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Suffering from pet business burnout? We've got something to help!

According to a survey we did, a whopping 91% of you (i.e. pet business owners) have experienced or are currently experiencing burnout in your pet business. I bet, especially if you’re reading this, that you’re among that 91%. And before we continue, I don’t want you to feel shameful or embarrassed by this. We’ve ALL been there. I’d argue everyone has experienced burnout at some point in their lives. I’ve been there PLENTY of times.

The good news is… there’s a lot you can do about it!

Because, you built your pet business to do what you're passionate about—to be your own boss and to feel free in your life. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle… working yourself to the ground, losing motivation and passion, and then begin falling down the spiral that is burnout. Burnout can manifest itself in all sorts of ways - from emotional and mental symptoms all the way to chronic physical ailments and conditions.

Pet Business Burnout _ Pet Marketing Unleashed

The big question: How do you get rid of pet business burnout?

Let me disclose something right up front: It takes conscious work to tackle burnout to the ground!

Because you can't just say you have burnout or read about burnout and expect a change. You have to put in the work. Otherwise, why would you keep doing the same things and expect a different result? (Pretty sure Albert Einstein considered that the definition of insanity!). So let’s get to the solutions here.

The crucial steps to tackling burnout:

  • Understand the science behind burnout and evaluate your triggers

  • Implement proper boundaries

  • Learn to say no

  • Learn productivity skills

  • Understand your finances so you can make sustainable decisions

  • Establish systems of self-care in your daily life

By learning the above steps, you’ll be able to focus on the things that matter, optimize systems, grow your pet business with ease, and, most of all… have time for WHATEVER it is you want to do. Whether you want more time with loved ones, more vacation time, or just a breath of peace during your day, removing burnout can grant you that freedom.

Pet Business Burnout Guide | Pet Marketing Unleashed

We aren't for leaving you without solutions and resources to help you walk the steps above, so I’d love to introduce you to Pet Marketing Unleashed’s Burnout Guide for Pet Businesses!

The Burnout Guide helps pet business owners like you implement the proper boundaries, learn to say no, and establish systems of self-care in your daily life!

Inside the guide, you’ll find:

  • A PDF and audio guide (so you can listen on the go, too!)

  • Email and text message boundary templates you can use in your business

  • Tips for learning how to say no

  • Tips on productivity, self-care, and finances specifically related to burnout prevention and recovery

  • Strategies to tackle burnout, the science behind burnout, and so much more!

Pet Business Burnout Guide | Pet Marketing Unleashed

If you’re ready to spend more time with loved ones, have more energy, and feel more in control of your time, I highly recommend getting your hands on the Burnout Guide today.

For more info and FAQ, head to our Burnout Guide page. Otherwise, if you’re ready to check out directly, we’ve got you.

P.S. Not quite ready to purchase the guide? No problem! Get a taste of the guide by assessing a FREE Chapter on ‘Tips for Enforcing Boundaries.’ Inside the chapter, we’ll get into why clients overstep, we’ll determine your stressors in business and how to stop them from happening in the future, and we’ll go over how to enforce boundaries to aid in ditching the burnout! Get the Free Chapter!

Burnout Guide for Pet Businesses - Free Chapter _ Pet Marketing Unleashed



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