Welcome Packet Template for Daycare & Boarding Facilities
Welcome Packet Template for Doggie Daycare and Boarding Facilities.jpg
What happens when a potential client is interested in learning more about your doggie daycare & dog boarding business?

Do you go back and forth via email or receive ENDLESS questions like...

"What's included in boarding? Is daycare included?"
"What vaccines are required?"
"What veterinarian do you recommend?"
"How do I make a reservation?"
"Why is doggie daycare so important?"

What You're Missing? A Welcome Packet!

Welcome Packet Template for Doggie Daycare & Boarding Facilities.jpg
What's a Welcome Packet?

Think of it as your trusty sidekick guiding your clients through EVERYTHING they need to know to become a part of your regular daycare family!

Pet Marketing Unleashed is BIG on helping petpreneurs make positive first impressions and deliver wonderful client experiences. This is ESPECIALLY important for pet businesses that involve the care and protection of your clients' beloved pets.

A Welcome Packet is your way to:

  • Professionally welcome in your new client

  • Set proper boundaries in your process and boarding requirements

  • Outline your process, so they know EXACTLY what to do

  • Avoid unnecessary questions, concerns, and complaints!

  • Save even more time as you streamline your process and deliver an exceptional client experience.

Pages Included (Mix & Match)

Cover Page - 3 options
Welcome Page - 3 options 
Welcome Video - 1 option
Table of Contents - 3 options 
About Us - 3 options
Meet The Team - 2 options
Why Doggie Daycare - 3 options
Add On's  -
2 options
Services - 3 options 
The Process - 3 options

Requirements - 3 options
How We Communicate - 3 options

Client Portal Overview - 1 option
Things You Should Know - 3 options
Pre-Reservation Checklist - 2 options
Businesses We Recommend -
3 options
FAQ - 2 options
Stay Connected - 2 options
Offers/Discounts - 3 options
Thank You -
2 options

What You Get
  • Written AND video Canva tutorials walking you through how to make customizations to your template

  • Access to the Canva template, which includes 40 pages you can mix-and-match, customize, add to, or delete!

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Welcome Packet Template for Doggie Daycares and Pet Resorts and Boarding Facilities.jpg
Booking Software Page

Finally, a place for you to make sure your new clients have a resource to learn how to use your booking software when creating accounts, making booking requests, or contacting you. Include links to your blog posts OR direct tutorial pages from your booking software website.

Canva Video & PDF Tutorial Walkthrough

We don't leave you with a Canva document that you don't know how to use! Follow the video tutorial and/or PDF tutorial that walks you through how to customize the Welcome Packet Template to your pet business!

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Your Questions, Answered

Get Access To The Welcome Packet

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