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Spotlight: While Owner is Away Branding VIP Day + Wix Website Template

Updated: May 15, 2023

One of the things we’re MOST proud of when it comes to our website templates is the course that goes along with them. So many website templates just come with basic instructions on how to update your colors and add your own content. But… to set business owners on the right foot, you need more than that.

When we read Amanda’s feedback on the course, we immediately wanted to share it with you because of how crucial it is to make sure your website and onboarding process is set up strategically and properly.

So, let’s get to it...

Customer Spotlight: While Owner Is Away Branding VIP Day + Website Template | Pet Marketing Unleashed

Our client and customer spotlight with Amanda from While Owner is Away Professional Pet Care and Home Care!

Amanda came to us looking for a new brand and website. Budget was something she was very aware of, and she was looking for a more collaborative experience so she could participate and be involved with its creation. As a result, we suggested doing a Branding VIP Day and purchasing one of our website templates for pet care providers. And, that’s what we did!

Her VIP Day was SO much fun. She had a vision for what she wanted, and we LOVED that her focus was wanting her ‘pet parents to be just as excited to show their friends/family who takes care of their pets as they are in bragging about the level of care their pet receives.’

This is what we created during her VIP Day:

Okay, onto the website portion. She purchased the Wilson Website Template for dog walkers and pet sitters and did a great job customizing it into something very simple, clean, and branded.

See for yourself below:

As I mentioned earlier, the website template comes with a course, Unleashed Website Academy, which walks you through building an onboarding system, customizing your website, learning about copywriting and SEO, integrating your booking software, marketing your new website launch, and more!

But, I won’t bore you with my words.

I’ll let Amanda’s words take it over from here so you can see it from the customer’s perspective:

“It feels weird to say 'enjoy' considering this is a course and very much a learning process (SEO, copywriting, etc) but I have definitely enjoyed going through the modules and eating up all the content.

...Moment of truth... I went through the course, taking 15 pages of notes, in two days... Now granted! I've had a Wix website for a year now so I was at least familiar with that content and really buckled down on the Seamless Onboarding System, SEO, and copywriting.

This course is SO PACKED with information that I was not even expecting. My husband sat with me on some of the modules and we were blown away at the additional content in the Booking Software module, to be specific - a whole separate video about optimizing Time to Pet!?! Where were you back in January when we were pulling our hair out trying to set up our process going from ZERO booking software to TTP. I don't know how many times I pulled my husband over to show him "Look! Check out WHAT ELSE she included in this course!"

Walking through Accessibility and its importance - two thumbs way up. I have a privacy policy and terms & conditions already, but somehow had zero awareness of the Accessibility requirement, so you really saved my butt with that one. I still am not over the Booking Software and everything you poured into it. The flow chart for the Seamless Onboarding System made my little teacher's heart smile. Then you included a layout for copywriting the important pages (I was already trying to do this on my own from scratch, by hand), which made my little teacher's heart soar. The literal HOURS this copywriting layout is going to save me is enough to make this course worth it.

Watching your videos, going through this course, you have me so inspired well beyond just my branding and my website. I am brainstorming and mapping out passive incomes ideas, side hustles, and other avenues to increase my pet parents' experiences at every level of my business. It feels like my business, my passions, it’s all being rejuvenated. Definitely not something I was anticipating as a result of participating in this course, but I'm here for it.

…Thank you for all you put into UWA, thank you for going above and beyond with the extras in the course, and thank you for sharing your passion and excitement in what you do - it is contagious in the best of ways…”

GUYS. To say this email she sent me out of the blue made my day is simply an understatement. I love getting to build something for pet business owners that truly helps them thrive. It’s not about just a ‘pretty brand’ or a ‘pretty website.’ It’s WAY more than that, and that's what we’ve done with our website templates.

For those looking for a professional, strategic website on a budget, check out our website templates for dog walkers and pet sitters, dog trainers, and pet photographers. You can check out all of our templates in the PMU Shop.

If you’re looking to get branding done for your pet business, we’d love to hear from you. You can learn more about our Branding VIP Days on our website. To see some of our other VIP Days, check out our design portfolio.

Regardless, we’re here to help you see what a new website can do for you because it can do a lot more than you think. In fact, we have a blog post that goes into all the ways your website can work as your virtual assistant. I’d highly recommend giving that one a read! If you’re more visual, we have a great free masterclass all about onboarding dream clients without adding to your busy schedule (this is all done through your website!). Register for that at

Pet Business Free Masterclass | Pet Business Onboarding Tips | Pet Marketing Unleashed



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