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Tools & Resources I Use In My Own Business

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I think we can all agree that there are a billion and one tools and resources out there to start, run, and grow your own business. This can be an overwhelming process and it’s definitely one that has had me ‘trial and erroring’ lots of them!

But, I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good hang on the ones that are working for me and I’ve had a few inquiries into the software I use to run my business and manage clients. So, I’ve decided to share the tools and resources I use in my own business.

Now, while a lot of you are pet care or pet product businesses, that doesn’t mean some of these won’t be helpful for you.

For pet business software, check out my software recommendations here or on my tools page.

Tools & Resources I Use In My Own Business | Pet Web Design and Marketing Unleashed

Also, disclaimer time: I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) for mentioning some of the below tools. However, I never recommend tools that I don’t either use myself or recommend to clients (with wonderful clients).

The Tools I Use Every Single Day:

For email, blog writing, client questionnaires, and scheduling/calendar

Google Workspace is a staple when it comes to running a business, regardless of industry. I use Google Workspace for all of my email communication, document writing, collaborating on partnerships (GoogleDocs), recording income and budgets (GoogleSheets), and scheduling calls and seeing what’s on the agenda for the day (Google Calendar).

I must use it at least 50 times per day - It’s really that important to my business.

Gsuite For Pet Businesses

For task and project management

I use Asana to assign tasks for myself or my assistants/contractors when it comes to marketing, new products or services, building out workflows, etc.

I also use it for my content clients as it’s a great way to organize the workflow, assign tasks, upload photos, paste in GoogleDoc links, assign to clients or contractors to work on projects, etc.

It’s also free, which is a super bonus (There is a paid version, but most of us won’t really need that)!

Asana For Pet Businesses and Task Management

For client management, invoicing, contracts, and workflows

Dubsado is probably the biggest game-changer I’ve ever implemented into my business. Before Dubsado, I was creating each invoice and contract manually, I designed each proposal in Canva, and couldn’t keep track of what the heck was even going and what was the next step.

Dubsado is the PERFECT place to organize all of this into one system. This is how great it works:

  1. A potential client will submit a form on my website, which also has them schedule a call at the same time.

  2. It then sends me an email to prompt me to send over the pre-call questionnaire and follow-up individually with each client (mind you this email template is already built out for me so I can just customize and send).

  3. It sends them the questionnaire, which they can complete before our call.

  4. After the call, Dubsado tells me the next step is to edit and finalize the proposal. The proposal also has within it the contract and invoice already DONE! I can send it to the client.

  5. Once they move forward with all the paperwork, it prompts me to send over their onboarding steps, etc. etc. etc.

It’s really that easy. I can’t even imagine how I’d run my business without Dubsado. It’s da bomb. If you want to try it, here’s a promo code for 20% off your first month!

Dubsado workflows for pet photographers

If you like the sounds of setting up a smooth onboarding system like this but aren't sure how to build the blueprint, you'll love our free masterclass! By the end, your website will be working for you and onboarding clients while you sleep! Check it out here.

Free Pet Business Onboarding Class | Pet Marketing Unleashed

For team communication

Slack is yet another system I use on the daily. It’s great for team communication as we create projects and update each other. It works almost like the good ole’ days when we used to instant message (IM) our friends on AOL! You can create different channels for certain clients, projects, etc. so that communication can stay organized in case you need to go back to access. It’s essentially the best alternative for drafting long emails!

Slack communication for team pet businesses


The Tools I Use Regularly:

For email marketing and/or newsletters

Flodesk is relatively new in terms of email marketing software, but it was created with the goal to alleviate the problems that other email marketing systems have, which I think is awesome!

They have beautifully crafted templates and a very user-friendly interface that I love.

Plus, until further notice, through my link, you get 50% per month FOR LIFE.

Flodesk email marketing for pet businesses

For video meetings and client coaching calls

Zoom is a wonderful software if you’re needing to meet via video. They work wonderfully if you’re working with clients via video or if you need to record a video of yourself - in fact, I used it for my Empowered Petpreneur online series.

What’s especially great is that you can schedule meetings that automatically have the link to the call in the Google Calendar invite. Pretty cool, huh?

Zoom video calls for pet business coaching

For grammar and spelling checks

This system is like the word grammar and spelling checker but on steroids! They have a free version, which works wonderfully. I use it on all of my client content. You can also add it as a plug-in to your browser so it can catch website edits, email marketing errors, or Facebook posts as well!

Grammarly for pet business writing

For free (or paid) graphic design

Canva is like the ultimate when it comes to free and easy-to-use graphic design. For simple projects, I’ll use it myself - creating Instagram and Facebook graphics, flyers, email banner images, workbooks for products, PowerPoint templates, you name it! I’ve also made business cards and posters for clients all using Canva!

Canva for pet business social media graphics and business card design

For free, high-quality stock photography

Unsplash & Pixabay are great resources for those needing quality photographs and aren’t yet ready to invest in branded photography (although I highly recommend it). If you are going to use stock photography, please take the extra 2 minutes to find something that represents your brand and vibe! Just my two cents. 😉

Unsplash for pet stock photography


The Tool I Have Used & LOVE:

For affordable contract templates to run your business

YourLegalBFF is my go-to for my own contracts as well as the place I recommend my clients go-to when it comes to contracts. In fact, pretty much ALL businesses who HAVE a website need a Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Do you have one?? You learn more about it in my blog post here.

Contracts for pet businesses - contract templates

Well, there you have it! My current list of tools and resources I love and use in my OWN business. Any questions? I'm right here. Comment below or email me at



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