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Logo, Branding & Website Design For Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

When implementing new branding or creating websites for pet businesses, the default go-to color is blue. I mean, for good reason. It's one of the most trustworthy, reliable, calming, and integrity-filled colors in the spectrum. These are all important things to communicate when you're in the pet industry, which means most of my websites end up with a lot of blues.

So, when Mary Ellen called me to talk about rebranding and redesigning her red, western pet care business website, I must admit...I was unsure how it would turn out considering she did NOT want that red to go away. But, I accepted the challenge and was excited to push myself creatively.

Logo, branding, & website design for dog walking and pet sitting business in Los Angeles | Pet Marketing Unleashed

The biggest help I get from my clients when beginning a new website design is through getting to know them a little more. This includes learning the story of WHY they started their pet business to begin with. Mary Ellen's story was one of the most inspiring ones I've heard and I was so honored to be able to place little pieces of it throughout her site.

Prior to having her pet care business, she had spent about 20 years in a career where she found herself not passionate or emotionally involved in what she was doing. During this time and within a six-month timespan, she lost her fiancé AND all three of her pets. Mary Ellen told me, "my fondest memories were of us taking walks together with Annie leading the way and us pulling Jingo in his little red wagon, sporting his uniform ‘red paisley bandana.”

Thus, the western theme for her future pet business, Pet Waggin' Pet Care.

I wanted to make sure that, no matter what, we would place this story within her new website. Because it deserved to be in there.


As my loyal blog readers know, my favorite question to ask my clients when starting a website design is, "What adjectives would you use to describe your brand?"

Mary Ellen's answer: trust, local, solution-oriented, reliable, knowledgeable, professional, FUN!, compassionate, and community.

This girl has a passion for her Long Beach community and that is a large part of her business.

Like always, once learning the specifics from my clients, I begin piecing together my inspiration board for the brand in order to gather a visual direction to take the website.

Here’s what I came up with for Mary Ellen:

Logo, Branding, & Website Design For Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Mary Ellen wanted a more modern version of her rustic saloon themed pet care business. Hey, she even let me add in SUBTLE blue tones! Yay!

The moody, yet relaxing colors of the new brand encapsulates the reliability and professionalism of her business. The smooth texture of the colors calms down the harshness that can stereotypically be in western and rustic brands.

P.S. It didn't hurt that she LOVES the fact that they also care for cats, so of course, I had to include that in her inspiration board.

Logo Design

Her old logo:

Logo, Branding, & Website Design For Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Our biggest challenge here was to keep the same essence of this logo, but change it up so it was less busy and more modern.

So, I teamed up with my awesome logo design partner, Michele, to create the perfect logo for Pet Waggin' Pet Care.

The result? AMAZING!!!

Here's her new logo and typeface:

Logo, Branding, & Website Design For Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Amazing, right?!?

There was such a transformation just from the logo, which gave me all the inspiration in the world that I needed to create the best darrnnnn pet business website for Pet Waggin' Pet Care!

My favorite part of the new website was that I added in the paisley pattern and a wagon wheel in honor of of her doggie's old banana and the wagon rides they used to take around town.

The most important thing Mary Ellen wanted in her website was to keep all of the original photos from the old site. She did NOT want stock photography and it certainly paid off. She also wanted her website easy to navigate, so we accomplished just that!

Here is the final product:

Logo, Branding & Website Design For Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Simple and professional call-to-action buttons on the home page:

Logo, Branding, & Website Design For Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Easy-to-navigate footer bar and, of course, the customer reviews that Mary Ellen wanted to make sure were spread throughout her whole website, as she so rightfully deserves!

Logo, Branding, and Website Design for Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Want to see the full website?? Feel free to see it here.


One thing that really stood out to me about Mary Ellen that not a lot of pet business owners know, is that she TRULY understands and knows her audience.

In fact, we had a pretty in-depth conversation about her ideal customers and how much she really knows them is pretty impressive. This will do wonders for her and her business down the road, especially when it comes to promoting the new website.

Thank you so much, Mary Ellen! I had a blast working on your website and thank you for challenging me with reds in the pet industry. I LOVE the result and I'm excited to continue to work with you. :)

Here's the website again if you want to view it:


Are you interested in working with us on a website design for your pet business? Head here for more information!



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