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Publish a new, strategic website template and implement an onboarding strategy that brings in your dream clients and grants you the freedom to spend your time the way you want to.

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Wix Website Templates (3 Options)

It's time to get your website working for you, so you can enjoy more time with loved ones, head out on vacay, or work on other aspects of your pet business. No coding or 'tech' experience necessary. All you gotta do is follow our quick, instructional videos to customize your website and then hit 'publish!'


Map out your onboarding system so you can get new clients in your sleep

Follow our Seamless Onboarding System and customize it to fit your business - it's as easy as pie!

Wix Partner Website Templates

Customize your easy-to-use website template built for your type of pet business!

Includes step-by-step instructions on how to customize and optimize for your own business.

Get access to the private FB community for personalized feedback & support

Always feel supported - It's like having a professional designer in your back pocket!

These templates are for you if...

  • You want a website that reflects EVERYTHING your business is all about so when potential clients reach out, they’ll be the ones who VALUE WHAT YOU DO (NOT the ones who ask for discounts or question your worth).

  • You’re TIRED of getting messages on Yelp or your website asking about your services and then NEVER HEARING BACK once you respond to them with more information.

  • You want a more EFFICIENT business. One where you can be IN CONTROL OF YOUR TIME without feeling like being away from your desk or work means you’re sacrificing more money or growth.


Seamless Onboarding System - Pet Marketi

01. Map it out

The first step is all about brainstorming your new client onboarding process using our Seamless Onboarding System. With this new process in place, you can free up more time in your day AND serve even more clients. 

02. Build it out

Next, you'll build it out (i.e. customize your new website!) by following the step-by-step road map inside the course. Automate your 'sales machine' so dreamy clients can come in while you work on other aspects of the biz (or plan a vacay with loved ones!).

03. Roll it out

Tech doesn't have to be hard or intimidating. Step 3 is all about following the steps and hitting the 'Publish' button. Now, you can simply focus on hopping on automatically scheduled new client calls and delivering the service you offer to your new dream clients.

What's inside in the Unleashed Website Academy

Seamless Onboarding System

Seamless Onboarding System

Customizable Wix Website Template

Copywriting & SEO Lesson Walkthroughs

Software & Scheduler Integrations

FB group support

Personalized Feedback & Support

Affordable Pet Sitter Website Template from Pet Marketing Unleashed



What pages are in your website template?

Ready-to-go and easy-to-customize Wix website (subscription purchased separately) that you can change up, add, or delete as little or as much as you'd like! Simple & quick instruction videos are also included so you can feel confident in editing and managing your own website moving forward!

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"Being a small business owner, keeping up with clients and their dogs I wasn’t sure if I should be taking on a course. But if Pet Marketing Unleashed was offering it, you bet I’ll make the time! I’ve always seen the work they've done with previous clients and it’s so beautifully done.


The flow is everything! And this course delivers on it and then some. Completing this course gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment, you did it along with all your other duties. It gave you all the puzzle pieces and you completed the thousand piece picture!


I’m so much more happier looking at my website, I can’t stop. I used to be a bit embarrassed of my old one, I tried to make it more me. But it resulted in it looking too crowded or empty. No happy medium. This was the best decision! So freaking happy with it all."

- Jenny., City N Tails Pet Care

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"Prior to this course, I knew I needed a new website. My current website was similar to a brochure and I wanted something that would really wow my potential clients and help them know how I could help them.


Unleashed Website Academy did just that! It easily breaks everything down into a weeks worth of very approachable work. Between running my business full time, I felt like I was able to work successfully on my website during my downtime. There are videos for everything, which makes creating your own customized website extremely easy to follow.


There's so much extra information as well such as copy writing, implementing software, customizing emails, and so much more! This course is well worth it; 10/10 recommend!"

- Sarah R., The Wag Factor

See Real Examples of Student Websites

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pet marketing unleashed website template

Payment Options for Every Budget

Regardless of the payment plan you choose, you will still get access to the full course and website template upon first purchase.

One payment of


3 monthly payments of


5 monthly payments of


Your UWA Questions, Answered

What platform are these templates for?

The website templates can only be used on the Wix platform.To learn more about why we use Wix as a platform, you can learn more here.

What other costs are involved?

In order to host your website on the Wix platform, you will need to pay for a Wix subscription (this does not go through us). You can see Wix pricing here. For most students, the Combo or Unlimited option is just fine! Other costs that can be involved (optional) are:

  • Domain hosting for your URL (typically annually)
  • Professional email address
  • Booking software and Terms/Privacy contracts for your website.

What types of pet businesses are these templates for?

These website templates are for dog walkers and pet sitters. To view our dog trainer template, click here. For pet photographers, we're in the works of making your template! To stay in the loop, you can join the pet photographer waitlist right here.

What if I don't have my own branding done?

You can use the template as inspiration for your own branding or keep the same branding as the template! We also provide resources in the course if you want to create your own branding colors and fonts. If you're looking to get professional branding done, we can help you with it in our VIP Days - Branding Done in a Day. :)

How long do I have to complete the course?

The course is self-paced, so you can take as long as you'd like. :) However, we highly recommend completing the course within 3 months as those who delay this process will be more likely to stop and never make the changes they want to see in their pet biz.

Do I have to use your recommended software or onboarding strategy?

Absolutely not! You can implement whatever you prefer into your webesite template. While we do recommend a particular software for our website templates and onboarding strategies, you can either use another software you prefer or focus solely on customizing your website, learning copywriting, SEO, and the tech needed to publish. :)

What if I have more questions or don't know which template to choose?

We're here for you! If you have any questions on selecting the right template for your business or anything else regarding the Unleashed Website Academy, send us an email at support@petmarketingunleashed.com and we'll be happy to assist you through the process.

Ready to get your hands on a new, strategic website for your pet care business?


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Wilson's Pet Care Co.
pet sitter Wix website template
$97/month payment option
The Fun Template Pet Sitters
Fun website template for pet sitters and dog walkers _ Pet Marketing Unleashed
$97/month payment option
Off-Leash Adventures Template
Adventure outdoor website template for off-leash group adventures and dog hikes
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