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Proper Dimensions for Blog & Social Media Graphics

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If you’re like me, you probably have hundreds of websites bookmarked and lost in the fray, despite your best efforts to organize and categorize them into individual folders. As someone who regularly blogs and creates social media graphics for myself and for clients, there are many tools and resources to keep track of and all somehow seem to be in separate places, am I right?! 

Googling for the same information repeatedly can just add extra time and hassle that petpreneurs like us don’t need! 

As clients of mine go to create their own social media graphics or cover photos, the struggle begins when the graphic is created and it just doesn’t look right. It’s not the right dimension and words get caught off or graphics are blurry.

In turn, we end up constantly looking up the various image sizes for each graphic. However, as a BIG proponent of anything I can to save time and stress for myself and others, why not have a resource to keep all of the proper dimensions for your graphics in one place? 

This blog post will go over all the best image sizes for blog posts and social media graphics so that you can use this as a one-stop-shop to refer to.

Note: As social media pages change up their interfaces, their image sizes can change, too! This list was last updated September 2020.

The Proper Dimensions for blog and social media graphics | Pet Marketing Unleashed | Pet business social media graphics

On Your Blog

You should aim for your blog images to have an aspect ratio of 2:3 (600px wide x 900px tall). This size is ideal for those who want to pin their blog images (or hope that others will) on Pinterest. Because they appear in columns, it’s also best to keep your images vertical.

Some web platforms don’t allow this or have restrictions, but when possible, try for the ratio of 2:3.


These image sizes are the minimum requirements for Facebook, so you should bear in mind that if your images are smaller, Facebook will only stretch them out, losing their quality:

  • Cover photo: 851px by 312px

  • Profile image: 180px by 180px

  • Shared image: 1200px by 630px 


As I mentioned earlier, vertical images are ideal for pins since they will show up as bigger and really stand out in the feed. However, sometimes we create Pinterest graphics separately from the blog post say for product pins, etc.:

  • Profile image: 165px by 165px 

  • Board display: 222px by 150px (larger thumbnail) / 55px x 55px (smaller thumbnail)

  • Preview image: 51px by 51px 

  • Pin sizes: 236px wide (The height is scaled)


It’s important to remember that despite the sizes listed here, Instagram scales images down to 510px wide by 510px tall when it shows up in your friends’ feeds. The ideal aspect ratio for your images should be from 1.91:1 to 4:5:

  • Profile image: 110px by 110px 

  • Photo size: 1080px by 1080px 


These images will show up in the feed as 200px wide by 200px tall. Remember to keep your images at 5mb for pictures, and 3mb for GIFs!:

  • Header photo: 1500px by 500px 

  • Profile image: 400px by 400px 

  • In-feed photo: 440px by 440px 


Your videos should keep a 16:9 ratio to be compatible with YouTube. Also, your image should be at least 1280px by 760px to be HD:

  • Video uploads: 1280px by 760px

  • Channel cover photo: 2560px by 1440px

  • Tablet display: 1855px by 423px 

  • Mobile display: 1546px by 423px 

  • Desktop: 2560px by 423px 

For super important referral guides like this one, I find it helpful to not only bookmark the page, but add it to my bookmarks bar. That way I’m saving even more time with one-click to get everything I need! 

When it comes to blog post graphics, there are certain things you can do to make them as eye-catching as possible. See my blog post on your guide to creating eye-catching blog post graphics.

And, of course, before you create graphics, you need blog posts, which means... you need blog post topics. Get my FREE list of blog post topics for pet businesses here.

blog topic ideas for pet businesses | Pet Marketing Unleashed | blogging for pet businesses



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