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Best Pet Sitter Websites - Pet Marketing Unleashed Wix Web Designs [2020]

Updated: May 16, 2023

So many pet sitters upgraded their websites with us this year and it’s truly been so rewarding. With this blog post, I wanted to highlight some of these wonderful pet sitters who are making moves, investing in their businesses’ future, and connecting with their communities through their online presence. Our pet sitter community is a special one and I’m so lucky to get to work with them each and every day.

Let’s show some of these pet sitters off! Here are Pet Marketing Unleashed’s best pet sitter websites designed on the Wix platform in 2020.

The best pet sitter websites | Pet Marketing Unleashed Wix Web Designs 2020

In Good Paws - Long Island, New York Pet Sitter

Branding & Website Design

Gina reached out to me as a new business owner excited to get into the pet sitting world officially. She wanted to create an environment for her clients that felt personalized to each client (both human and animal) to make sure they were getting top-notch care.

She also mentioned she would love a more modern farm-house look because to her, it represented comfort but at the same time, brought a more upscale and professional look to it. Such a unique ask for the pet industry and let’s be real, who can resist the farm-house look after watching Fixer Upper?! (Hello, Joanna Gaines!)

In Good Paws is a pet sitting company located in Long Island, New York.

Her brand adjectives: Family-oriented, trustworthy, safe, reliable, caring/warm, & genuine

Her initial branding, which I am STILL obsessed with:

Long Island pet sitter Logo Design

Pet sitter logo design | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Pet sitter mood board for branding | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Long Island pet sitter branding packages | Pet Marketing Unleashed
pet sitter branding patterns | Pet Marketing Unleashed

See what Gina had to say about our time together:

“My overall experience with Pet Marketing Unleashed was just flawless. I walked into this not truly knowing what I wanted my brand to be or how to even get there. Mikaela took the time to get to know me and what was important for me to portray to any potential clients. She performed actual MAGIC by pulling together a website that was exactly what I was looking for and captured me entirely. She was so fun and easy to work with, provided a ton of advice and recommendations, and is just so incredibly talented. I can tell that she will be a partner for life and someone I can rely on well past our time together.”

Here is the final design:

Long Island pet sitter website design | Pet Marketing Unleashed

YKSitter - Yellowknife, Canada Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, & Home Care Provider

Branding & Website Design

When Cameron first reached out and we hopped on a call, I felt like we clicked immediately! She knew she wanted a brand refresh with a winter wonderland vibe and that is RIGHT up my alley! She wanted to keep the same brand mark of her old brand, so we took that and upgraded it with a new structure and typography.

YKSitter offered dog walking, pet sitting, grooming, and home care in Yellowknife, NWT.

Again, another unique theme for a pet business - winter wonderland! I don’t get much of that in Sunny San Diego, so I was excited to take this one on.

Her brand adjectives: Warm, playful, spirited, adventurous, personal, accommodating, & cozy

Here’s the branding:

YKSitter Yellowknife Canada Pet Sitter Logo Design | Pet Marketing Unleashed

YKSitter Yellowknife Canada Pet Sitter Logo Design and Branding | Pet Marketing Unleashed
YKSitter Yellowknife Canada Pet Sitter Branding Color Palette | Pet Marketing Unleashed

YKSitter Yellowknife Canada Pet Sitter Website Design Branding Mood Board | Pet Marketing Unleashed

If this isn’t a snowy wonderland, I don’t know what is. This brand makes me want to be in the snow, which if you know one thing about me, you know I do not like the cold!! But it feels so cozy, safe, and fun here.

See what Cameron had to say about our time together:

“I could not be happier with Mikaela and Michele’s work. Our most recent project (logo refresh, branding design (including email signature, business cards, Facebook cover page, Instagram highlights, and copywriting for our TTP emails) AND a brand new website) was a significant investment for my company and Pets Marketing Unleashed was the perfect choice. I am a lifetime client! Mikaela has done a wonderful job at organizing and making her entire process simple, fun, detailed and personable + with her attention and accessibility to her clients she is able to understand and pull from you exactly what your needs are and your vision for your special project. I am honestly blown away with how she completely met every need for our brand, our clients and our continued success! We are very proud to work with Pet Marketing Unleashed, you won't be disappointed!”

As a result of working together, Cameron told me about the wins her company has experienced - more clients creating accounts, more social media followers, better client education, and the branding work was just overall priceless for them.

This website was SUCH a joy to create. See it in action below:

YKSitter Yellowknife Canada Pet Sitter Website Design HomePage | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Ground Cru - Rochester, New York Off-Leash Dog Adventures (Dog Walks)

Branding & Website Design

Next up is seriously one of my favorites of all time. This website and brand just felt effortless and natural. It was easy to create because we knew we just shared in the vision for her business. Pam knew how to communicate the end dream, and together, we were able to make it happen!

I think one of the reasons this brand was so effortless to create was because of her mission attached to Ground Cru - a sense of community and purpose here on Earth. Ground Cru is an off-leash dog group adventure company located in Monroe County, New York. As a perk of working with her as a client, she included free composting called ‘Finn’s Bin’ after her late pup, Finn.

Her brand adjectives: Purposeful, enjoyable, nurturing, authentic, thoughtful, and Earth-conscious.

Here’s the final branding:

New York Dog Walker Logo Design | Pet Marketing Unleashed

New York Dog Walker Logo Design | Pet Marketing Unleashed

New York Dog Walker Branding Mood Board | Pet Marketing Unleashed

New York Dog Walker Branding and Patterns | Pet Marketing Unleashed

See what Pam had to say about our time together:

"Oh my gosh. I nearly cried when I saw everything tied together. The mood board really is spot on, and I love the logo (of course), and the submark!!!
It really is everything I wanted even though I had no idea how it was going to come together. I NEVER could have done this myself. I'm so glad I found you...
I can say with great confidence that this website will blow others out of the water!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

See her website homepage below:

Yay, I hope you loved this pet sitter website inspiration blog post! It’s truly a privilege to be a part of so many blossoming pet sitting businesses. Your online presence is one of the most important pieces of your business, and to be able to contribute to this piece of it feels like a dream.

To see other pet business brands and websites we’ve designed, head to our portfolio here.

If you’re interested in up-leveling your brand and website design, you can learn more here.

Or, if you're itching for a new website but not quite ready for a fully custom design or looking for other ready-to-go options, check out our Pet Marketing Unleashed shop! Not only can you get a beautiful template made specifically for pet businesses, but we also walk you through everything you need to know about SEO, copywriting, website strategy, and more, anddddd you will also get the key to making your website onboard clients all on it's own (hello Seamless Onboarding System!!). Check it all out here.

website templates for pet business owners and onboarding strategy course | pet marketing unleashed



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