I'd Like To Introduce You To My NEW Pup!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

After the loss of our furry girl and the face of my business, Mags, we decided it was time to rescue a new pup. It may seem like it was fast to some, but it felt right and we immediately fell in love with this guy right when we saw his picture.

Everyone...MEET WILSON!

He is a complete handful, of course, but he's worth it. He's loves to cuddle, chew on everything, play endlessly (with dogs and humans), and eat his training treats! He's a smart guy too. At almost five months, he knows: sit, down, shake, rollover, here, and touch!

We're so grateful to have him in our lives now and hopefully he becomes a great addition to the Pet Marketing Unleashed business.

That goes to say, Maggie is, and will always be, the inspiration for starting my business and is even in my logo so she can be a daily reminder for me to kick butt and be able to work from home forever to be around the pups! And now I get to do that with Wilson.

I'm sure you want to see even more pictures of him, right? He's freakin adorable.

If you want to see EVEN more photos or connect with me, you can follow me on Instagram at @mikaela_petmarketing. Hope to connect with you and see all of your pups too!

P.S. If you have any suggestions on raising a puppy, PLEASE connect with me too! I'd love to hear the best tips, suggestions, products, and more for having the healthiest and happiest puppy there can be!

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