analytics numbers you can share with us from before your new website and after now that a bit of time has passed?

Debbie: Yes. I’ve noticed a significant increase in sign-up rate, and I’m doing a lot less back-and-forth communication with clients due to the streamlined sign-up process more clearly laid out on our website. Before you did my website, I was getting about 20-40 views a day, but with the new website, I’m averaging 40-80 and MORE a day.

PMU: What is the biggest compliment you’ve received about your new website?

Debbie: How beautiful and professional it looks—how it really shows what Bark N Barrel is all about.