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The Way To Funnel In Only Your Dream Clients For Your Pet Business

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I’m sure as an entrepreneur, you’ve received messages from prospective clients asking questions that immediately shout out distrust and hesitancy with picking you as their business of choice. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t feel good. Especially when we’re trying to provide a good product or service for someone in need.

I have received these sorts of messages, too, so I feel you! In fact, I actually had someone reach out to me and say: 

We haven’t had much luck with marketing people and firms” and were “hesitant to trust and we’re not into paying big retainers.”

And then they wanted to set up a phone call to see if I wanted to do marketing for them…

How To Find Your Dream Clients In The Pet Industry | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Let’s just say, at least for me, that was a big red flag for a healthy professional relationship. I pride myself on providing amazing value for my clients. This value requires a certain level of trust on both ends. You should ONLY want to work with clients who know that you will give your best to provide the best products or services. Because, they are the clients that make you love what you do, which makes you work harder and better, which makes them happier, which makes you happy, which makes everyone happy, etc. etc. etc.

It’s so unfortunate that there is so much distrust out there. And I get it. Not everyone out there is amazing at what they do. People can screw others over and people can also make mistakes. 

However, if you take ONE thing away from this blog post, I hope that it’s this:

A relationship (whether personal or professional) will not work when there is no foundation of trust. So, even if you are desperate for another client, and someone wants to work with you, but you KNOW they will be trouble for you, it’s just not worth it.

It’s not worth the stress.

And, making these decisions that do not make you happy can lead to doubting yourself and your business, resenting your work, and overwhelming yourself.

You started your own business for a reason, and I assume a big piece of that is for the freedom and happiness that it brings you. So, it’s time to start making decisions that reflect that.

Work with clients that you WANT to work with. That sort of positive energy only creates MORE growth for yourself and your business.

While we’re on the subject, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to let YOU know what it’s like to work with us here at Pet Marketing Unleashed. Because, to me, we’re not just another “marketing person or firm.” 

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand the emotional toll owning a business can have. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. 

So, when we work together, regardless of whether it’s branding, web design, or blog writing, my ultimate goal is to help ease some of your stress. I look at the frustrations you have in your business and actually utilize it within your marketing strategy to try and piece together ways to alleviate the “extras.” We do this through content writing, finding ways to streamline your process on your website, answering repeated questions your clients ask you in an efficient way, and by fixing problems you might think are unrelated to marketing.

Working with me goes WAY beyond just trying to come up with content for content's sake.

Marketing is very personal, especially with small pet businesses. My biggest focus is helping my clients personally - to help them take back their lives, have a professional and successful business, and to actually truly enjoy it!

There is so much that comes together when you're implementing a proper strategy for your pet business. I know most of you have amazing stories behind your businesses. I want to highlight that, help you along the way, ease some of that stress, AND get you great results.

P.S. One easy way to filter in only the best clients that are aligned with your vision is by communicating it to them through a professional Welcome Packet. For more info on what this looks like and how to use it in your business, check out our Welcome Packet Templates here.

Dog walker or pet sitter welcome packet for clients

So again:

  1. Don’t take on a client who doesn’t trust you or whom you don’t trust.

  2. A relationship will NOT work if it doesn't have a foundation of trust.

  3. Start making decisions based on what is best for your happiness, even if it means temporarily saying no to a new client. This will only fuel your positive mindset into more business growth (the better, happier kind of growth).

You have the power to surround yourself with people who inspire you and help you grow. Take advantage of that and use it to create the life you truly want. You are the only person who can create your own success. 

You have everything you need to know to make the right decisions for yourself and your business. It's just a matter of trusting in yourself and making the tough decisions.

And if you want to blow away your potential clients through content, it's time to get on the blogging bandwagon. Access my list of blog post topic ideas for pet businesses here!

pet business blog post ideas | Pet Marketing Unleashed



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