Smarty Paws Canine Care

Smarty Paws Canine Care is a dog trainer, dog sitter, and dog walker - with smart dogs in mind.

The owner, Cara, believes because every dog is a smart dog. In fact, she says 'they deserve nothing less than enriching walks, valuable socialization, and positive-reinforced behavior education.' That influenced our design by using her dog with some glasses to give off the vibe of school/learning. The warmth of dark reds and variations of brown and tan build even more trust and expertise in their brand. 

This one was one of my faves! Check it out below.


"You were prompt and engaging. The format was effective even with distance communication and you were attentive to my vision. You were willing to work with changing timelines. Everyone who sees the webpage is wowed. It is truly unique and represents my vision and business ideal. It is customizable and as I become more confident I feel I can make changes that will reflect the growth and direction of my vision. Even though I was (and am still) scared poopless about this amazing adventure of small business..ness.. deciding on using your skills and ability was just about the best decisions I made. What a difference a professional can make..."


- Cara D.

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