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Beyond The Sit

Dog trainer in Romeoville, IL

Project: Logo and Branding Design

Brienne came to us with a big change - She had recently decided to pivot for her dog walking and pet sitting company to a dog training company! SUPER big change and we were so excited for her. Her training background was with the AbsoluteDogs training protocol, which is a more concept-based training. She wanted her clients to feel at peace, reassured, and know that this concept-based training, while it can take a bit longer, can also have longer-lasting results from a more positive and fun approach. 

During her VIP Day, we completed ALL of her branding materials as well a Canva business card template and a Canva Facebook Cover Photo. See more of the project below. 


"What an easy process!  I didn't entirely know what to expect but communication was on point leading up to the VIP Day and all through it. They nailed it from the get-go and all I had filled out was a brief questionnaire. We went through a couple of logo variations and they were quick to adjust it exactly as I requested. They picked out the perfect colors and styling that suited me and my business to a T. They created what I didn't even realize was exactly what I wanted!  I now have a beautiful logo and submark, great icons and patterns, a mood board, and business cards! They also explained how to use what and where. 15/10 Stars!"

- Brienne C.

Owner of Beyond The Sit


Beyond The Sit - Brand Style Guide (1)-0


Beyond The Sit - Brand Style Guide (1)-0


Dog Trainer Branding Pattern 2
Dog Trainer Branding Pattern 1
Dog Trainer Branding Pattern 3


Beyond The Sit Facebook cover.png


Dog training Logo design
Dog trainer logo design - beyond the sit


Beyond the Sit Puzzle_icon.png
Beyond The Sit Shopping_Icon.png
Beyond the sit Supplement_Icon.png
Beyond The Sit TrainingTips_Icon.png
Beyond the Sit Enrichment_Icon.png


dog trainer business card design - beyon
dog trainer business card design - beyon

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