Sit. Stay. Grow.

Save yourself time, so you can focus on

growing your business!

Stay on brand & attract more customers with Sit. Stay. Grow.

We take a modern approach to branding, design, and content. As Millennials, we understand your customers’ wants and needs and can transform your brand into something one-of-a-kind with our fresh knowledge, skillset, and strong work ethic.

We’ve been fully immersed in technology since we were kids—so we get it. We live and breathe branding, design, content development, social media marketing, and email marketing so that you can focus on what you do best.

As a team of professionally trained designers and writers, we pride ourselves on creating unique, individualized graphics and content for each and every client to stay consistent with their unique brand standards and core values.

We save you time by taking the tasks off your plate that distract you from doing what you do best: Running your business! Leave the marketing, branding, designing, content development, and social media marketing to the experts.

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating graphics, social media posts, blog posts, and emails! We’ll ensure your content never skips a beat with consistent brand standards across the board—from design to copy and beyond.

We’re here to eliminate these problems and then some. It’s time to Sit. Stay. GROW!
Stop feeling burnt out by the stress of handling marketing efforts yourself.
With experts (like us!) in their field that will support you every step of the way.
Your business without the stress & overwhelm of producing content!
What We Can Do.
Social Media
What we can do:
• Graphics
• Caption Writing
• Scheduling
• Strategy
• Facebook Ads
• Content Creation
What we can do:
• MailChimp / Flodesk Newsletters
• Drips / Sequences
• Canned Emails
• Newsletter Design & Graphics
What we can do:
• Blogging Support
• Content Creation
• Content Strategy
• Blog Graphics
Design Support
What we can do:
• Branding
• Wix Websites
• Squarespace Websites
• Wordpress Websites
• Packaging Design
Monthly Pricing Starts at $495/month*
*3-month minimum
 You have questions. We have answers.
How will we communicate with each other? 
Outside of strategy calls, all client communication will be done through our project management tool, Asana. Sit. Stay. Grow. is all about organization, which is why we have this platform for back-and-forth communication, content delivery, task and deadline assignments, and to keep everything in one place to ensure a streamlined process for everyone involved.
Can we make changes to your designs or content?
Yes, each package comes with one round of changes once we send final files. However, we ask that all clients communicate necessary changes in a concise manner through Asana within five business days. Please note that one round of revisions means one round for all assets. Additional charges will apply for more than one round of revisions.
How does the application work? 
Sit. Stay. Grow. prides itself on working with clients who are the perfect fit for the program, as this allows to produce the highest-quality content for those in our program. We only accept a limited amount of pet businesses each quarter, which is why we have an application process.

Once you submit your application, our team will get together to go over the application and make sure:

  1. That we feel we're the right fit for one another

  2. That we’d be able to help grow your business

Regardless of our decision, we will follow up with you to talk next steps. If we don’t think we’re the right fit for you and your business, we won’t leave you hanging - we’ll provide a professional recommendation with what we think will be the right fit for you. :)

Do you guarantee any results? 

SSG is perfect for seasoned pet professionals or newly established professionals READY to take their content to the next level. However, please note that we do not guarantee a certain ROI/results for two reasons:

  1. Marketing is no longer a number-driven machine. The results you’re looking for can present itself in the form of customer relationships, brand loyalty, engagement, and so many more intangibles. In fact, many marketing professionals will argue that social media is largely there to build a community and humanization to your brand and that it’s not the place to convert sales directly.

  2. Content writing & design is only one facet of your marketing and your marketing is only one facet of your business. So, we cannot guarantee that somewhere else in your client process something is falling through the cracks. We’re here to provide you with AMAZING written content and graphics creation. If something else is going wrong behind the scenes, there’s no way for us to know how to fix that (i..e we’re not lawyers, accountants, pricing specialists, or business coaches). We’re content writers & graphic designers. :)

We’re looking for those who trust us and our expertise, so we can produce the best quality content that’s needed for your business, so that YOU can focus on growing your business!

Ready to uplevel your content?
Meet Your Dream Team
Kaila P., Founder of Dox Design
Kaila has been equal parts obsessed with dogs and design since… well, forever. As a professional digital designer and social media manager, Kaila has taken the pet-business world by storm with her “drool-worthy” designs and paw-some branding. She instinctively knows how to uncover a business’ brand story and effectively communicate it with their target audience on all communication channels—especially social media—through unique, on-brand design. She is a strong believer in how #droolworthy branding can add an extra layer of legitimacy to businesses and take them to next level of success.
Mikaela V., Founder of Pet Marketing Unleashed
Mikaela is a seasoned professional in the pet space. She started doing the dirty work as a poo-picker-upper and over the years has utilized her content development, copywriting and marketing experience to provide relief to pet-business owners. Seeing firsthand how easy it is for Petpreneurs to feel overwhelmed with the pressure to produce high-quality and highly-converting content content, Mikaela is able to apply her knowledge and expertise as a content specialist to elevate pet business’ brands by producing consistent and relevant content for social media, blogs, emails, and more.
“I am so happy with the content strategy created for my business to be able to strategically post on social media. I love the messaging and copy and how it brings the brand to life. I am excited about all the graphics over the next few months and to start implementing this strategy to get more conversions!”
— Chole Cole Pet Couture
Ready to uplevel your content?

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